Season 1 Episode 1

Good Evening Tyler, I'm Lauren Jones; Are We Gonna Act All Newsy?

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Aug 22, 2007 on FOX



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    • Lauren Jones: This is such a good opportunity for me to really voice my opinions about things, I don't know, terrorism?

    • Lauren Jones: Gunshots ring out at a Tyler nightclub. There's nightclubs here?

    • Annalisa Petraglia: As a journalist, as the producer of the 5 o'clock show. We're going to put an anchor on the air, that doesn't write?
      Lauren Jones: I write!
      Dan Delgado: She writes, she just isn't going to write this one.

    • Annalisa Petraglia: Honestly Wilt, I've been here three years. I'm ready to move on. I mean, I know I'm going to have to pass the torch eventually, we're going to need to get some to replacing me. But, not like this, come on now.

    • Annalisa Petraglia: [while Lauren Jones is reading the news] She's terrible.

    • Lauren Jones: [waving to someone she has just interviewed] Watch yourself on the news tonight, 5 o'clock. Right? 5 o'clock? 6 o'clock!

    • Wilton Joseph: [bad southern accent] Hey, aren't you Lauren Jones? I seen you on WWE. You one of those Divas aren't you?
      Lauren Jones: That's so embarrassing, I'm trying to leave that in my past.

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