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  • Hope for mankind yet?

    Well at least people did something right, they managed to kill a awful show. So maybe theres hope for mankind yet, i mean we got to kill horrible tv demons like Cavemen, Stacked and Kid Nation, yet theres too many demons to fight. I mean people need to work to bring down big monsters like American's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl and many other bad shows. I can't believe anyone would watch this show and the good thing was no one did. America managed to prevent a new awful show from entering the realm of tv. Theres not much to say about this show other than the fact that its painful to watch
  • Pathetic and One of the worst tv shows of all time

    I tried to watch this when it was on and i turned the tv off after a moment. This show makes me want to shoot myself five times in the head, eat my own brain, stab myself about fifty times and put a bomb in my stomach. This was pathetic and stupid. I mean i know reality tv sucks but this was too much to take. I'm probably going to scream for the rest of my life because i saw this horrible show. I am so happy that this show was canceled after one episode. What type of sick f*ck would watch this weekly? well whoever they are they aren't now
  • to close to the TRUTH I like it for that reason alone

    while ms.JONES is good eye candy for this type of show. you have to wonder to your self am i really enjoying this. the answer is yes most people don't like it cause it seems like its joking about the news. but in reality the news is joking about itself. i know some might get mad at me for that but i rather watch this than "so you think you can dance". and i'm not a fan of reality TV but this seems to be the only one i would give some time to. not going to happen cause FOX cancelled it. i think they get to trigger happy
  • A lot better than i thought it would be...

    7.4 first i thought that this shows was going to be one of those "fake reallity shows" with no content and just plain "brain freezer", but actually it was quite a suprise. Its funny, it shows conservative america versus wild america from a point of view that "The office" already showed us and not with much faking and well shott.
    In conclusion its a lot better that most fake.reallity shows on tv... its worth the watching and im suprised why it got such a low score :|... maybe ppl dindt watch it or just already tag it as "a show for men watch an ex wwf diva show her boobs" i donno :P
  • A werid blend off reality comedy

    Anchorwoman is about a model who becomes a tv news ancor.There wasnt anything on to i always try to give a new show a shot.The show wasnt really funny.As the bascially just said how bad she will probably do.I found it funny thought that the other person as the same postion was really angry she was there.Probably just for competion.I must agree though its just like putting Nicole Richie infront of a camera telling the news.As i write this both this show and the Simple life have been canselled so we wont see Nicole Richie escept was she is talked abvout on the news.
  • The girl is hot enough but thats about it.

    Previews and other clips of the Pilot are a pretty good indication of whether you will like this show or not. Its not Abysmal or Terrible but its pretty bad. DRIVE was a better show than this (though that show had alot of problems and ended up cancelled by FOX). This seems like a cross between Murphy Brown and Stacked (dont remember that one? Dont feel bad few other people do either - I only remembered it when someone in the forums mentioned it)

    This show is basically a fictional comedy version of Katie Couric, the anchorwoman who replaced the disgraced Dan Rather at CBS News. This might be a decent idea for a movie but not a TV series. Like I said, the girl is hot but thats about it. Will this show develop an audience? My crystal ball says - 4 episodes and its done. -- P.S. My crystal ball was on the blink - it was cancelled after the pilot aired... WOW.
  • The only thing on last night to watch and I found myself enjoying it.

    Due to the extremely wet weather we've been having, 2 of my local channels went out last night. I don't have cable so I really relay on my normal line up of shows to either keep me entertained or at least good background noise. I found that because of the lose of my two favorite stations, I had no choice really then to watch this show. I admit that I do find stupid reality shows entertaining every once in awhile. I sit down to watch Wifeswap and Super Nanny when I get the urge, but I don't watch them on a weekly basis because there is usually no story to it. Not only did I learn a lot about the a newsroom, I found myself cheering on this attractive, tan, blonde. Lauren Jones is spunking and extremely social and fun. It's understandable that she can be to much to take at times, but she shows potential with being so outgoing and able to talking anyone. Annalisa is another anchor at the station and not happy about Lauren at all. I look forward to future weeks to see where this rivalry goes and see Lauren come out on top
  • "The Office" in a newsroom.

    The humor of this show is amazingly like "The Office" but it's real. I would swear that it's an rip-off show because it's so similar. It's amazing listening to the snide remarks of the other anchor. Funny pep talks by the manager. It's a great cast of characters. She's annoying, but has a heart. When she cries after screwing up majorly onair, the ditzy blond shows she's got feeling. And she didn't even mention to the manager that she was kind of setup by the other anchor. This all plays out like a wonderfully scripted sitcom...but it's real? How did the producers get SO lucky?

    Anchorwoman is suprisingly funny. Definitely worth watching.
  • A silent confrontation between two women; one, seen by society as a beautiful-but superficial and fake woman- and the other, apparently a professional woman with credibility shows her true colors and becomes a superficial, bitter and hateful.

    A true winner in my book, this show attacks the conservative idea of professionalism, and shows what it really is-cut throat, fake smiles and attempts to use personal credibility as leverage against others by introducing a woman who has not let her beauty become tainted. Miss Lauren, you give us all hope, please do not lose that inner peace (or anymore sleep) over the pop and roll, that was great! I am going to send a friend request to your myspace page, I respect your courage to go in there, you are already legitimatized as a professional, and as a real person, just don't let that negativity get you down! The brunette should not make analogies to being a Soldier, THAT was the most UNPROFESSIONAL thing I heard? Silent professionals don't need to talk about past experiences as leverage against others!!!
  • Its about about a former model turned into a news anchor.

    This show could go over big. I mean a hot girl with big knockers is going to attract an certain audience. This show is going to be a comedy just like every other fox show. I see this show bombing pretty quickly. The advertising for the show has been subpar at best and has done much to draw me in. If they just show clips of her showing cleavage or her simply just looking amazing, Fox should get good ratings for the first couple of episodes. But I really can't see this show pasting one season. If they get three seasons out of this show they makes should be proud.