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    Welcome to the Ancient Aliens Forum. While expressing your point of view, please respect other users and do not violate the TVC Terms of Service - flaming and spamming are bad things and cannot be tolerated. If you have serious spoiler-type information (like who killed J.R.), please use a spoiler cover, a cool feature which enables you to hide a
    The way to use this and other HTML tags can be found in a great post by 123home123 called Hyperlinks and XHTML: A Basic Guide. If you see a post that has a spoiler problem, please send me a PM and I'll either edit or delete it. But keep in mind that if the episode has already aired, only serious problems will be considered.

    Please check the guide for specific examples before submitting, using the character names and formatting which are clearly prevalent. You can access the Help Center and the Guidelines Center for additional assistance. Be sure to include a specific url address so your information can be quickly verified. Also, I will always need an accurate time of where the quote, allusion or trivia you're subbing is located within the episode in order to find and check it quickly [12 min, Broadcast/Webcast/DVD]. As always, if in doubt, PM me.

    For further guidance, please review the following:

    jekyll's Submission Guidelines, WhiteKnightonTV's Submission Guidelines and my own Sanctuary Submission Guide.
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