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The History Channel Premiered Mar 08, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • Great Series

    Nice to hear an alternative to established theories.

    Food for thought.

  • Best sit-com ever!!

    I have watched each and every episode of Ancient Aliens that has ever aired, and find that it is the only tv show for the last decade, that consistently made me laugh from the inane stupidity displayed by it's hosts. I hope they renew this CRAP every year.
  • Stupid

    Also, racist. Yes, I said racist.


    because of the inherent assumption that not-white ancient people were inherently incapable of doing amazing feats themselves... they needed help. Granted, not from the Benevolent White Man, but, in this case, extra-terrestrials.


    Is it really that hard to believe that we've massively underestimated the technical advances of our past? Leonardo Da Vinci was imagining cameras and helicopters and guns. Ancient Egyptians likely had a basic understanding of electricity and energy (see: Egyptian Battery). Hell... the Library of Alexandria!

    I'm fine with thinking we're not alone. The universe is way too big and there's way too much stuff in it for us to be the only life. But in terms of sheer size alone, we are alone. The universe isn't just way too big, it's also expanding into infinity at an ever-increasing, infinite rate. The chances of any creature, let alone us, being able to traverse the universe are slim-to-none. So yeah, there's most likely other life in the universe. There's most likely even more-intelligent-than-us life in the universe.

    But we've never been visited. The speed of light is not an arbitrary human-imposed limit like the speed of sound. The very fabric of the universe itself will warp to keep anything other than a photon from moving faster than a photon. In order to move faster than the speed of light, you essentially have to be able to raise a middle finger to the universe and tell it to f off.

    Good luck.
  • There is something to all this and it is undisputable.

    For example what are the odds that the moon is at the exact distance to perfectly block out all but the suns corona?

    Then the odds that the moon has a lopsided center of gravity so one side is always facing the earth?

    And the odds of the moon having denser metals at the surface to an extent that it rings like a bell when struck?

    Just like the episode the odds would be closer to shredding the entire encyclopedia brittanica and dropping it out of a plane only to find it perfectly reassembled in stacking alphebetical order.

    Dammit people open your eyes.
  • Is anyone ever going to fix the episode list?

    A quick view of this show on reveals that the episode list has some issues. Seems like the edit listing options has been removed as well. I'm not sure if staff are aware of the incorrect listings but clearly EarlyMemphis has given up on being the editor. Please fix the episode guide, or at least place an edit option so I or someone else can update the episode guide.
  • Delayed Reaction...

    Hey peoples.. and to the administrator who is supposed to update this page...

    Just letting you know that you are suffering from a slight delayed reaction... Which probably isn't even you're fault...

    Ancient Aliens are 'Realistically' on their 9th season... But 'Officially' on their 7th season... Because of delayed releases on episodes...

    Season 6 apparently has 22 episodes... Except the last 3 delayed episodes should be part of Season 7... There should only be 3 episodes for season 7 (The last 3 delayed releases of season 6).. Season 8 should only have 5 Episodes... And we have just commenced Season 9 with the release of the episode "Forbidden Caves"...

    However, The way H2 (The History Chanel) has organised it... Season 6 has the 22 episodes and Season 7 has released 6 episodes including the episode "Forbidden Caves"...

    Thanks heaps :)

  • Unbelievable

    The level of stupidity in this show is just unbelievable.
  • The most ridiculous "show" on TV!

    If you can bear the stupidity, something to laugh at - if it were not for the fact that it would be presented like a scientific show on History Channel!

    They talk about what they call a "theory", but have absolutely no clue, what a scientific theory really is about. On this abysmal "show" it's nothing but the wildest, hair-raising assumptions thrown together, even within one episode completely contradicting each other. Obviously these brainless producers believe, if just a little tiny portion of what they say only might remotely turn true one day, they will have been right all along - chances for that happening are more than slim, though.

    Especially insane are those wild leaps of assumptions to explain occurences on Earth by "alien" intrusions. So, there are murials from ancient times reminding them of "aliens" or astronauts (of course images of "aliens" and astronauts coined by inventions and pop culture of the past decades!), there are UFOs (which are unidentified flying objects - duuuuuh, of course we can't identify everything at once) - but to conclude from that an "alien" has interfered is even more ridiculous than claiming a water drop in your house had to have come directly from Antarctica (unless you lived on Antarctica ;-) ). It's as ridiculous as claiming the Easter Bunny or anything fictional might have done it. The leap to interstellar travel, the energy alone that is required as an explanation for some "unexplained" puny phenomena on Earth (of course they are all very well scientifically explained, they just claim otherwise) is the most far-fetched thing ever! With such stupidity and presenters you just want to punch in the face it is the worst show in history (channel)!
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