Ancient Aliens - Season 2

The History Channel Premiered Mar 08, 2009 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Alien Contacts
    Episode 10
    One of the most common forms of legends is the story of direct, face to face meeting with a heavenly being. However, some have stopped to speculate about whether or not reports of encounters with angels might have something to do with alien life. In every culture, ancient stories report that beings from another world revealed powerful knowledge to humanity. Maybe they aren't just stories.

  • Alien Devastations
    Episode 9

    Were aliens responsible for ancient catastrophes, wars and disasters? There are many descriptions of "battles of the gods" which caused wide-scale destruction and even eye-witness "reports of UFOs lurking in the shadows of recent natural disasters." Variations of the story of the Great Flood being caused by an angry deity exist in many prehistoric cultures, and both the Book of Revelation and the Dead Sea Scrolls describe a future apocalyptic showdown between good and evil - a final battle which may destroy our world. Are these ancient tales proof that aliens are no more than evil, hostile devils? Or are they our saviors, helping to ensure our survival during times of devastation? Or, might we simply be the prize in an age-long struggle between two warring factions of powerful extraterrestrials?

  • 12/16/10
    The megalithic structures that have been found all over the world bare striking resemblances to one another. They may be proof that ancient aliens once visited the planet. This episode explores the ornately carved structures at the Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and the rocks at Carnac, France that some have postulated were an ancient GPS.

  • Angels and Aliens
    Episode 7
    Angels and Aliens is the seventh episode in the second season of Ancient Aliens, which originally aired on December 9, 2010, on The History Channel. This episode discusses some ancient astronaut theories that supposed stories of angelic visitations with humanity are not true. These theorist believe these stories are actually stories about alien encounters.

  • Alien Tech
    Episode 6
    Marvels of modern science seem to have arisen in a vacuum. Humanity has developed lasers, sonic weapons, and even death rays. Could it be that the blueprints for such things came from outer space? Might our own sense for space travel have derived from those who travelled to earth first?

  • 11/25/10

    Did alien technology from the distant past give Hitler and the Nazi's an almost unbeatable advantage in WWII? Wartime documents indicate that the Nazi's had built an operational flying saucer, known as the Hanebu - and were working on what might have been a time machine! Is it possible that Hitler's quest for world domination was aided by rediscovered ancient technology - or even help from alien's themselves? And could extraterrestrial devices have played an important role in America's race to beat the Russians to the moon?

  • Underground Aliens
    Episode 4
    The lost cities of the world are filled with secrets, and some of them do not seem explicable by any ordinary means. A cave in Ecuador was filled with metallic books that might contain data on an ancient civilization. An underground base in New Mexico continues to be guarded by the military. There may be stuff from the stars buried beneath the ground.

  • Underwater Worlds
    Episode 3
    Some have postulated that the underwater cities that dot the planet's ocean floors are awash in signs that aliens once visited. The famed Atlantis legends carry one that refers to extraterrestrial beings. However, a more shocking connection came when an ancient legend about an underwater UFO base in Lake Titicaca in Peru lead to the discovery of a city under the lake. Other underwater ruins may hold more secrets.

  • Gods and Aliens
    Episode 2

    Gods and Aliens is the second episode in the second season of The History Channel's Ancient Aliens. It discusses the fact that ancient myths and legends regarding "powerful gods, mutant giants and fearsome monsters" bear a striking similarity in widely dispersed, variant cultures - and asks the question : Is it possible that these myths and legends are "really eyewitness accounts of ancient astronauts descending to Earth?" And if they are - "Could the demigods of mythology have been the offspring of alien and human unions?"

  • Mysterious Places
    Episode 1
    From the Bermuda Triangle to the doorway caved high in the face of a sheer mountain wall in Peru, there are mysterious locations that have been noted and studied around the club. Perhaps without coincidence, stories of UFOs have often been told in relation to these places. Perhaps these spots are portals to another world.