Ancient Aliens - Season 4

The History Channel Premiered Mar 08, 2009 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 5/4/12

    Did ancient aliens kill off the dinosaurs to make room for humankind? Did humans and dinosaurs inhabit the Earth at the same time? If not, why then do so many primordial cultures appear to depict dinosaurs, accurately, in their paintings, carvings and sculptures? How could the ancients have had knowledge of creatures that science says died out millions of years ago?

  • The Time Travelers
    Episode 9

    Is it possible that ancient astronauts might actually be time travelers from our very own future? Is time travel more than just a theoretical possibility? And if so, what might human beings from the distant future look like?

  • 4/6/12

    An examination of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings, sketches and private journals - searching for evidence or knowledge of alien technology and otherworldly beings. Was Leonardo guided or influenced by extraterrestrials, as some of his paintings may suggest - or was he a time traveler who actually witnessed the many futuristic inventions he designed first hand?

  • Aliens and Bigfoot
    Episode 7

    There have been Bigfoot sightings all over the world. Are these merely false claims - or are they confirmations of ancient myths and legends which tell of ape-like giants stalking the earth? Is there any evidence connecting these creatures with ancient aliens? Could Bigfoot be the by-product of alien experiments in the far distant past? Or are these creatures perhaps aliens themselves?

  • 3/16/12
  • 3/9/12

    Does the United States government have a "secret" space program with a hidden agenda? Are there secret bases on the dark side of the Moon? Are they suppressing proof of extraterrestrial contact? NASA scientists, former astronauts, secret government files and space shuttle videos all point to the possibility that the government is covering up extraterrestrial contact so as not to "upset" the basic beliefs of our civilization.

  • 3/2/12
  • The Greys
    Episode 3

    Have extraterrestrials been visiting our planet for millennia? If so, who are "the Greys" - the small beings with big heads and giant eyes that have been depicted throughout the ages in cave drawings and carved stone figures - all over the world. Where do they come from? Are they friend or foe? And just what do these mysterious beings want with us?

  • 2/17/12

    Does the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar on December 21, 2012 herald great changes for humanity? Does it signal the return of Bolon Yokte - a mysterious god or extraterrestrial associated with creation and war? Or, as some suggest, does the calendar's "end" signify the "end of days" due to a rare galactic alignment triggering a catastrophic series of events which threaten the very existence of life on Earth? Or, more hopefully, could it point to a new beginning marked by the revelation of mankind's true celestial origins?

  • 2/17/12
    The Ancient Mayans are known for their advanced knowledge of science and mathematics. They are also known for dominating Central America and then disappearing. Hieroglyphs tell of a journey to the Milky Way and their belief in beings that descended from the sky.