Ancient Aliens - Season 5

The History Channel Premiered Mar 08, 2009 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • The Monoliths
    Episode 12
  • The Viking Gods
    Episode 11

    Ancient Aliens takes a look at the Norse Vikings and how they became both teachers and destroyers following the fearsome and mysterious gods they worshipped.

  • 4/5/13

    Erich von Daniken's theories have ignited a movement known as Ancient Astronaut Theory.

  • Strange Abductions
    Episode 9

    Is it possible that extraterrestrial beings have been abducting humans for thousands of years and, if so, why? Travis Walton's claim that he was taken aboard an alien space ship in 1975 has not wavered. He reports missing time and encountering mind-telepathy manipulation. Several people are said to have witnessed his encounter. But Ancient Alien researchers insist that such abductions are not a modern phenomenon, they say that ancient texts are filled with such reports of abductions by otherworldly beings. In the Hebrew Bible alone - Jonah, Moses, Ezekiel and Enoch all depict what can best be described as being physically taken to other places or dimensions and then returned to Earth.

  • Beyond Nazca
    Episode 8

    Hundreds of gigantic lines, forming the shapes of animals, geometric patterns and even an alien-like being, extend for miles throughout the remote Peruvian desert. Scholars are divided as to who built them and why. Some Ancient Astronaut theorists argue that ancient peoples created these gigantic figures, which can only be viewed from the air, as a tribute to the "gods" who visited them. Others point out that the area contains one of Earth's largest deposits of nitrates, a key ingredient in rocket fuel and weaponry, raising the question : could Nazca have been an ancient mining operation for advanced beings?

  • 2/8/13

    They were the messengers of divine knowledge and seers who shared visions of the future. For thousands of years, human civilizations have been guided by the words and deeds of ancient prophets, but just who -or what - were these prophets communicating with? Might the experiences of history's prophets be evidence of communication with a heavenly source - or were seers like Elijah and Joseph Smith actually communicating with extraterrestrial overlords? And if so, are there similar prophets at work today?

  • 1/25/13

    Across the globe, archaeologists have uncovered ancient tombs filled with strange items and writings. How is it possible that these culturally distinct burial chambers share such design similarities? Theorists contend that some of these complicated and technically advanced tombs were designed with the help of extraterrestrials.

  • 1/18/13

    Theorists speculate about potential extraterrestrial connections to famous historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Galileo, Archimedes and Aristotle.

  • Destination Orion
    Episode 4

    Scientists speculate concerning why ancient cultures focused so much attention on the Orion constellation.

  • Alien Power Plants
    Episode 3

    The focus of this episode is alien influence and ancient uses of electricity.

  • 12/28/12

    This episode reports on people who claim that their stories have been suppressed, including a man who claims to have touched a UFO and says he was ordered never to speak of it.

  • 12/21/12

    For thousands of years, pyramids were the largest structures on Earth. The best known were constructed in Egypt and Central America, but others have been found all around the world, including in China, Africa and Indonesia. But what purpose did the pyramids serve? Researchers explore strange similarities between all pyramids, as well as the geographic, strategic and otherworldly connections between these mysterious monumental structures.