Ancient Inventions

Discovery Channel (ended 1998)


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Ancient Inventions

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Ancient Inventions is a three-part documentary produced by Discovery Channel in 1998 about the earliest inventions of our ancestors. It is a journey back through time when automatic doors, contraceptive pills, and guided missiles were actually first invented thousands of years ago. Discover how our ancestors perform the first successful brain surgery 4,000 years ago. Explore how advanced military weapons such as the battle tank and flame thrower were developed, or find out the time when the theory behind the atomic bomb was first conceived. This documentary shows how the earliest cities begin to manage overpopulation, waste disposal, and transportation. It tells us how our ancestors develop other ways to make their lives easier with the establishment of restaurants in Rome and fast-food in China at the same time Christianity was founded. Ancient Inventions is a journey deep into the past where we never thought such advanced technologies existed. It is divided into three parts: War and Conflict, Sex and Love, and City Life.