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  • Terricle

    I try to like it but its true cnn sucks
  • Dueling Banjos

    Had to change the channel after AC would not put a stop to the ugly, cacophonic, nonsensical bantering between guest Cornel West and some other dude. They kept calling each other "bro" and "my loving brother" or some-such and it was unwatchable. Come on Anderson, take charge of your guests, keep them on message and don't let them drive your audience away!
  • Used to trust show now just biased crap

    Don't trust CNN news. They all seem to have a definite left bias. I don't need to watch because I know what the slant will be. All their correspondents are old news trying to be clever and be the smartest one on the panel to diss anything Trump related. No real unbiased news and everyone feels their opinion is the most important. You all hate Trump. We get it. Try just giving all the news not your spin on the news...
  • He used to be a real reporter

    It seems like everything he says is recycled from another station. Where are the stories and reporting on what is actually happening? All I hear is the same canned headlines from every other network- it's a shame.
  • Fake News

    CNN is a huge corporation that presents paid for news as real news. Stop giving your opinion and just give the facts, because without it American's are left to argue with each other on social media which is inherently unhealthy. CNN is a danger to society, and, therefore, is forever banned in my household and on all my devices.
  • TOUGH but KIND

    Anderson is probably my favorite interviewer. He is respectful of his guests but does not let them get away with not answering his questions. He listens without talking over them but does not let them get away with pivoting . His interview with Pam Bondi is a good example. Kellyanne Conway is another skillful polotician

    who usually pivots all over her interviewers. I love watching Anderson call her out with grace and manners.
  • Think before you speak - Donald Trump

    I watch Anderson Cooper 360 on a regular basis. I have noticed that everyone, including Anderson, seems to admire Donald Trump for answering questions readily and without forethought. However, do you really want a President, when asked a question about one of our Middle East Allies at a foreign policy meeting somewhere in the Middle East, make a statement that could be considered offensive or derogatory? Yes, he is a man who speaks his mind, but that is not an attribute, or something to be revered; especially if you are a potential candidate for the President of the United States. As President, we need someone who can show reserve. We need someone who has some insight about the nation(s) he/she is meeting with. Saying what is on your mind without prudence is not an attribute that I feel makes a great leader. In fact, that kind of thinking scares the hell out of me. Don't even get me started on his racial comments and prejudices. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt", and Bernard Meltzer is quoted as having stated, "Before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful. If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left
  • Review your geography Mr. Trump

    I watched the Anderson Cooper's interview with Donald Trump. Mr. Trump does not know what humility is and thinks he can trash anyone he pleases. How much turmoil and press attention to a maniac, doesn't anyone remember when the cubans from Mariel (they were called marielitos) were sent from Cuba to Florida? Did he protest then? Everyone knew, including us latinos, that what Fidel Castro sent were prisoners, among them killers and rapist. Why didn't anyone in this great country protest then? It is very unfair and unjust because not everyone who crosses de border is Mexican -

    Mr. Trump needs to review his geography and history. All of lLatin America connects by land and if you count of all those crossing the border an equal number is from Paraguay, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador etc. to name a few. I beg of Mr. Trump to stop talking nonsense. Respectfully yours, Violeta Galvez from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Collision Repair ... He got it wrong

    I recently had the opportunity view the most recent Anderson Cooper 360 expose` on collision repair; as usual they only managed to obtain half of the facts. The problem with collision repairs in the United State is a multifaceted problem and yes insurance company and collision repairer greed both play a part in substandard repairs.

    The Direct Repair Program that many insurance companies have were designed to help consumers but now have been perverted into a cost reduction model for the insurance carrier and substandard repairs for the consumer.

    The procedure that most insurance carriers follow is the repair facility signs a contract after a cursory inspection by insurance to ensure there is basically a building and some so called technicians available to do the collision repairs. At this time the repair facility begins to take on work at a discounted price in exchange for a specific volume of work that the insurance carrier will deliver to the repair facility.

    If you look at this model three items are very evident from the outset:

    1. The insurance carrier decreases the severity (dollars spent)

    2. Consumer receives substandard repairs.

    3. The repair facility profits increase.

    The only two parties that benefit are the repair facility and the insurance company and as usual the consumer is left to fend for themselves. But if you were to interview both the insurance carrier and the repair facility they both would state this is a win for the consumer. It reduces the cost of insurance and returns the vehicle to the consumer in a much faster time; both are a load of bovine scatology. Now, because of the low cost repairs, corner are cut by the use of Non OEM parts which are unproven in most cases, do not stand up to the same warranty as an OEM part or for that matter aren't even constructed of the same material as the original part. Also the repair procedures of the vehicle maker are rarely followed which causes a substandard repair and thus opening up the possibility of severe injury in subsequent collisions so how does the consumer win in this situation.

    The other item we need to be keenly aware of is the skill level of the technician performing the repair. Rarely do we find any state in the union that requires the repair technicians to be certified either through Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or any other credible source. There are constantly new technicians entering the field with little if any training or certification and these are the people doing structural repairs on a consumer vehicle. So we should be more concerned with the skills of the technicians because even if an OEM part is installed in a vehicle there is very little chance it will be installed correctly. Just to prove a point I would like to quote some statistics from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE ) on the number of technicians currently certified to do collision repair work in the United State, now let me remind you these are technicians that voluntary submit to testing every five (5) years.

    Master Collision Repair/Refinish Technicians 4,291

    Collision Repair/Refinish Technicians 20, 282

    Painting and Refinishing Technicians 11,386

    Non Structure Analysis and Damage Repair 10,784

    Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 8,997

    Mechanical and Electrical Components 10,035

    Damage Analysis and Estimating 6,929

    Now it appears there are 24,573 certified individuals in the entire country that have passed and are certified to do some sort of collision repair. This is rather disturbing as there are in excess of 30,000 collision repair facilities in the United States which means there is less than one (1) certified person per repair facility that has the proven expertise to do a collision repair procedure in one of the above fields. This should be a very sobering thought that the individuals in most cases have not proven their ability to work on a consumer's vehicle. This is the more concerning to me not whether the correct parts are being used!

  • romney taxs returns

    everyone can find out ifsomeone smoked a joint but the goverment cant tell what his taxs returns are why is that.6
  • Cooper is all over the place: Haiti, Afghanistan, New Orleans...wherever there is breaking news, Anderson is there and...sometimes with his sleeves rolled up. He's the Real Thing in Journalism. E. M. Albano

    I have written for a small paper as a "political junkie" and probably differ with Anderson on political issues, but...without a doubt, Anderson Cooper is one of the most...if not THE best Journalist on any network. He could write the book on Professionalism. He displays sincerity, empathy, and outstanding knowledge on the subjects for which he is reporting. P.S. I could go on and on, but I am going to go over the limit in word count, but this system is not counting correctly and keeps informing me that I don't have the minimum of 100 words. Sorry for the 'glitch' in your system CNN!
    E. M. Albano
  • Anderson Cooper can make even the most dull news stories interesting to learn about; I give this series my highest recommendation.

    I began watching Anderson Cooper 360° back when it first debuted, and a lot of things have changed since those early days. For example, my favorite segment of the show, the nth degree, was put to an end after the series had been around for a year or so; I know that segments shouldn't matter that much, since Anderson Cooper is what makes the show special, but I felt a bit slighted when the show changed so dramatically. However, Anderson Cooper is a classy and respectable individual and I just love the way in which he presents the news; he is emotional, yet reserved, and I believe the way he handles his duties is impeccable. Unlike most news people, he actually travels to the story, which is what I believe is most impressive of all. With the success he has had, he could easily choose a nice career behind a desk for the rest of his life and still find success, but he continues to venture out into the world in order to find the real story. That is what makes Anderson Cooper 360° so special; it's what makes us find Anderson Cooper to be such an incredible individual. He is one of the most fair anchors on CNN and he seems to actually care about doing a good job and remaining objective as a journalist. If you want to watch the news, but don't want to see some robot behind a desk, I'd encourage you to check this series out.
  • Anderson Cooper hosts a great news program that is enjoyable to watch.

    I didn't start watching Anderson Cooper 360° until the end of June, mainly because I was not much of a fan of news programs. That however changed after watching Anderson for a few days, I found that I really enjoyed the way he and his colleagues presented the news with both seriousness and an occasional lighthearted sense of humor mixed together.

    What I like about the program is how Anderson does a good job in reporting the news from both political parties in Washington in the segment Raw Politics and how numerous citizens groups work to keep the politicians in office honest if it comes to using taxpayer dollars inappropriately. Another thing that I enjoy about the program is how Anderson and his colleagues don't shy away from reporting on serious social issues such as how people around the world treat their environment, with numerous installments of CNN's "Planet in Peril" series as an example, or in getting regular people's reactions after disasters occur.

    These are a few reasons why I have come to enjoy watching Anderson Cooper 360°. It's great the way the program makes you stop and think about the goings on in the world around us. I also like the way Anderson occasionally shares his opinion of the story he is reporting, but doesn't let it cloud the way he presents the news.
  • Really enjoy this news program!

    When I first saw this show I thought that Anderson Cooper wouldn't be taken really seriously. I mean he hosted the reality tv show the Mole and also was of royalty with Gloria Vanderbuilt. But really he is great and reports the news no-nonsense style. Back when I was in high school, I used to see him on the tv news thing Channel One. As I think when he was younger. Plus now, he has gone on to greater things. And this show, really puts him on top. This is his moment to shine. One minute he can be really no-nonsense, informate, tough but fair. Next minute, he can be relaxing and funny!
  • Anderson is the big shot on the news now. He is engaging and very intuitive.

    Today for the masses to really accept a news caster he/she must be very engaging. CBS has tried Katie Couric but after the first couple of weeks, the shine had worn off. Sometimes the person must be able to get the most out of a story and be able to deliever to an audience that probobly isn't very interested. Anderson Cooper makes the news and of other events seem more interesting before you loose your focus and switch the channel. His greatest strength is his smugness. He sometimes takes on other networks and anchors who he believes are not fullfilling their duties as news journalist and he is dead on.
  • All The Fact .. All the time .. Everytime .. Best program

    I love this show .. I never miss it .. It's litterley the only news program I ever watch .. When im on the computer , Ill turn the TV to CNN but I wont pay any attention to it , When AC306° comes on , No computer for me , Im all eyes and ears .. Anderson Cooper is so hoTT to .. His eyes are amazing , His smile is so sexy , His hair color only add more hotness to him .. EmMM GORGEOUS .. He's the most educated , And honest ancorman on TV
  • Real news, real facts, straight forward talk.

    I have been a news junkie since I was five. therefore, I have seen a lot of news and a lot pf broadcasters but Anderson Cooper is unique, he steps into the story to help you better understand it, he looks behind the common facts to see the real truth. Watch one episode and see what you think.
  • Definitely the best source for news.

    I’ve always had trouble trying to find a reliable source for my news. Most programs are either too political or too disconnected. I always end up coming back to Anderson Cooper 360 time and time again for this very reason. It’s definitely one of the, if not "the," best news programs out there. It’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina was the perfect example of how real and balanced the show is. To top it all off, Cooper proves himself each evening as one of the best anchors of this current generation. He deserves the recognition, and I hope to see him anchoring for many more years to come.
  • The best news program on the air.

    I think Anderson Cooper is the absolute BEST! After the Katrina disaster, he was the first reporter to challenge the politicians who were claiming that it "wasn't their fault" that people who couldn't evacuate, didn't. Anderson held their feet to the fire and wouldn't let them get away with half-truths and double-talk. It is so refreshing to find a news person who not only asks the tough questions, but keeps after the person if they don't answer the question that was asked. Although I know some people would say news casters should report and not interject their personal beliefs into the broadcast, this is precisely what makes this man so wonderful to watch. I wish we had more on-air personalities like him. I make it a point to watch him every day.
  • Quite simply one of the best things to happen to the evening newscast...

    This show changes how we view the evening news.

    Edging away from the standard 30-second sound-bite, Anderson and Co. view each topic and events from every explorable angle, from the "official" reports to the human interest stories to Anderson's own "reporter's notebook", which is his own opinions on what's happening in the world.

    One of the things I love most about this show is that, at times, Anderson's own opinions on things come out in his reporting. How many people would rebuke not one but two U.S. Senators who seem not only to be avoiding the real questions that need answering but trying to put a happy spin on things? This show proves that journalists, while professionally unbiased, have opinions on things too.

    The other thing I love most is that Anderson and Co. ask down-to-earth questions---the things people are really interested in learning about....not just what makes the news interesting. Here, it doesn't have to bleed to lead---it just has to be important to the viewing public and their interests.

    Finally, a news program that makes people stop, think, and listen. Who'da thunk it?
  • One of the best news programs out there.

    Anderson Cooper 360 is one of the most informative and most enjoyable news shows I have found. Cooper's way of telling the news is excellent and you can really tell which stories he cares about more so than with other newscasters. He isn't afraid to face the harsh elements of weather (watching his hurricane coverage is a delight) and goes where most newscasters who hosts shows won't. This week he's in Niger talking about their horrific famine. Tune in each weekday at 7:00 PM eastern time for a wonderful and insightful news program on CNN you'll never see anywhere else.