Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew starts his journey in Ubud a tourist trap that still maintains it's traditional flair. While here Andrew witnesses Lawar preparation which is a huge meal to feed the entire village. With guide Putu Wissara Andrew takes part in the traditional pig slaughtering. The men do the preparation while the women cook and make refreshments. The dish Lawar named after the tribe has mixed in pork and pigs blood along with traditional Asian salad ingredients. Next Andrew witness Matata a ritual in which young peoples teeth are filed down. The canine teeth are made flat to be even with the other teeth and it's believed that this takes away the animal nature of the person. Afterwards Andrew eats roadside fare which is traditional soups prepared for the festival goers. Next Andrew heads into the Monkey Forest where mischievous monkeys will stalk people and take their belongings. Next Andrew heads to Negara to witness a water buffalo race. The bulls are dressed and blessed by the family matriarch as was Andrew earlier that morning. During the race the teams run from west to east and then back again to determine a winner. Next Andrew meets Made Raymond for a medicinal lunch. He goes to a snake store that specializes in edible and wearable snake products. An employee at the shop explains that eating snake is good for various health problems. Andrew tries the cobra blood cocktail with gall bladder and snake penis as side dishes. Next the group has fried cobra and cobra soup. Next at a local market Andrew witnesses cricket fighting. The crickets are field crickets who are very aggressive. Next Andrew sees the retelling of historical battles, love stories, and dances. These are done in a mud bank and Andrew comically body flips a participant as part of the production. In a final act Andrew and the tribal leader run on fiery coals. In the final leg of his journey Andrew witnesses a traditional cremation ceremony. The extravagance is based on social stature and the corpse is spun around to confuse the soul so it doesn't return to Earth. The body is put in a Limbu which is a animal sculpture representing the deceased social status. The body is then burned in a funeral pyre and while watching the body burn fried rice cakes snacks are given out.
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