Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew starts his journey in Little Haiti for a traditional Haitian goats head soup. Next Andrew meets Ingrid Llera a voodoo priestess at Halouba the only voodoo temple in Little Haiti. While there a man shows up to denounce the temple as evil and the priestess show Andrew a thunder god calling festival. Next Andrew takes part in legal drag racing and locals are pitted against police officers in legal races. Officer Jose Ayala guides Andrew though racing and drifting which is a controlled high speed slide. The event is headed by Pete Scalzo and his wife Marie and Andrew borrows Marie's Grand Cherokee to race with. He loses the first race and is given a head start but it does him no good as his opponent beats him a second time. Next Andrew meets a popular drag dressing club called Lipps. The club has a Sunday service performed in full drag clothing and Andrew comical takes part as a choir member. Next Andrew heads to the grasslands known as the Everglades. He goes to a gator farm and sees hundreds of alligators but also the Burmes python. This dangerous snake came along after the 1992 hurricane Andrew. After ward Andrew meets Jesse Kenon the owner of Coopers Town restaurant. The specialty of the restaurant is frog legs and Kenon takes Andrew on a late night frog hunt. Next Andrew heads to Weeki Wachee and the mermaid park. The mermaids drop into a thin pool and they swim to tubes that shoot out air for them to breathe. They then emerge into a fresh water lake in which the shows take place each day. Andrew goes into the lake in his own mermaid suit. In the last leg of his journey Andrew heads to Tarpon Springs. The city has the largest Greek population in America due to sponge farming. With guide George Billirs Andrew sees Frank Niotte dive in an old style diving suit for sponges. Air is constantly feed into the suit and Frank must release the air with a valve in his helmet. Andrew dons the outfit but due to fear he doesn't even make it to the water. Nicolos Toth makes the divers helmets for memorabilia's sake but some divers do use them for deep water diving. Andrew sees a meal of lambs fat and meat which is a traditional divers meal created due to the months at sea divers used to spend.
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