Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew starts his journey in Bertesgaden and meets Franz Stetensgadsner a master lederhosen tailor. He also meets up with Jasmine the Are You Bizarre Enough contest winner from his old show. Next Andrew meets Werner Bauer who helps him get dressed in traditional German garb. The duo meet chef Christian Maltin a local chef that specializes in Bavarian cuisine. While waiting for dinner the group tries their hand at yodeling. For dinner the group eats lung, heart, and brain inspired dishes. Next Andrew and Jasmine meet artist Wolf Reicherter in Seebouden. They come to the city for the world body painting festival. After being shaved Andrew and his guess model there artist creations. Next Andrew and Jasmine head to Franking and the Moorhof Hotel. They are here to try the beer spa's in which a person sits in a tub powdered malt in water. After the bath they enjoy a nap in a traditional straw bath where Andrews snores keep Jasmine awake. Next Andrew and Jasmine go to Munich and it's 200 year old open air market and they sample a host of pickled foods and horse meat. Next they head to Berlin and take part in chess boxing. This sport involves matches of chess followed by boxing rounds. Sport creator Lepe Rubingh helps Andrew and Jasmine though a match against each other. After wards the duo heads to Tacalees Art House and they meet up with Roman Kroke and Kroke showcases some of Berlins most avante garde art. The group then heads to the Dead Chickens Art Studio which specializes in grotesque art forms. Next we see El Bocho who is known as a graffiti artist and the group is accosted by concerned cities during a night time painting exhibition. In the final leg of the journey Andrew and Jasmine go to Morimoto restaurant and chef Christiano Reinzner and sample his molecular gastronomy inspired dishes. In this form of cooking chemistry plays a huge role in defining a dish.
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