Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew starts his journey in Aha Hills with guide Ralph Bousfield. He is an expert in the Ju'hoansi tribe and their culture. The meet the shaman for a spiritual cleansing and Andrew gives out wild tobacco as a gift. Next we meet Kava who speaks the Ju'hoansi language which is made up of distinctive clicks. Andrew is shocked by a quill full of poison arrow which get their venom from beetles that feed on poison plants. During a hair raising adventure the tribe and Andrew are harassed by a Black Mamba the most poisonous snake in Africa. The next day Andrew goes forging for breakfast with the tribe. They dine on Jewel Beetles but to Andrew's surprise no grasshoppers unlike other tribal cultures. He also eats a beetle paste which he compares to crab and peanut butter. Next Andrew and the men hunt for Guinea Fowl and is amazed that the men can make their own rope. It's revealed that the men spend half the year in the bush away from their village and when not hunting they convene in large secondary villages with huts for shelter. They set up traps for the Fowl and cut fire wood for a fire and retire for the night. The next day before a hunt the tribesmen using divining sticks or bones to gain from the spirits which way they should travel. It's revealed that the tribesmen can tell by tracks and feces when an animal passed. The men continue on to hunt a porcupine and the women look for roots that cure all ailments. Andrew catches up with the men who will enter porcupine caves to hunt them. It's revealed they are giant porcupines with quills the size of pencils. Andrew discovers that the traps they set did catch a bird and although not a fowl it is the first taste of meat the group has had in days and they are great full for it. The next day the tribe goes on a hunt for honey and after whistling for a honey bird. The tribe discovers two bees colonies. The bees are subdued with smoke and the honey birds come in and eat the bees and their larva. The next day the tribe mimics Andrew and his crew in a lavish recreation. On the fifth day the tribe catches a porcupine which is almost sixty pounds. The tribe likes most the organ meats and the skin which are cooked in the hot ash method. This method involves covering the food with hot ash and then beaten to remove the ash. The tribes women do what's called a melon dance in celebration of the good hunt. In the dance they pass a melon back and forth while dancing traditionally. In the final segment Andrew takes part in a trance dance. The shaman believe that their souls leave the body and the spirits enter them. It's believed that during this process he can heal the sick. During the ceremony Andrew is touched by a shaman and brought to tears and the dance goes on all night an into the next morning.