Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew starts his journey in Tana Toranja a Christian enclave the Bali region. While there he meets Dinny Jusef and the duo tour a large popular out door market. Along with food he leans of the tobacco which mixed with beetle nuts is said to give a slight high feeling. The Salak fruit is highlighted due to it's feel and look of snake skin. Next Coto Massacar which is water buffalo soup is sampled. The soup utilizes all parts of the water buffalo to Andrew's delight. Finally Andrew samples Papyon which is pig that's been butchered and cooked in bamboo stalks. Next Andrew witness the Aranbo Sambo which is a festive funeral ceremony. His guide is Jony Burun the village mayor. Andrew dons the traditional black sarong for the ceremony. In this culture the dead are preserved and kept at home till the lavish ceremony can be afforded. The rich have mausoleums carved into the mountain rock and have small effigy's of the deceased called Tou Tous at the base of the mountain. Inside the mountain the coffins are stored and allowed to rot away with the bodies and when they disintegrate and make room more bodies are added. Next Andrew witnesses the sacrificial killing of water buffalo. It is believed that the animals carry the spirits of the dead to the afterlife. They are killed with a single blow to the throat with a long knife and is considered a rite of passage. The buffalo are then used to feed the village after wards and Andrew comments on how the entrails are not cleaned very well or tenderized. Next Andrew hunts and eats eels and snails in the mountains instead of the beach. The snails are farmed out of the rice paddies by wading though the mud and picking them out by hand. For the next meal Andrew meets Kristina Lembang and he sees first hand the tradition of keeping the dead at home till burial. After ward in the pond behind her house the group fishes out fresh water eel. The eel are hit over the head with a rock, split in two and charred on a stick and then stir fried in a pan. Afterward Andrew heads to Pangkep and meets the Boogie people and learns about their five different sexual classifications. Andrew focuses on the hermaphrodite Bisou who are the spiritual heads of the culture. They eat a traditional all fish based multi-coursed meal and then the spirit summoning ritual begins. During which the Bisou are possessed by ancestral spirits and this is verified by trying to cut themselves with a knife and not being able to penetrate. In the last leg of his journey Andrew heads back to the Aranbo Sambo and witnesses a water buffalo fight. Here the fight overlaps into the crowd often and the winner is the buffalo that doesn't run away.