Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

First Andrew traveled to Eldrine and gave us a demonstration of Turkey's oldest and most popular sport of oil wrestling. The uniform posed as a problem as Andrew unable to fit the tight leather pants. Was oiled from head to toe and fitted into a looser corduroy version of the tights. He demonstrated the form and holds involved in the sport. Most notably that any part of the body is fair game and frequent grabs down the opponents pants were perfectly legal. Next in the city of Kushkoy we see the ancient bird language. A group of villagers who communicate with a series of whistles instead of a spoken language. We also learn of Turkey's series of unspoken hand and body gestures. Unlike in most of the world one nod for yes forward while pulling the head back once for no instead of a constant back and forth motion. Then in Istanbul the dances of Turkey are shown. First new world adaptations like break dancing which draws crowds during lunch hour. From there Andrew takes part in male belly dancing. In this art portly men are considered the object of sexual desire instead of their female counter parts. Next we see the city of Cappadonia. This is a city made out of the rocks and mountain formations. Here all the comforts of the modern world like tv, indoor plumbing, and electricity are made part of the stone home. We also see ancient underground rock cities that go for hundreds of feet below the surface. In the last leg of Andrew's journey learn of Turkey's religious practices. A brand of superstition based around the famous evil eye. Blue eye symbols mark the landscape of Turkey. The belief being that the eye returns and evil look back at the watcher. Then in the city of Dalian we're shown the dancing Dervishes. These men and women constantly spin in praise to Allah representing the rotation of the universe.