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The Andromeda Strain
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AIRED ON 5/27/2008

Season 1 : Episode 2

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Based on the celebrated Michael Crichton novel, this sci-fi mini-series boasts an all-star cast. A deadly virus threatens the Earth's population unless a team of scientists can find a cure in time. This show was nominated for several Emmys, including Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries, Or Movie, Outstanding Cinematography For A Miniseries Or Movie(Part One), Outstanding Makeup For A Miniseries Or A Movie (non-prosthetic), Outstanding Miniseries, Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing For A Miniseries Or A Movie(Part One), Outstanding Sound Editing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special(Part Two) and Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Miniseries Or A Movie(Part One).
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  • You'll enjoy this remake despite the negative reviews you may have read here

    I was immediately surprised at the start of this remake by the production values and intelligent screenplay. I expect a much lower standard from a TV remake. The original though a classic is slow paced by today's standards and this remake holds one's interest throughout. If you can accept this production for what it is--a TV remake with a lower budget, you will be in for an enjoyable few hours of entertainment. If you insist on comparing it to the original or to a videorati's standard, then you will be dissatisfied. Given that you can watch it for free there's no harm in checking out the first 10 minutes and deciding for yourself.moreless
  • An ok remake as far as remakes go now a days. The show started off with much promise. It successfully adapted the story to modern times. The list of b

    An ok remake as far as remakes go now a days. The show started off with much promise. It successfully adapted the story to modern times. The list of b grade tv and movie stars did well. The familiarity of people we know from other works helped. The show towards the end had it's problems with a-typical scifi cheese. With the character played by Rick Schroder an unneeded ode to pc sensibilities was thrown in sadly. Although up until the end all the elements worked properly. Sadly the cliches and bad writing caught up with the show in the end. Even though I'll never add this show to my collection I did appreciate the build-up and even the open ended way things were left but due to the terrible job of closing the story. I hope they won't attempt another go at the story. This one needs to be left in annuals of tv history as just another attempt in a long list of remakes that didn't quite come together.moreless
  • not so bad, but could have been better

    the andromeda strain movie was perhaps one of the best classic sci fi films ever made. this remake is an updated adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel. it's a great novel, and the original movie was awesome. the 2008 remake does not recapture the greatness of that old movie. it's good in some parts, but not so good in the others. the actors on this one were younger, perhaps the producers were aiming for an mtv generation of viewers. even though the original movie was superior to this one, it's a good quality mini series. it's still entertaining to watch. i only wish it was better, but it's good enough to watch.moreless
  • An appalling remake of a brilliant and beloved Sci-Fi Classic.

    The remake of this fine Sci-fi classic is nothing more than a re-worked politically correct diatribe. From the very beginning it launches into a message of how government is bad, shouldn't be trusted and anyone that is anti-establishment is the only one who is right and well grounded. They even managed to squeeze a sexual orientation agenda position on one of the characters (how the Andromeda virus cares about this, I don't know) who is military and how "ridiculous the don't ask, don't tell policy is." The especially offensive point of this movie is the fact it released on Memorial Day, a day to honor our civil war dead, and here we have a movie that does nothing but portray our military as murderers and incompetent boobs. The only way I can best describe the wildfire team's composition is a collection of young idealists that should all gather for a photo-op for the Rainbow Coalition poster children edition; not one of them has a gray hair on their head, and yet they are the leaders in their field....puh-lease. I was looking forward to the updating of CGI effects to this wonderful classic, and instead we received video game grade eye candy graphics and a wildfire lab that looks like it was borrowed from CSI Vegas; even the robot had the essential CSI investigator flashlight. They hijacked a thoughtful scientific thriller and painted it over with a transparent, weak and shameful agenda driven vehicle for Hollywood's ideology. This movie is completely intellectually bankrupt.moreless
  • Skip it.

    This was ridiculous. I can't believe Ridley Scott put his name on it. Cheesy background music on almost every scene should have been a hint to me to stop watching. It gets better with the pointless current affairs political jabs. Hardly any attempt is made for the viewer to start caring about any one person. It is an amateurish attempt at being serious and professional. Did they really need to have 3D rendered graphics of birds, snakes, and F16? That would have been fine were they not so dated looking. The one scene where the F16 is taking off for example, notice the ripples in the exhaust. For that matter the fake exhaust smoke added to the trucks. Very off putting. It is a shame since the story is so good, and interesting, just the implementation is not up to par.moreless
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