The Andromeda Strain

A&E (Mini-Series 2008)


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  • Skip it.

    This was ridiculous. I can't believe Ridley Scott put his name on it. Cheesy background music on almost every scene should have been a hint to me to stop watching. It gets better with the pointless current affairs political jabs. Hardly any attempt is made for the viewer to start caring about any one person. It is an amateurish attempt at being serious and professional. Did they really need to have 3D rendered graphics of birds, snakes, and F16? That would have been fine were they not so dated looking. The one scene where the F16 is taking off for example, notice the ripples in the exhaust. For that matter the fake exhaust smoke added to the trucks. Very off putting. It is a shame since the story is so good, and interesting, just the implementation is not up to par.