The Andromeda Strain

Season 1 Episode 2

The Andromeda Strain Part 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 27, 2008 on A&E

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  • pretty good

    the team races against the clock to find a cure for the extra terrestrial virus called andromeda. the team of scientists working for on the project find some interesting stuff about andromeda. this episode takes scenes from the movie, they change it a bit, but never quite right. i enjoyed watching it though. it ends almost in the same manner of the movie but not quite as fantastic. the effects were good, but i think the story needed a much better focus. too much effects were used, almost as if it's making up for a strain in production budget. it's a good mini series, it's worth watching it.
  • Everything blows up. Scientists down in in the lab start making out, while people die. They stop making out long enough to discover that the strain is a coded message from Joey Greco. Steve Bartman fumbles Ricky's flying thumb, & the world is destroyed.

    For the most part...I liked it, it was a sci-fi thriller in the purest sense...however, I think all would agree that computer graphics just never do the any movie no matter what the always looks cheesy. If I were a director, I would NEVER USE THAT. I'd be like...'get me an F-16, or forget it. The movie will be nominated for some special effects awards, as it was over the top for its robotics and the lab in general. The only major problem I had was the ending...throwing up Ricky's severed thumb was ill-advised...I am sure the audience, cast, crew, directors, and producers could not help but giggle once they saw that flying thumb on the screen for the first time...I was great until the dude throws the freaking thumb. I would have 'cut' that right out of the script...and gotten upset if anyone complained about it. Man..I wish Steve Bartman was there to fumble it away...and the lab got nuked at that point. I mean...What would Fonzy think? I mean it was great until that thumb went 'air-borne'...pun intended. What would Edward Scissorhands think?