Season 4 Episode 17

Abridging the Devil's Divide

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2004 on Syfy
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Abridging the Devil's Divide

While on a mission on the Eureka Maru, Dylan, Rhade and Harper are captured by the Templars. The Patriarch of the Templars presses Harper to help him build a time bridge to 210 years in the future. Meanwhile, Beka, Trance and Rommie chase down smuggler ships.

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    Michael Ironside

    Michael Ironside

    Patriarch Constantine Stark

    Guest Star

    Charles Zuckermann

    Charles Zuckermann


    Guest Star

    Mark Gibbon

    Mark Gibbon

    Templar Lieutenant

    Guest Star

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      • Magog: (to Stark) Your superior race? We ate them.

      • Stark: I was just about to commend your captain on dumping that trash in dreadlocks, but it seems he's traded it in for just more of the same. Your name is?
        Rhade: Telemachus Rhade.
        Stark: Good strong name. You keep repeating it to yourself--concentrate--make it your personal mantra--it'll help.
        Rhade: With what?
        Stark: A slow death.

      • Stark (to Harper): You are the wheat my son, and you (to Rhade), you are the chaff, and the chaff must be separated from the wheat.

      • Harper: Rhade--how are you doing?
        Rhade: You saved my life--thank you.
        Harper: Thank ME? NO, no, no, no, no--thank YOU! You gave yourself up for me and the Maru to a bunch of racist freaks--I owe you.

      • Dylan: Rhade, you look bad.
        Rhade: I'll feel better when I bury my bone blades in the Patriarch's neck.
        Dylan: Careful- don't let anger cloud your judgment... but, in this case, it's good to have goals.

      • Harper: You got treated like crap down there and I didn't even stop to notice--I'm no better than the Patriarch.
        Rhade: Yes you are, Harper. You thought what you were doing was right--for the betterment of humanity.
        Harper: Yeah--so did the Patriarch.
        Rhade: Hmmmm...good intentions. The devil doesn't tempt us with measly offerings. He knows what we want most--what you wanted most.
        Harper: You believe in the devil?
        Rhade: He's in every one of us, right here (points to own temple), aching to get out, but this (pointing to Harper's heart) is what you have to listen to--understood?
        Harper: You're pretty enlightened for know what? I'm never gonna make another Nietzschean joke again!
        Rhade: Yes you will.

      • Templar: A Nietzschean protecting a human! Too bad you can't tell a loser situation when you see one.
        Rhade: A loser situation? I only see a loser.
        Harper: Ha!

      • Rhade: Well, hopefully Beka fared better. Who would steal worthless rocks from so many planets?
        Harper: Worthless? Do you know how many billion things cobalt and nickel can be used for? I think you have rocks in your head.
        Rhade: Why don't I headbutt you so you can be certain?
        Harper: Oh, I'm certain all right. In fact, in heavy gravity worlds, does your head get sucked down first?
        Rhade: Insulting a Nietzschean is not healthy for a human's health, especially one so itsy bitsy.

      • Trance: His actions lead him to this destiny.
        Beka: Or I got a little carried away.
        Trance: A little.

      • Rhade (to Harper): Tiny. Get me a position on this courier ship.
        Harper: Courier ship? I don't see one, Fat-Head.

      • ...Knock, knock, knock on the devil's door.
        Do not invite him to dinner; his beasts will
        come for more.

        High Priestess Misabo Ahm in Triumvirate
        War Council
        CY 10091.

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      • International Airdates:

        -This episode aired in Canada on March 27, 2004 on Mystery.
        -This episode aired in the UK on April 20, 2005 on Sci-Fi.
        -This episode aired in the Australia on July 26, 2005 on Fox 8.

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