Season 3 Episode 4

Cui Bono

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 2002 on Syfy

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  • Beka gets a three year old message from her uncle Sid and decides to go on the mission to find him and offer her help - would she be too late?

    I differ from the previous comment on the review - I'm approaching this episode from a simpler angle. Yes Uncle Sid's not the man I expected Beka to find, and the money she received from him (would have been very useful in helping the crew salvage more parts) served a far more different sort of purpose from her scrupulous, ruthless uncle.

    Meanwhile we do learn bit more about Beka's upbringing which led her to suriving on her own and her history with the drug "flash"!! Her uncle the thug wants something from Beka, some data info which was hidden on the Maru which holds a secret to her father's past. Since she is unaware of the secret, she is tortured with "flash" and locked up in her uncle's fortress so Trance and Beka's only chance of survival was to escape!!

    That whole scene was very tense and rescue didn't seem to be coming any time soon from Andromeda so it was up to the girls to keep their whits and get out of dodge in a flicker of time. Meanwhile, Tyr is not thrilled with Dylan for delaying their departure and is convinced that the girls abandoned ship - but thank heavens the Captain has a mind of his own and delays their departure!! I just love it in the end when the Maru arrived at the docking station and we see Trance's cute smiley face smiling at the camera besides Beka!!! Final happy note, too bad Sid didn't get his just desert but at least he didn't win since Beka holds the winning hand to keep him miles away from her!!!
  • We learn more about Beka's father and her Uncle Sid.

    In this episode Beka's Uncle Sid returns and the Andromeda has to chauffeur him around.

    It seems to me that the commonwealth have low standards when it comes to political candidates and other people they want kept alive.

    In the episode "Mad to be Saved" Dillon was supposed to keep the doctor alive who was torturing his patients. Now in this episode they have to keep Sid alive and he's not much better.

    I like the actor that plays the part, I think that's in part because I liked him when he played Q on Star Trek: TNG. He isn't playing a very nice character in Andromeda, but for some reason I still like him.

    I'm not a big fan of political episodes in any show. Luckily, they didn't go into a lot of political stuff otherwise I would have rated it lower.