Season 2 Episode 15

Dance of the Mayflies

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2002 on Syfy
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Dance of the Mayflies

The crew of Andromeda encounters plague victims infected by a hostile, nanobot-based life form out to take over the ship.

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  • This would have to be one of my favourite Andromeda episodes (spoilers!)

    I love this episode!

    Dylan and the crew save some people from a station being attacked by the Than (how do you spell it?). Long story short, all of the people from the station die from a illness, however they come back to life and begin attacking the crew trying to spread "their little diseases" (as put by Harper) to the rest of the crew.

    The walking dead/zombie people really work in this episode and some great humor is brought up by the crew. One of my favourite quotes: "This is creepy..." - Dylan Hunt.

    A scene which freaks me out every time is when the zombie dude jumps down the ladder and looks at Harper, has to be the most creepy look ever.

    I also love how Trance's true physical strength is shown in this episode... she is stronger than Rommie (!)

    Overall a great episode!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the trailer of this episode, Trance's voice can actually be made out as her own, while in the episode itself it is completely different.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Harper: Oh boy, unseen-enemy? There's nothing worse unless it's an angry unseen-enemy.

    • Harper: (checking out the damage to the ship) Sensors, trashed. AP circuits, trashed. EM lines, what do you know? Trashed. Rommie, it's a good thing I love trashy ladies, otherwise I'd be tempted to trade you in for a newer model. Maybe a supermodel...
      Andomeda Hologram: Men!

    • Rommie: When things got bad back there I didn't think you were going to make it. And I realized something, I may be virtually indestructible but you... You are...
      Dylan: Me, well I just think I'm indestructible.
      Rommie: One day you're going to die Dylan. And I care about you. Not just as a captain, but as a person. (pause) I don't want to loose you. You're all that I have.
      Dylan: Rommie, I can't promise I'll never die. I promise you'll never loose me.
      (Rommie breaks away from him.)
      Rommie: How do you do it? Humans, how do humans do it? How do they make friends, have relationships, fall in love? How do they connect, knowing that nothing is permanent? That even love dies.
      Dylan: See, that's where you're wrong. (He walks toward her.) Love doesn't die. It's the only thing that lasts forever. I mean, your body can be destroyed or run out of power but... When universe ends and the last star burns out, the only thing left would be love.
      Rommie: I don't understand.
      Dylan: Yes you do. (He kisses her on the cheek.) Yes you do.
      (Dylan leaves and Rommie stays there, stunned and still trying to understand.)

    • Rommie: Dylan, may I have a moment of your time?
      Dylan (surprised): Huh, of course.
      Beka: Yeah I'll just do... something.

    • (Trance wakes up after being dead.)
      Dylan: Trance? That is you, isn't it?
      Trance: What happened? What happened? I was so close to a cure.
      Dylan: Yeah... No... You freak me out, you know that, you really freak me out. But I'm not surprised that you're... still alive.

    • Dylan: It occurs to me that maybe Trance was never alive in the first place.

    • Dylan: Don't worry Beka. I'll take care of you. (pause) One way or the other.

    • (Dylan is fighting two Bokor zombies)
      Dylan: Rommie why are they trying to kill us? (One of the Bokor zombie approaches his face to Dylan's.) Or kiss us... You gotta be kidding me! (He fights off the zombies.) Sorry guys, you're not my type!

    • Holo-Andromeda: Where are you going?
      Rommie: To help Dylan.
      Holo-Andromeda: Dylan asked you to help by researching ways to neutralize the reanimated process.
      Rommie: Well, there is one way. Look, you do what you do, I'll do what I do.
      Holo-Andromeda: We have a job to do.
      Rommie: Then stop arguing with me and do it. (Passes through Andromeda's hologram.) Helping Dylan is the most important thing right now.
      Holo-Andromeda: You're letting your feelings cloud your objectivity.
      Rommie: Am I?
      Holo-Andromeda: Yes, you are.
      Rommie: Maybe that's what it feels like to be human.

    • Tyr: It isn't so easy to kill dead people, is it?

    • Holo-Andromeda: You are getting so emotional lately. First the crew, now people you don't even know?
      Rommie: It's just that humans, they're so... vulnerable, so delicate.
      Holo-Andromeda: You. I... We. Given proper maintenance could last a thousand years. Compared to us, humans are born and gone in a day.
      Rommie: We're helpless without humans. Or any other organic section for that matter. We have no purpose, we're useless.
      Holo-Andromeda: That frightens you?
      Rommie: It should frighten you too!
      Holo-Andromeda: Fear. Very counter-productive emotion. I'm glad it's confined to your doornet.
      Rommie: How do they live like this? Under the constant threat of death?
      Holo-Andromeda: Don't worry. When these ones are gone, there will be more to take their place. Someone besides Dylan will give us purpose.
      Rommie: (horrified) They're not interchangeable.
      (Holo-Andromeda gives her a look and disappears.)

    • Tyr: The walking dead are repairing the ship!

    • (After Dylan orders Harper to seal himself in the Maru because his immune system is weakened)
      Harper: (annoyed) Yes, sir. Bravely running away sir.

    • Dylan: (over radio) Deck 16 clear. Tyr, what's your status?
      Tyr: My status is...
      Rommie: Than warship's are closing.
      Tyr: Complicated. Ship, deploy a full spread of mines on my mark, NOW!
      Rommie: Mines away. (Tyr grunts victoriously, moves fist up slightly in triumph)
      Rommie: I'm detecting multiple explosions in the enemy fleet, shall I ready another volley?
      Tyr: No, just get us out of here, best speed.
      Rommie: Aren't you going to finish them off?
      Tyr: No.
      Rommie: What ever happened to never leaving a wounded enemy behind?
      Tyr: Between you and me, that's a very good question.

    • Holo-Andromeda: Dylan, I'm not reading any pulses or brainwaves from the corpses of the plague victims, and their bodies register at room temperature.
      Tyr: Well that would make sense, they're corpses.
      Andromeda: Yes, the trouble is they're walking around the ship trying to kill you.
      (Dylan looks at Tyr)
      Tyr: You're surprised?! That's what you get for incessantly trying to help!
      Dylan: The ungrateful dead.

    • Beka: Me? Stimulants? Bad mix. Remember?
      Trance: The alternative is not an option. Beka, you need it.
      Beka: I always need it. Every day. I'm not gonna get through this just to end up a drug addict. So, huh, I can do this. I can stay awake, without the drugs, if you will help me.
      Trance: Beka, I do remember. And I will help you.

    • Dylan: Your body reacted differently to the parasites.
      Trance: Yes.
      Dylan: Trance, are you dead or alive?
      Trance: Yes. (walks away)
      Dylan: Crystal clear as usual.

    • Blink and it's gone,
      A moment, a breath,
      A Dance of the Mayflies.
      Just enough... For a Lifetime.

      "Rhythms" CY 9825.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on March 2, 2002 on Global.
      -This episode aired in the UK on July 1, 2002 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on April 12, 2003 on Fox 8.


    • Title:

      The title of this episode comes from the American tradition, Dance of the Mayflowers where on May 1st, young girls dance around a Maypole with ribbons to wrap around the pole.

    • Dylan: The ungrateful dead.

      This is a reference to the band The Grateful Dead. At one point Harper calls the corpses "deadheads", which is a nickname given to fans of The Grateful Dead.