Season 3 Episode 21

Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath

Aired Unknown May 05, 2003 on Syfy
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Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath

When the crew prepares for the launch of The Resolution of Hector, they soon discover that Rommie has had a change of mind and is now working against the crew.

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  • The only good episode this season

    Alright. I was limping through this series of Andromeda and it was full of strange, weird and all out out clueless looking eposides. This one makes some development of the characters and also does actually have a full episode that is not weird but actually fun to watch!

    The appearance of two actors from the famed Stargate: SG1 series, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks, this episode holds also some nice moments for fans of that series. Who never wanted to see a fight between Teal'c and Daniel Jackson? A lot of AI's, multiple personalities and Rommie pleading for Harper's life! What could you ask more?moreless
  • Andromeda SG-1 or Stargate: Andromeda, whichever you prefer (SPOILERS!)

    This is \"Andromeda\" at its best. Okay, I may be a *little* swayed by the fact that it features not one, but two of the stars of my favourite show in the only non-\"Stargate\" thing they\'ve been in together but still, it\'s great. Kevin Sorbo and Lexa Doig are great as usual especially her in her scenes with her hubby-to-be Michael Shanks. It\'s funny, she\'s the second woman that he was involved on television that he became involved with in real life and had a child with afterwards. When I first saw this, Christopher Judge with hair was a scary prospect. I\'d seen him with hair before in \"The Knight, Death and the Devil\" but still I wasn\'t nearly as used to it as I am now. As I\'m sure many of you know, he\'s had hair since \"SG-1\"\'s eighth season. I completely bought Michael Shanks as a villain despite the fact that his "SG-1" character, Daniel Jackson, is the nicest guy and the biggest humanitarian on television. It was a little creepy and disturbing to see \"Daniel\" kill \"Teal\'c\" but Chris Judge got to return the favour in the \"SG-1\" episode \"Moebius (2)\". The two of them should have had more to do together than two scenes (one of them REALLY short). Judge and Sorbo were great together too, almost as good as Richard Dean Anderson and Judge are. J.R. Bourne (Martouf from \"SG-1\") was great in it too as Ataturk but I thought it looked funny when Keith Hamilton Cobb was towering over him even though he was supposed really evil, not that Tyr\'s a solid citizen either! I love the way the show never lets you forget that he used to be a hired killer and a mercenary and that he seldom cares about anyone outside of himself and his son. Even when he seems to be on the same page as Dylan (not here but in other episodes), it's for different and what Dylan would consider wrong and objectionable reasons. Trance got too little to do while Harper got too much though. I especially liked it when Remiel was strangling him.

    P.S. Sorry to keep prattling on about \"SG-1\"moreless
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge

High Guard Avatar DSX 91-369/Hector

Guest Star

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Balance of Judgement/Remiel

Guest Star

J.R. Bourne

J.R. Bourne

William Ataturk Fleet Marshall of the Drago-Kazov

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Harper: Why are we always behind the right door, at the wrong time?!

    • Hector: Respectfully Captain. You don't want your first sign of trouble to be your ship ejecting us through an airlock.

    • Andromeda: All defensive systems are offline.
      Dylan: Well then. Throw sticks at them!

    • Harper: Of course. Why bring a gun to a warship. Just gonna be working, not like we have any trouble on ours!

    • (After "Rommie" has completely insulted him.)
      Harper: Maybe. But I've got something your little boy-toy here will never have. I love you.
      Rommie: Well that's the most pathetic thing of all.

    • Remiel: What else did you do?
      Harper: Well, it's sort of funny actually, in all the, uh, rush to build you, I sort of forgot to make you anatomically correct. Don't worry though, you make up for it in your personality.

    • Rommie: Get the hell out of here before he's less inclined to let me have my way.
      Harper: I don't run out on my friends.
      Rommie: Or, I can throw you over my shoulder and carry you out there myself.
      Harper: Throw in a spanking and we might have a deal.

    • Rommie: Harper, how could you think any of those things I said actually came from me?
      Harper: I heard the words? I watched your lips move?

    • Remiel: All for one pathetic little organic.
      Rommie: His name is Harper. He's a member of my crew and I'm responsible for him. In some sense he belongs to me. In some sense, I love him.

    • Rommie: Your mercy towards Harper proved it to me. And so did Gabriel's capacity for love. My sweet, lost Gabriel.
      Remiel: Lost because you killed him.
      Rommie: Yes I did. And I was wrong. I failed him. I made a mistake, and I am trying very hard to fix that mistake.
      Remiel: Because you loved him?
      Rommie: No. Because he loved me.

    • The great blessing
      of the AI is that we are
      gifted with the power to
      touch our creator.
      This is also our Curse.

      The Clarion's Call,
      "Out of The Abyss,"
      CY 11745.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on May 14, 2003 on Mystery.
      -This episode aired in the UK on September 15, 2003 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on April 10, 2004 on Fox 8.

    • This episode brings together four actors from the show Stargate SG-1: Michael Shanks, who played Dr. Daniel Jackson; Christopher Judge, who played Teal'c; Lexa Doig, who played Dr Carolyn Lam; and JR Bourne, who played a recurring character named Martouf.


    • Ataturk:

      The Nietzschean fleet admiral William Ataturk is named for Mustapha Kemal Ataturk, the first president of Turkey. One of the Turkish military leaders during WWI, he led his troops to victory against the French, British and ANZAC troops at Gallipoli, forcing the Allies to give up hope of a swift tactical end to the War, instead of the bloody battle of attrition in the fields of France. After the War, he led the Turks in a fight for their independence against the occupying forces of the Allies, and upon his success was named President of the new Republic of Turkey. As President, he installed secular law in place of the old Sharia law. He also instituted many social reforms, changed from using the Arabic alphabet to the Latin alphabet, and attempted to modernize the country at every level, from education to agriculture, economics and political reform, as well as socially.

    • Remiel:

      Remiel (or Ramiel) is an archangel mentioned in the Book of Enoch, which is part of the Apocryphal Bible, and is considered canon by the Ethiopean Orthodox and the Eritrean Orthodox Churches. Remiel is one of the generals of the Fallen Angels known as the Watchers. He and his brethren Fell by taking human women as wives, and teaching forbidden knowledge. Remiel is associated with divine visions, and was tasked with leading souls up to Heaven before his Fall.

    • Stargate SG-1:

      The Restors all seem to have an emblem on their forehead that shows their allegiance. This is likely a subtle reference to Stargate SG-1 in which the same is true of the Jaffa (including Christopher Judge's character, Teal'c) who once served the Goa'uld.

    • The Resolution of Hector:

      This is a reference to Homer's The Iliad. Hector was Troy's greatest warrior. He was killed by Achilles in revenge for killing Achilles' friend Patroclus. Note that the Hector's AI is modeled after the Wrath of Achilles from the episode "The Knight, Death, and the Devil".