Season 3 Episode 11

Delenda Est

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 2003 on Syfy
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Delenda Est

The Andromeda tries to stop mysterious attacks occurring on nearby planets and outposts.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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      • Tyr: Mine hit first!
        Dylan: Yours was fatter.

      • Dylan: Beka, reverse full!
        Beka: Running away – I can live with that.
        Harper: In fact, I can't live without that!

      • Tyr: (When he and Dylan walk in on Rommie suspended in restraints) How are you?
        Rommie: Oh, I'm hanging in there.
        Dylan: That's not funny.

      • Beka: There should be no obstructions in the way of your route… and if you buy that, I've got a drift to sell you in the Euchre system, where jade grows like weeds.

      • Beka: Y'know, I think it's cheating to be invisible.

      • Tyr: (referring to the aliens around the corner) I'm thinking they're thinking that we can't see them.
        Dylan: Really? Well, let's find out. (Dylan and Tyr step out, and the aliens don't move) This is too easy. On the count of three?
        Tyr: (shrugging) Let's just shoot them.

      • Dylan: For those of you keeping score at home, we are looking at a LOT of tunnels!
        Tyr: And they all look so inviting!
        Dylan: Take your pick, eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

      • Dylan: Beka, report... Beka! What's the problem?!
        Beka: (referring to the alien who attacked Harper) No problem. Harper was, uhh... entertaining a friend in Command.

      • (Whilst aiming at the Alien holding Harper)
        Trance: On 3... 1...
        (Beka shoots)
        Beka: I couldn't wait!

      • Rommie: Stop it, Harper! No self hypnosis or I'll break your hand!
        Harper: (Looking over Rommie's shoulder) No, look!
        Rommie: No.
        Harper: I'm not lying, look! (Rommie turns around to see a kitten in the corridor)
        Rommie: That's a cat!
        Harper: Yeah! What the hell?! (The kitten runs off)
        Rommie: That animal's been extinct for thousands of years. That can't be good! (she drags Harper after the kitten)

      • Beka: (after another sucking rift opens) This sucks. Literally.

      • Dylan: Beka, we're entering their atmosphere.
        Beka: Remember, today's theme is invisibility.
        Dylan: I like themes.

      • Dylan: Hey Tyr, why don't you go first? Age before beauty.
        Tyr: Thank you so much.
        Dylan: (smiling) Don't mention it.

      • Rommie: These are the same creatures that tortured us. I intend to even the score.
        Dylan: I order you back to command. This is bigger than the Andromeda.
        Rommie: I'm exploring the concept of revenge.
        Dylan: Rommie, you'll die in the process.
        Rommie: I've located their power source.
        Dylan: Damn it, Rommie! Why did Harper have to make you so stubborn?

      • Dylan: (rubbing the arm that slammed into the ladder) You all right?
        Tyr: I don't know which is worse, being re-abducted by those things or having to ask you for help.
        Dylan: You're joking?
        Tyr: Am I?
        Dylan: (laughs) I didn't help you, Tyr. I saved your ass!

      • Tyr: All right. Well, I believe this is the place where I'd say we should forget about Rommie and move on, Harper can always build another android.
        Harper: What?! Are you saying we should just forget about Rommie and move on, Harper can build another android?!
        Tyr: Yes.
        Harper: Forget it Tyr. No way. Rommie's the greatest thing I've ever done, even if she did almost break my hand. She's alive, Tyr. Come on she's got a life. She's got as much right to life as you do.
        Tyr: All right. On the other hand, I would embrace the opportunity to .. uh ...
        Dylan: To what, Tyr?
        Tyr: Well, I'd like to crush these creatures into cosmic dust. I'd like to utterly and unequivocally slaughter them. I- I- I- I want to kill them all. (Everyone looks at him oddly and Harper motions as if he likes the idea. He puts his hands behind his back.) I'm done.
        Dylan: So let's go get her.

      • What clings to a wall,
        But travels all the world?

        Unsolvable Riddle of Ski,
        Patriarch of Jill. CY 1111.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Andromeda refers to the planet as "Not quite a Class-M planet.", Class-M being borrowed from Star Trek for an Earth-type planet.

      • Title:
        The title is a Latin phrase which when translated means "It must be destroyed". It originates from the sentence "Carthago delenda est", meaning "Carthage must be destroyed" (no matter the cost). It voices the hatred of ancient Rome against Carthage at the end of the Third Punic War as well as persistence in general and acquired fame because Cato the Elder, a Roman stateman ended every speech with it, included ones without any link to Carthage.