Season 1 Episode 5

Double Helix

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 2000 on Syfy

Episode Recap

While in a supposedly uninhabited system, Andromeda detects a battle involving Than forces and a Nietzschean pride. Dylan decides to rescue one of the crippled Than ships despite Tyr's objections. He calls for a cease fire but the Nietzschean's ignore and destroy a Than ship with a Plasma Cannon on a near by asteroid. Andromeda is able to get the Than ship aboard but is hit by the Plasma Cannon in the process. Tyr returns fire and cripples the cannon but Andromeda is badly damaged. Dylan sends Rommie, Harper, and Rev to see to the damage and answers a hail from the Nietzschean's. He is Guderian, Alpha of the Orca Pride, and he asks if they are allies of the Than. Dylan explains that he represents the Commonwealth and is neutral. He offers to mediate a peace accord between them. Guderian agrees and invites Dylan to come aboard his asteroid but Tyr thinks it is a trap as capturing High Guard officers was a common strategy during the uprising. Tyr grabs some weapons and goes alone in a Lancer Drop Pod. It lands on the asteroid and Guderian opens fire but the pod is empty. His brother, Dimitri, approaches and informs him that five more pods have landed. They begin to search the area. Back on Andromeda, Harper hacks the Than ship and discovers these Nietzschean's are pirates that have been attacking Than supply ships for over 50 years. They have avoided capture by moving the position of their asteroid with the Plasma Cannon but since a Than ship was able to escape their secret is out and the Than fleet is on the way. The search teams continue to look for Tyr but he takes Dimitri hostage and shows himself. Tyr threatens to kill him but Guderian says that he is sterile and useless. Freya, a beautiful female, enters and is clearly intrigued by the situation. Tyr notices this and calls Guderian bluff but she says she wants Tyr not Dimitri as he has shown himself to be a superior breeding specimen. Olma, the matriarch, enters and asks Tyr his lineage. He declares that he is Kodiak Pride and the son of Victoria and Barbarossa. She gives her blessing pending a genetic test. Tyr and Freya get to know one another and he explains that the Kodiak Pride was trusted with the remains of the Nietzschean progenitor Drago Musevini but was betrayed and wiped out by the Drago-Kasov Pride. Olma enters and says that Tyr's genes are excellent and he may join their Pride. Tyr returns to Andromeda with the schematics to the Plasma Cannon. Dylan wants to take it out so they have no choice but to join the New Commonwealth. Tyr suggests he sabotage it but the Andromeda must reconfigure its shields to deflect the cannon in case he is discovered but it would blind Andromeda's sensors. Harper protests and Beka questions Tyr's loyalty. Tyr reminds her that Orca Pride was among those who betrayed Kodiak Pride and he is not really welcome to join their pride despite their insistence. Tyr prepares to depart and Dylan reminds him that because they are now sensor blind that they can't know that they only have 5 crewmembers instead of 4,000. Upon his return to the asteroid Tyr gives Guderian a Force Lance as a gift. He then uses it to knock Tyr down and accuses him of downloading the schematics. Tyr admits it and says he did it to gain Dylan's trust and get them to lower their sensors so they can raid the Andromeda. He tells him that the 5 crewmembers are no match for his strike force. Tyr reconfigures the cannon so it will only cripple the Andromeda not destroy it. Freya then presents Tyr with the double helix armbands (their version of wedding rings) and they have sex. Dylan has a flashback to a game of Go with Rhade and realizes that a Nietzschean will do anything to win. He then orders the Andromeda to start an overload that will destroy the ship in an hour unless she is given his order to stop it. Andromeda is hit with the Plasma Cannon and it is successfully deflected but the strike force lead by Tyr enters the bridge. They capture the rest of the crew and bring them to the bridge. Guderian orders Dylan to hand over the Andromeda but Dylan tells him the ship is about to blow. Dylan asks Guderian if he has a backup plan but he doesn't. He then asks Tyr the same and he blows up the Plasma Cannon. Dylan offers them a place in the New Commonwealth but Guderian refuses. They leave the ship and evacuate the asteroid. Later, Tyr removes the double helix and Freya is offered the chance to abort her child by Olma.

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