Season 3 Episode 8

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2002 on Syfy



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  • Quotes

    • Rommie: ...We need to catch one if we want to classify it.
      Dylan: I don't want to classify it, unless we classify it as dead, and off my ship.

    • (Discussing how to kill the bugs)
      Dylan: A bait station.
      Harper: Yes! I could make 'em out of Rommie's skin!
      Rommie: Excuse me?

    • Harper: You believe in ghosts?
      Trance: I don't believe that there couldn't be ghosts.
      Harper: Oh, great! 'In lieu of a parachute, here's a hanky!'

    • Harper: Right now, I could sleep through a Magog picnic.

    • Rommie: Dylan, are you worried that the anti-oxidation containment field around the Maru might be disintegrating?
      Dylan: Well, I am now.
      Rommie: Good thing, 'cause it is.

    • Beka: Good news for you, Harper. It doesn't eat humans.
      Harper: Yeah, too bad it doesn't eat Nietzscheans!

    • Harper: Ow! I've twisted my foot!
      Beka: You think that's the only part of you that's twisted?
      Harper: I'd watch it if I were you, I'm not the happy camper I normally strive to be!

    • To the question of life after death:
      Not whether such a thing exists,
      but... What manner of life?

      "A Wayist Practicum" Reverend Bem, CY 10090.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Demon Queen" Music by Matthew McCauley, Lyrics by Allan Eastman

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on November 16, 2002 on Global.
      -This episode aired in the UK on December 9, 2002 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on January 3, 2004 on Fox 8.

    • In the opening scenes, when Dylan is flying through the "Solar Storm" they re-used footage from the previous episode when the Maru was flying through the nebula.

  • Allusions

    • Title:
      "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was a poem by John Donne in 1623 and is widely available as the opening in the beginning of Ernest Hemingway's novel of the same name. "For Whom the Bells Tolls" is also the name of a Metallica song.