Season 1 Episode 15

Forced Perspective

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Dylan takes Trance with him on an errand to get spare parts to repair the Andromeda and they take the Maru. When Trance returns from her shopping expedition, Dylan is nowhere to be found!!

    Dylan is taken by surprise when some armed men board the Maru and attack him and drag him off to an unknown destiny. When Trance returns, Dylan is nowhere to be found and no one knows where he is except for one tiny clue - a very unusual button lying on the floor.

    When Dylan wakes up - the story takes us back to a time when he and Rhade were on a secret mission together and things go wrong and he is forced to remember what had happened and is blamed for the deaths of some people during their mission.

    Dylan is tied up in a chair and beaten badly, and tortured. The situation looks really grim. Trance meanwhile tries to find Dylan. This is her first big adventure with Dylan and this is one of her many wonderful ways of always coming to the rescue when he needs it the most. I always liked Trance's character and always knew there was more to her purple tail than meets they eye!! I love the fact that although she is the one that gets him out of the toughest jams, the bond between Dylan and Trance become more special. The friendship between these two are very unique and very very warm and wonderful throughout the series.

    I like the fact that the Production team included a character from the universe to be part of Dylan's crew. After all, without the universe, none of us would exist and so with Trance along with all her mysterious secrets makes an awesome "tale" of adventure!!

    Trance may well be Beka's "lucky charm" and Harper's favorite little "sister best friend", but we soon loearn that she will be Dylan's "biggest secret protector" on all his adventures throughout the series.