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    [1]Jul 12, 2008
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    Where and to whom we all have to make a wish that they continue making Andromeda series? F.ex. Star Trek has episodes after episodes and season after season. They even have multiple films too. But Andromeda is far far more better serie than other futuristic SciFi series. Nothing even comes close at the moment (don't know the newest ones in USA as I live in Europe) but I do know a lot of people who want Andromeda back and they really do predict a very brite future for it. Now just decision-makers who has Andromeda under their thumb please please recontinue this very excellent serie. It is even serie that people like so you get even advertise incomes continuing this serie and it has already very large audience and as it has now released in Europe it would have much bigger audience than you would even dream. Just calculate 1+1 = recontinue Andromeda makes you more money and make us large group of fan very very happy. Thank You

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    [2]Jul 13, 2008
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    I hope that they make a season six because by the look of it, and with the right script work i believe the Show ANDROMEDA could become a rather excellent little series much better then that BattelStar Crap and other half baked ideas for mini series or movies.

    If i had the money to back the mini series i whole heartedly would, thou i would do some work with the script and some of the actors or acting or lack of....

    Thou i must admit that season 5 is the first season i've watched and it seems much better then the previous 4 seasons and i fully believe that with the right support and direction ANDROMEDA could become big. Its got a fight of hope, mystery, travel, adventure and the assort of fun family imagination.

    I rather enjoyed season 5 and hope to see a season 6 and more......................I'll be watching the stars.

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    [3]Jul 23, 2008
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    Andromeda is done and over with. No point in wasting time hoping for something like that..
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    [4]Aug 19, 2008
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    yeah like hawksie said andromeda is done with. but i would have loved it if they would have made more seasons i just loved the show
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