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Plot holes you noticed

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    [1]Nov 20, 2008
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    I was thinking about some of the plot holes and basic gaps in logic that I had noticed on the show and decided that I would start a thread to see if anybody had noticed some they would like to share and maybe even get possible explanations for.

    My main ones come from the episode "The Banks of the Lethe" How come Harper didn't at least try transporting Dylan and Sara seperatly, I mean if they took up more than 50% of the RAM each then why do they HAVE to travel together? Isn't he supposed to be a genius?

    Also am I the only one who doesn't think the Nietzscheans would just buy that 'Andromeda freeze' tactic. I mean if they where that easy to manipulate then the commonwealth should have been able to win the war no problem!

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    [2]Jul 30, 2009
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    Just started watching and the 3rd episode "To Loose the Fateful Lightning" alone made me cringe than entire other series did...

    He opened the door to the hangar bay and "blessed" the "holy warriors" without thinking twice what the hell he was doing, indirectly destroyed a star systems by his actions or inactions (making him worse than Hitler and all he had to say after that was a short monologue and everyone shrugged it off.

    Also at no point they tried explaining to them children that they're simply wrong and the "High Guard" followed other directives and their texts got "distorted" over time or that the Nova Bombs are KILLING THEM, instead he had a few meaningless speeches and he sends a whole arsenal of fighters and weapons he may need to self-destruct ASAP, and the engineer guy seemingly CREATED a biological corpse for Andromeda and transferred her databanks into it while all that happened (the same guy that was working on a freighter and would've died cause of a skin rash one episode before), there was a lot of stuff missing from the logic department in this episode alone xD

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    @ Dexter,

    dude dont ya think saying he was worse than hitler is a lil extreme? hitler knew what he was doing and enjoyed it, dylan hunt had no idea what was goin on (though i do agree it was pretty frakkin obvious), as for explaining things to them, its obvious that they had formed a religion around it, something that had lasted generations, simply telling them that all they know is wrong wouldve turned everyone against them,

    as far as plot holes go, the biggest one as far as im concerned is (SPOILER ALERT) in season 4, when we meet drago mousevni, only to find out that hes a white guy, now i dont give a sit about what race someone is (black, white, red, blue, purple, we're all the same in the end) but Tyr's son was supposedly a perfect genetic copy of drago, meaning they would literally be the same in absolutely every detail, Tyr even 'changed' his dna to match his sons (Tyr and his son both had darker skin), if they were perfect genetic copies then shouldnt drago have been black too? how can two people be a genetic copy when they look nothing alike?

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    I think the problem was that after season 1 or maybe during season 1 they started getting away from the plot and had no real idea where they want to go with it or did not have an idea how to get where they wanted to go. I feel it could have been a great show if they had stay on plot as it is the last two seasons were so bad that I can nolonger watch it.

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