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Ship Design Andromeda Hate or Love?

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    Well from looking at most of the ships in the Andromeda Universe, both common wealth and other, I found that most with the ability to move through slipstream had a more organic design. I also recall seeing times when the Andromeda's tubes would touch if not grid the light tendrils in the slipstreams. I always assumed the main body of the ship needs to be more well centered in the middle. Maybe the tubes are part of the design for slipstream stability. I thought of it as a faster than light bobsled in a tube. The ships to big to be landing anyway. I liked the Andromeda it always seemed to be familiar but not so familiar that you think, "all the advancements in technology and it still looks exactly like a 747!?" With stark trek i though it weird they took a plain flying saucer and added the things on the bottom. However docking seems better with the extensions and keeping whatever they use for the warp drive away from the living quarters in case they blow-maybe not that bad. Again its a space ship not really meant to land that is why it has smaller ships inside. The Andromeda is more imaginative is all.
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