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Things you just don't get

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    rcrush wrote:

    I dont understand the episode "Pride Before The Fall"

    This "Peter" is supposed to either be Drago Musevini or is it his father? The Andromeda wiki said it was his father Paul Musevini who went to the future to get the DNA for the Neitzschean people. I guess would be some kind of paradox. But in the episode they never say the name Paul Musevini or Drago. They infer it when Harper says something like "You're the mother of all Neitzscheans? But Drago Musevini is the father of all Neitzscheans!"

    If it was Drago wouldnt he have boneblades? The corpse of Drago Musevini has bone blades. And why did the corpse disapear when Peter was in Seefra?

    So then during the fight between Dylan and Peter/Drago/Paul when Dylan beats him to near death everything in the system vanishes but them to.

    I really don't understand this ep either or that Storyline glad to see I am not alone

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