Season 3 Episode 1

If the Wheel Is Fixed (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2002 on Syfy

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  • Worst episode ever!

    This was by far the worst episode ever! Where to start with this one...First off this episode marked the clearest sign of the show\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s deterioration from good to crap. This episode makes little sense what so ever. Really what was the deal with the cat and Becka and Tir\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s powers powers and strange behavior after returning from the void. What happended to the Commonwealth ships that had backed them in the episode before. There are just so many plotholes in this episode. Really did the writers even pay attention to the previous episode at all? Obviously not! This episode was just absolutely mindless.Not to mention the CGI really really sucked!
  • They didn't knew what they did last spring...

    ... otherwise the story would be much better and would really connect to what happened before. But it doesn't. They went in a completely different direction with what they gave us in the Season 2 Finale.

    All of a sudden the wormwhole (or whatever it was) is a surpreme beeing that can control others? Tyr loses his spikes? A cat appears? Come on! And nobody talks about it or thinks it's odd? No, it's normal for them... right...

    Whoever wrote this episode should have watched the Season 2 Finale to get an idea what it was all about... but as it seems all they said to him "There was a wormwhole, ships came out, Beka and Tyr went missing in it when they closed it" - that's not enough.

    Season 2 Finale was awesome, the perfect setup for a good second episode... but no, they went with a storyline that they could easily do in another episode instead of forcing it into this stroyline.
  • An interesting, but confusing episode.

    It had been a while since I watched the Season Finale from Season 2 so it's a good thing they gave me a re-cap of it for this episode.

    To tell you the truth I was a little confused about the whole kitten thing. When they were showing the recording of the final few seconds of what had happened to Tyr and Beka I figured they would of said something about the cat. Personally I didn't think it made much sense. The last you see of it is in Dillon's office and that's it. It much just disappear because I don't recall other episodes with this kitten in it. I don't think I've watched all the episodes so if I see it again I'll make sure to comment on it.

    Other than the kitten with no explanation I thought the episode was a pretty good one.