Season 2 Episode 16

In Heaven Now Are Three

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 2002 on Syfy
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In Heaven Now Are Three

Beka, Dylan, and Trance attempt to find the Engine of Creation, an artifact able to rearrange space and time.

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  • In heaven there are (3) - Beka and Trance are off on an adventure to find an artificact relic but this venture requires three people and so its eenie meenie minie moe?moreless

    I really like this episode. Its just a bit different from the usual space battle with Captain Dylan at the helm. This time Beka gets to lead her team on a foreign planet.

    In this episode Beka is really reluctant to select Dylan on this venture but somehow, Dylan was the right person to choose for this journey. I found this venture to be interesting and a lot of fun to watch especially since I've often wondered why Dylan and Beka never hit it off on a more personal encounter, its because in more ways than one they are so alike. Both very stubborn, both like to lead and win and like a good fight when it becomes necessary.

    I really like the fact that Beka takes it upon herself to bear the responsibility of keeping everyone safe despite the fact that Dylan usually steps in and helps her out of all the jams which irritates the crap out of her, I can relate to that, but I like the fact that Beka admits that manipulating Dylan is not as easy as manipulating the others like Harper or Trance and Tyr (no one manipulates him better than Tyr himself)...... She also admits for the first time that she does care about Dylan as a friend and their friendship probably stands true throughout the series.

    Finally I enjoy the fight battles, all the sequences are impressive and Kevin Sorbo sure knows some cool tricks in hand to hand combat which probably has a lot to do with how he keeps himself in such incredible shape!!!moreless
  • A bit of a dull episode, that for me was the first moment I noticed a significant downturn for Season 2.

    Not the greatest of episodes for Andromeda - Dylan, Beka and Trance go down to a planet to find the Engine of Creation and discover that they are not the only people on the planet looking for it. There is some pretty two-dimensional acting sadly from the guest stars, and later the real keepers of the Engine of Creation. It's also another episode where Dylan is one of the prime focuses, when surely it would have been better to have Harper or Tyr go on the mission. Perhaps, the episode's saving grace is that it did try to provide some more information on the background of Trance, revealing that one of the other members of the party is from her race - but when she see the rest of the series, you wonder how this episode works with the reality of Trance's origins. Very mediocre, certainly not one of Season 2's best.moreless
  • Dylan, Beka and Trance go on a planet-side adventure in search of an ancient, mythical artifact. But this time, Beka is the one calling all of the shots. Dylan becomes uncomfortable playing second fiddle to his First Officer.moreless

    I like the adventurous nature of this episode. The plotline is more reminiscent of an episode of Lost World than what one would commonly expect from Andromeda. And though it does lack for the absence of Harper, it makes up for it by focusing more on Beka. But even though the script is geared to be more Beka-centric, Dylan still manages to hog the spotlight; which is fine I suppose for fans of Dylan Hunt, but may be a bit disappointing for those who wish to see Beka break out onto her own more. Still, the questing nature of the episode keeps everything pretty fresh, and it’s a nice, fun, filler episode.


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    • Dylan: It's my military upbringing: Strictly by the book. Sometimes, it's my own private book, of course.

    • Dylan: The Engine of Creation is a myth. It's like the Holy Grail of ancient Earth, or the Wyvern's Hoards of Gehenna Mortis.
      Beka: Or, a restored Commonwealth.
      Dylan: (pretends to laugh) It's not funny.

    • Trance: She can't tell you.
      Beka: Why? Why can't I tell him?
      Trance: Because, if you tell him, Tyr will die.
      Tyr: Then, by all means, leave me in suspense.

    • Dylan: Beka, I was only trying to help.
      Beka: Yeah well, saving my life when I should be saving yours is not helping.
      Dylan: Tell me what this is about. I wasn't your first choice for this mission, Trance had to talk you into asking me. Come on, I'm right. aren't I?
      Beka: Yeah, well, I can't manipulate you like I can manipulate Tyr.
      Dylan: I think Tyr might have something to say about that.
      Beka: (pausing before answering) Look, Dylan, for, hum... reasons... that I can't get into right now... you're become very, huh... Well, fairly... You know what I'm saying?
      Dylan: No.
      Beka: (takes a deep breath) You've become... important to me.
      Dylan: Careful. I might start to like you.
      Beka: I just don't want to be responsible for losing you.
      Dylan: I'm not planning on losing you.
      Beka: That's not what I meant.
      Dylan: I know. Whatever happens out there tonight, I know that deep down inside... I really was your first choice. Right?
      Beka: (smiles) Yeah.

    • Beka: It's my mission, my head. I volunteer.
      Duran: So do I.
      Beka: Ah, geez, catfight.

    • Dylan: OK. That... happened.

    • Beka: (talking about Duran and Fletcher) You think they really killed those people?
      Dylan: No. No, they're bad, but they're not butchers, just... very strange lovers.
      Beka: Yeah. He's totally controlling and she's this sexy, shoot from the hip kinda gal. What could they possibly have in common?
      Dylan: Well, Harper always says that opposites attract.
      Beka: (laughs) That's just his excuse to meet women. Everyone is the opposite of Harper.
      Dylan: That's true.

    • Beka: Right. I say we forget the Rock of Refuge. It's badly named.

    • Beka: (arriving at the rock of refuge) The remains of Dr. Tabascalli's expedition.
      (shot of a dead body)
      Trance: Emphasis on remains.

    • Dylan: Are we there yet?
      Beka: No!

    • Dylan: And no one ever heard of him since?
      Beka: Nope. He never came back.
      Dylan: But, you... have a different plan.
      Beka: My plan is to come back.
      Dylan: It's a good plan. Good plan.

    • Beka: (randomly pushing buttons on the door) Eeny meeny miney mo. Save our asses, now let's go!

    • (After fight scene ends)
      Dylan: I...uh, I don't know what's going on, but this sure beats fire and swords.

    • (During a fight scene)
      Dylan: Couldn't we just settle this with a nice game of Go?

    • Flux: So now we must submit to the contest of Fire and Pain.
      Dylan: (looks back at Beka) Is that anything like spin the bottle? (Beka shakes her head no)
      Flux: The winner will be crowned by destiny to take the Engine of Creation.

    • Beka: And now it's time to deliver to the righteous. (smiling, she inserts the key into wall. A panel in the wall slides up, but there's nothing on the pedestal) I don't believe it! (powder from where they removed the key starts to fall in some water behind them)
      Trance: We must not be righteous enough.
      Beka: Or Fletcher's people got here first.
      Dylan: What's that smell? Almonds. (they turn around to see smoke rising from the water)
      Beka: I think I opened more than the panel.
      Trance: It's cyanide.
      Dylan: That stuff's not good for you.
      Beka: (flustered, she consults her pad) Cyanide! This says nothing about cyanide!
      Dylan: Well, we better make something up.
      Beka: I got nothing.
      Dylan: (pulling at door, grunting) Uh, all right.
      Trance: Pull the key, pull the key.
      Dylan: All right. (Beka removes the key from the slot)
      Dylan: Mmmm, oh.
      Trance: The simplest solution is usually right, right?
      Dylan: Uh huh.

    • Trance: Where are you going?
      Flux: Madame, I don't see why that's any of your business.
      Trance: Everything is my business.
      Flux: Well, if you must know I am following orders. My employers have demanded that I steal your boss' force lance.
      Trance: Well, I'm sorry to tell you but you failed, because if you had you'd be lying unconcious on the floor of our camp right now from the security charge.
      Flux: Would I? (he shows Trance the stolen force lance, and Trance hits him in the stomach)
      Trance: Sorry.
      Flux: But if I don't return with that force lance, Sir's gonna kill me.
      Trance: Yes and if you try to get it, I will kill you.
      Flux: Isn't this a sticky wicket? Rock, meet hard place.
      Trance: Trust me, it's not that sticky. If Sir still wants the engine he needs three people, remember.
      Flux: Oh, bully! So he won't kill me and you won't.
      Trance: Provided you tell me how you got here.

    • Beka: So, uh counting to three- that tells them when to shoot?
      Dylan: That's why I have this. (lifts his force lance)

    • The true quarry
      of any great adventurer
      is the undiscovered territory
      of their own soul.

      Lady Aenea Makros
      "The Metaphysics Of Motion" CY 6416.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on March 9, 2002 on Global.
      -This episode aired in the UK on July 8, 2002 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on April 26, 2003 on Fox 8.

    • Gordon Michael Woolvett and Lexa Doig do not appear in this episode.