Season 1 Episode 22

... Its Hour Come Round at Last (1)

Aired Unknown May 14, 2001 on Syfy
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... Its Hour Come Round at Last (1)

When Harper accidentally overrides Andromeda's personality with an older version, she hunts down the crew and goes on an old mission in which her former crew was slaughtered.

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  • Best episode of the first season!

    It´s getting bloody on board the Andromeda... as Magog attacking the ship and the Andromeda is not recognising her crew! This is what everyone´s expecting of a good sci-fi series (and at the end of a season...), a fight against a deadly enemy and literally no chance to survive for our heros... Due to Harper´s curiosity, the Andromeda thinks she has to complete a mission that has gone awry hundreds of years ago, and all of the crew including Dylan can´t stop her from a flight directly into Magog space. It´s an episode full of action, killing, and action which leaves you quite breathless until you´re realising that you have reached the end of the episode as this ominous sentence appears on the screen: to be continued...

    Watch and enjoy!moreless
  • the best episode of Andromeda...ever.

    Few shows have continuity during their first season. But this episode uses brings up a few loose ends from the season while creating one big one. The crew suffers their first full attack from the Magog... and loose. This type of ending was attempted in The Dissonant Interval, but this episode still beats it out. This episode came from the days when you understood what was going on when watching Andromeda.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Dylan makes reference to six worlds joining the new Commonwealth, many fans were confused. To date, they'd only shown or heard of five planets signing the charter (Xinti, Castalia, Scheherezade Drift, Schopenhauers world, and Enkindu.) So what's the sixth world? The mystery would be solved in the season two episode "All Too Human", when reference is made to Mobius (the world from "Forced Perspective") as a charter signatory.

    • The Andromeda's commanding officer immediately before Dylan Hunt was a Perseid named Captain Parim. While under the command of Captain Parim, the Andromeda was sent on a secret mission involving the Magog, and the entire crew was killed.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of the Magog Worldship, a huge mobile constuct made up of twenty planetoids in a rigid framework surrounding a small artificial sun, and it is armed with Point Singularity Projectors.

    • Rev Bem's original Magog name is revealed in this episode to be "Red Plague".

    • The quote at the beginning of the episode was said by Hasturi, who wrote the diary containing the route to Tarn-Vedra in seen in the episodes "Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way" and "It Makes a Lovely Light".

    • When the Magog ships are advancing on the Andromeda, Rev Bem seems to be able to detect them through smell. Even if the Magog did have scent glands strong enough to reach that distance and penetrate what I can only assume is the airtight hull, smell can't travel through space and at the time the swarm ships have yet to punch through Andromeda's hull.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Dylan: It's a little-known law of thermodynamics, 'The Conservation of Optimism: There's only so much to go around.'
      Beka: In that case, it's simple. Lower your expectations.
      Dylan: You're right. I officially declare this glass 12% full.
      Beka: That's the spirit.

    • Tyr: Harper! I know you! I've watched you! You are an annoying little man, but there is fire in your blood! Are these your demons? Then it is time to face them, now!

    • Dylan: To Hell with the odds. All that matters in life is that we try. Promise you'll try.

    • Dylan: Why'd it have to be Magog? I hate Magog.

    • Dylan: If things start to go wrong, I want you to leave me behind. Gather everyone together and get to the Maru as fast as you can.
      Beka: You want me to abandon you here?
      Dylan: These people are my responsibility.
      Beka: Yeah, and you're mine. When I agreed to help you, you and Rommie became part of my crew every bit as much as I became part of yours. I don't leave crewmembers behind. Ever.
      Dylan: Do you regret it... signing aboard with me?
      Beka: And risking my life? Battling Nietzscheans and Restors and Magog and half the lunatics in the galaxy? All for a cause that's been dead for over three hundred years. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

    • Rommie: What do you mean you don't recognize me, I'm YOU!
      Andromeda: You are a modified type three maintenance android fashioned to look like my A.I. persona. You are decidedly NOT me.
      Andromeda's Hologram: (about Rommie) It isn't responding to my instructions like the other androids.
      Andromeda: Whoever modified it must have given it the ability to override my direct control.
      Andomeda's Hologram: I will disassemble it. Perhaps it will give me information about the saboteurs.
      Rommie: Like Hell, I will! (Rommie starts to leave)
      Andromeda: This section have been sealed.
      Rommie: Oh, really? (Rommie makes the door open)
      Andromeda's Hologram: Stop! Where are you going?
      Rommie: Find out what's wrong with me. Sometimes I can be a real PAIN IN THE ASS!

    • Harper: I don't suppose you have any ammo left?
      Tyr: I've got one round.
      Harper: One round is good, one round is good.
      Tyr: Would you like to close your eyes? (Harper nods his head, breathing heavy, closing his eyes. Tyr points his gun at Harper's head)
      Harper: Wai, wai, wai, wait! I was thinking, maybe they're not so tough, maybe maybe we can take them in hand to hand combat. (laughs) What do you think? Heh heh heh!
      Tyr: That's my boy! (shoots Magog opening the door, then throws his gun at Magog pushing the door open) Now I've got none. Sir. (hands a knife to Harper) Now we dance, Master Harper.
      Harper: You do care. (The fight begins. Harper, covered in Magog blood, struggles to speak) This was a real good idea.
      Tyr: (with a Magog on his back screaming) Where there is life, there is hope! (He bites at a Magog's neck. Then he and Harper scream as they are overrun)

    • Screams of a billion murdered Stars
      Give lie to the night's Peace,
      While we cling in desperation to the Few
      Fragile spinning stones we call Worlds.

      Wayfinder First Order Hasturi
      aka "The Mad Perseid"
      217 AFC.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr) had a cold during the filming of this episode. His dialog had to be dubbed in afterwards.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on April 21, 2001 on Global.
      -This episode aired in the UK on September 24, 2001 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on December 28, 2002 on Fox 8.

    • This episode was nominated for four Leo Awards for Best Overall Sound, Best Sound Editing, Best Production Design, and Best Visual Effects.

    • Harper and Tyr making their stand against the Magog was voted #1 in the Top Ten Scenes at the official site.