Season 2 Episode 13

Lava and Rockets

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2002 on Syfy
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Lava and Rockets

Fleeing an ambush, Dylan hijacks a civilian ship. Unfortunately, the ship is captained by a new female pilot. While Dylan and the pilot get to know one another, the rest of the team tries to figure out who was behind the ambush.

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  • Captain Hunt, finally gets a single moment of a well deserved bonus to get tangled with a pretty blonde pilot literally in a devestatingly fun adventure one of the best in the entire series!! Wish there were more like this one!!moreless

    So I find myself alone writing a review for this episode. Well I'm a decade behind but I find in this "millenium" of re-runs, that I enjoy the adventures of the Andromeda's captain and crew. If you are fan for romantic heroism, then this is the episode to watch.

    Action packed with fun, thrilling, roller coaster ride, and plenty of sparks to keep you busy as the gorgeous handsome captain is forced to share the backseat of a tourist ship with an equally interesting and pretty pilot while desperately trying to evade the onslaught of "bad space guys"!! So our ever so brilliant captain has to find creative ways to get them out of a very bad jam!!

    The fact that Dylan finds himself trapped alone in space with an inexperienced pilot on a tourist ship with no weapons on board, leaves little doubt as to the chemistry development between these two which makes this adventure even more tantalizing to watch. This episode promises to win a lot of soft hearts and for that the writers get full credit for especially since they allowed the romantic scenes to occur between Dylan and the deliciously cute pilot, Molly without interruption.moreless

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    • Molly: (when Dylan saves her from some crooked cops) Oh, my hero.
      Dylan: Yeah, I get that a lot.

    • Molly: I haven't lost any [passengers] yet.
      Dylan: I thought I was your first customer.
      Molly: Good point.

    • Rommie: I can pick up galvanic skin responses and respiration changes. I can also analyze pupil dilations in real time, which makes me a walking lie detector. So, tell me the truth, or I'll turn the bones of your hand into calcified gelatin.
      Ferahr: Absolutely! Absolutely!
      Rommie: What do you know? He's not lying.

    • Ferahr: It wasn't me, I swear!
      Dylan: It wasn't you who did what?
      Ferahr: What do you mean?
      Dylan: I haven't even told you why I'm angry!
      Ferahr: Then why...?
      Dylan: Ogami mercenaries. Big, mean, and ugly. Who sent them?
      Ferahr: Uh... lemme think... uh, I know... It wasn't me, I swear!
      Molly: Well, at least he's consistent.

    • Beka: We might need weapons, but getting in to bed with shifty arms dealers? Never a good idea. Been there, done that, brought the t-shirt.
      Rommie: Ooh, that explains your wardrobe!
      Beka: Don't start with me, I've seen what's in your wardrobe!

    • Rommie: It's depressing seeing myself in this condition again.
      Beka: You've seen worse.
      Rommie: Yes, but it's the repetition of being shot at that I find so annoying. I would like just ONE DAY where I can build missiles and tweak fire control in peace.
      Beka: We definitely need to find you a hobby.
      Rommie: THAT IS MY HOBBY!

    • Molly: What's Plan B?
      Dylan: You were my Plan B.
      Molly: We are SO dead.

    • You can't outrun Death forever.
      But you can make the Bastard work for it.

      Major Korgo Korgar,
      "Last of The Lancers" - AFC 32.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Kristin Lehman (Molly) received a Gemini Award nomination for this episode.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on February 16, 2002 on Global.
      -This episode aired in the UK on June 19, 2002 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on March 29, 2003 on Fox 8.


    • Love and Rockets:
      The episode's title is a nod to the alternative comic book series Love and Rockets from the 1980s. The series follows the lives of a Chicano community in California during the New Wave Punk Rock movement, at one moment portraying gritty reality, and at the next, magically surreal. The comics also inspired former members of Bauhaus to start a psychedelic goth band using the same name.