Season 4 Episode 16

Lost in a Space that Isn't There

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 2004 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Right after Beka says "Oh spare me Rommie, you only know what you are programed to", Lexia Doig (Rommie) visibly fights to keep from laughing.

  • Quotes

    • Rhade (reading Harper's sign): Happy Anniversary!
      Harper: You CAN read!

    • Trance: (Trance on how to make The Abyss leave Beka's brain) ...And that is to make her unappealing.
      Rhade: Dead is unappealing.

    • Rhade: Well, Sir--Trance is a mystery, but she understands the Abyss in ways none of the rest of us do. I even suspect she may have been a part in defeating it before. Can she defeat it in Andromeda's VR? I wonder. The question becomes: Can you risk losing Rommie, Beka and Trance and survive with only Harper and me? I think it is a mystery that answers are found--you must trust the only remaining source of it in order to save the whole.
      Dylan: Rhade--permission to speak freely more often--once we have more oxygen.

    • Dylan: Beka, breathe. (no response from Beka) Breathe, Beka. (still no response) Breathe, damn it! That's an order!
      (Beka suddenly takes a gasping breath)

    • Dylan: I keep wondering what it must have been like for you.
      Beka: Being posessed by the Abyss? Strange. But also beautiful.
      Dylan: Beautiful? Well that's a disturbing surprise.

    • (Beka leaves Command to take a shower)
      Rhade: Maybe that shower idea isn't so bad. (Dylan and Rommie stare at him.) Alone!

    • Beka: I'm here. I'm cold..
      Dylan: Let me take you to safety.
      Beka: I can't. I'm not free.
      Dylan: You can fight this. Remember how tough you are?
      Beka: Where are you taking me? No! Something's wrong. (her eyes turning black) None of this is right.
      Dylan: There's that old sparkle in the eyes I recognize.
      Beka: (drawing her force lance) You can not defeat me.

    • Dylan: Just because it works doesn't make it the right thing to do. Beka is still in there somewhere.
      Trance: So is the Abyss.

    • Beka: Harper? You wanted to see--
      Harper/Trance: Surprise!
      Rhade: Surprise.
      Beka: Anniversary?
      Harper:: We needed something to celebrate, and guess what? You're it!
      Beka: Harper, you're insane, you know that?
      Harper: Ah hah, but you're smiling!

    • Harper: All right, sleeping beauty, here's a good one. Remember when we caught the fluorescent leeches? You dared me to eat one, not thinking I actually would. Remember how sick I got all over the Maru? You probably don't want to remember that, but me? I just can't stop thinking.

    • Beka: It's know, my time in the dark helped me see the light.
      Dylan: Of course. It's the law of polarity. It's like good and evil, the two are mutually exclusive and then you're forced to choose between them.
      Beka: I've made my choice.

    • Dylan: We have a battle ahead of us, and you, are at the helm.
      Beka: Aye aye, Captain Hunt. (Dylan looks surprised that she spoke with proper military protocol) Yeah, I said it.

    • Trance: I have it with me. We will defeat you. Light. Illumination. Creation. There is no place where light can not be born.
      (The Abyss growls violently at her)
      Trance: Bring it.

    • Rhade: I used to think that either you were born unpleasant, or something made you that way. I find you confusing at best. But I came here to learn. And I think the real Beka has much to teach. So, if you can hear any of this, you might want to consider waking up. Even if just to say 'I told you so'.

    • Harper: Boss, there must be some mistake!
      Beka: Yeah, like have I ever lied to any one of you?
      Harper: Well--
      Beka: Don't answer that.

    • Cast your eye upon the changeling,
      then look for the origin of change.
      Perhaps it is in the eye.

      Luna, "Catalog of Companions"
      CY 302.

  • Notes

    • Excerpts Written By Ethlie Anne Vare, Larry Barber and Paul Barber, Naomi Janzen, Emily Skopov, and Robert Hewitt Wolfe.

    • In the trailer of this episode, Beka's voice (in the simulation) can actually be made out as her own, while in the episode itself it is completely different, just as Trance's was in "Dance of the Mayflies".

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on March 6, 2004 on Mystery and Global.
      -This episode aired in the UK on April 13, 2005 on Sci-Fi.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on July 23, 2005 on Fox 8.

    • This episode contains a lot of flashbacks to previous episodes.

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