Season 4 Episode 9

Machinery of the Mind

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 2004 on Syfy
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Machinery of the Mind

Harper attends a conference of the Commonwealth's greatest minds. Unfortunately, a mysterious assassin has plans for that collected brilliance. Meanwhile, Dylan is being escorted to meet with Tri-Lorn.

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    Suzy Joachim

    Suzy Joachim

    Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo

    Guest Star

    Nicholas Lea

    Nicholas Lea


    Guest Star

    Rob Lee

    Rob Lee

    Head Bailiff

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Harper: (about Rommie) Check again. Look closer. Seamus Zelazny Harper plus one. All right, who's in charge here anyway? Okay, so maybe she's not officially invited, but she's with me, ergo, she's invited.
        Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo: Of course your artifact is welcome, as you are, Seamus Harper.
        Rommie: Artifact?
        Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo: Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo. Delighted to finally meet our key speaker.
        Harper: The pleasure is mine. And I do mean please. And I do mean mine.
        Academian Lor-Near: I've never seen Kor-Kavo so remotely social before.
        Doctor 26 Carol: One of those two must have an idea worth stealing.
        Academian Lor-Near: Yeah.
        Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo: Seamus Harper, Academian Lor-Near and Doctor 26 Carol.
        Harper: It's an honor to meet you both.
        Doctor 26 Carol: So what is it like having Magog eggs in your stomach?
        Harper: It's like indigestion. With teeth. 'Cause instead of stomach acid you've got a handful of hairy, flesh eating fetuses gnawing on your stomach.
        Academian Lor-Near: (about Rommie) And who is this?
        Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo: An artifact Mr Harper built.
        Rommie: (angrily) Call me an artifact again...
        Harper: Uh-huh, this is Rommie, avatar of the Andromeda Ascendant, the biggest, baddest, most awesome warship in the universe. (Rommie looks pleased with his answer.)
        Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo: I'm sure.

      • Rommie: And don't worry, Captain, Harper... (unconvincingly) will stay out of trouble.
        Dylan: Yeah. I'll be back as fast as I can.
        Rommie: Uh-hm.

      • Harper: Kidnapping? And an assassination threat?
        Dylan: That's why I need you to be in charge Mr. Harper.
        Harper: No problem. As long as you're coming with me.

      • Harper: From the beginning, what are the 10 radical isotopes? Whoa.
        Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo: From the beginning, the 10 radical isotopes. Tukerium, negative 5. Dangor, neg 17. Lu, neg 31. Kartex, neg 79. Sharbar, neg 101. Muilamium, neg 127.
        Harper: Isotopes with negative atomic weights.
        Rommie: They're all prime numbers too.
        Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo: Idaron, negative 173. Simmondsium, negative 211. Mattite, negative 239. Krasnov, negative 307. These are the radical isotopes from the beginning.

      • Dylan: ...I called this conference because we need an exchange of ideas. You've had first hand exposure to the situation; we're on the clock here, Harper.
        Harper: I thought we were on a ship? (Laughs to himself and continues)...I can't even make you laugh, how am I supposed to entertain the greatest scientific minds of out time?
        Dylan: You'll figure something out.

      • Harper: It's no more dangerous than any other place that's had two murders and a kidnapping in 24 hours.

      • Harper: She's got the finest frontal lobes in the tri-galaxies. She would look hot as fusion in a bikini.
        Dylan: Yeah, picture that bikini with a Magog stuffed in it.
        Harper: (wincing) Hey! Mental Cruelty!

      • Harper: Do I still have to call you 'Doctor Professor'?
        Kor-Kavo: You can call me anything you like.
        Harper: How about I call you for a weekend in a zero-G love pod? Was that my outside voice?

      • Regarding the cerebellum,
        there is a culture and a presentation.
        Both hold power and sway.

        Cuisine of the Lost Empire,
        CY 9905.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Dylan's Signal:

        Dylan's "low tech" signal from within the prison to Andromeda was three short beeps, three long, and three more short- which is Morse Code for "SOS", the standard distress call in the age of telegraphs, and still in use by pilots and air traffic controllers, among others. Most people believe that "SOS" stands for "Save Our Ship", however the letters were originally chosen by the German Government in 1905 because the combination (written as "dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot") was easy to remember and be recognized by all those hearing it, regardless of the languages spoken by sender or receiver.

      • Star Trek:

        The agency that tries to recruit Dylan is a lot like Section 31 in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, another Roddenberry production.

      • Harper: Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you smarter.

        Paraphrase of one of Nietzsche's most famous quotes.