Season 1 Episode 13

Music of a Distant Drum

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 2001 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • Dylan: I thought you went to bed.
      Beka: Yeah, I didn't sleep very well.
      Dylan: Is anything wrong?
      Beka: Yeah, actually, uhm... I kept dreaming about you. It was very, uhm... what's the opposite of sleep-inducing?
      Dylan: Arousing.
      Beka: Yeah... it wasn't that kind of dream. It was very disturbing. Yeah, that's the word I was looking for. It was disturbing. You know, you were - uhm - King Arthur, and I was Guinevere...
      Dylan: I thought it wasn't that kind of dream.
      Beka: ...and we were discussing our taxes. I wanted you to demand a tribute from the Saxons, and you, of course, wanted to give back all the money that we'd gotten from them so far. And then, in walked Merlin, only he looked exactly like Andromeda.
      Dylan: Ah, lucky him.
      Beka: Andromeda the ship, not the persona.
      Dylan: Ah.
      Beka: BUT wearing a big, pointy hat...?
      Dylan: So, this is the disturbing part.
      Beka: No, that's still coming. Anyway, uhm, he said - errr, she said, that the kingdom was in trouble, and if we didn't start doing something about it, we would have to sell the Round Table.
      (At this point, she's got a grin on her face, obviously leading up to something)
      Dylan: We are not using the Andromeda to carry cargo.