Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Jan 28, 2002 on Syfy
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Harper enlists the help of Chief Technical Director Hohne to build a machine that will fold space to remove the Magog eggs, but it's affecting time, as well.

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  • one of the regualr characters leaves the show and another one changes.

    3 impoportant events happen in this episode.

    firstly rev bem leaves the show, secondly, harper finally manages to get the magog eggs out of his

    gut anf finally trance is replaced by a future version of herself. This episode also raises some questions.

    like what kind of fute does the future trance come from.

    the episode suggests that it isn\'t a very good one.

    It will be intersting to see how the crew get

    used to the new trance. I can\'t say i\'m surprised

    the rev bem leaved the series. he\'s only appeared

    in a couple of episodes this season and not at all in the past few episodes.moreless
Kristina Copeland

Kristina Copeland

Kylie Vance

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Rik Kiviaho

Rik Kiviaho


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Emy Aneke

Emy Aneke


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Alex Diakun

Alex Diakun


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    • Harper: All right, all right, look, the two of you at least pretend you're not having so much fun, OK? Remember, my life is hangin' by a thread here.
      Rekeeb: An Alice-string? (He and Hohne giggle)
      Harper: Exactly what I'm talking about- science jokes!

    • Rommie: The problem is I wasn't programmed or equipped as a science vessel. My expertise runs more along the lines of making things explode.

    • Dylan: So, Mr. Harper, what do you want to do about the machine?
      Harper: I don't know. Maybe Rakeeb was right. I'm just a good looking, young, brilliant engineer. Hohne, Hohne's a genius. I mean, if it's him or me, he's the one that really matters.
      Beka: Don't say that.
      Harper: No, it's true, Beka. He was one of a kind. He was the first to commit to the New Commonwealth. He was my friend. I can't just choose my life over his. (aims his pistol at the tesseract) Let's destroy it...before I change my mind.

    • Harper: Oh, ow. My aches ache.
      Beka: Just be glad you're around to feel it.

    • Trance: You're me...from the future.
      Future Trance: More or less.
      Trance: Did everything turn out the way it was supposed to?
      Future Trance: No, things are bad and they're getting worse. I made a lot of mistakes.
      Trance: So are we going to lose?
      Future Trance: At best, we are not going to win. (puts hand to arm) You know what we have to do. (Trance nods)
      Trance: Is it the only way? (Future Trance puts her arms behind her back)
      Future Trance: There is one perfect possible future but I have not seen it yet.
      Beka: Um...could someone provide me with a translation, please?
      Trance: Beka, I have to go. But don't worry, I'm not really leaving I'm just...changing. Everything will be okay, you'll see. (She walks into a portal and disappears)
      Beka: Where'd she go?
      Future Trance: She didn't go anywhere. She grew up. She's me.

    • Beka: Thanks.
      Future Beka: Don't mention it.
      Beka: You, uh...You're me.
      Trance: Beka, help!
      Future Beka: I can't get into this right now. Later. (leaves)

    • Beka: Trance! You will never guess who I just met!
      Trance: A scary futuristic version of yourself? She went that way.

    • Rekeeb: Your human tendency towards violence...
      Harper: ...pales in comparison to my human tendency not to give up!

    • Harper: I don't believe in destiny. I don't even believe in density, except in the heads of Perseids--it's a compliment--I believe in Seamus Zelazny Harper. I cogito, therefore I sum, and I sum to cogito that damn machine right out of existence. Capice?

    • Beka: Umm...I'm...sensing freakiness.

    • Dylan: (After Trance activates the tesseract machine) What did you do?!
      Trance: I saved Harper's life.

    • Harper: Engineer, heal thyself.

    • Rommie: Harper, are you sure this is wise? You barely understand this technology. If it doesn't work--
      Harper: I know, I know...It'll twist me into an abstract painting. (poses) 'Harper, Descending Staircase'.

    • Tyr: We need a plan. (to Hohne) YOU! Come up with one! NOW!

    • Dylan: So tell me. How was saving Harper and losing Hohne does that? How does that set things right?
      Trance: I don't know if it does. To tell you the truth, I didn't save Harper to change the past or the future. For all I know I made things worse.
      Dylan: Then why?
      Trance: For the one reason that does matter. Because Hohne is a stranger and Harper is my friend.

    • Trance: Follow me.
      Harper: Follow you? We don't even know you.
      Trance: I'm still Trance. And if you would like to get out of here alive, I suggest you do as I say.

    • Spiral, spin, ride the whirlwind.
      Knowing when the drumming stops,
      There'll be no second dance.

      Ulatempa Poetess,
      "Rhythms" CY 9825.

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on February 9, 2002 on Global.
      -This episode aired in the UK on June 12, 2002 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in the Australia on March 22, 2003 on Fox 8.

    • Robert Hewitt Wolfe's one-act play, Coda, occurs during the events of this episode and says that the rest of the show as played out in the episodes is one possible future envisioned by Trance.

    • The scene between the Trances was voted #7 in the Top Ten Scenes at the official site.

    • The 'wide' shots of Rev Bem are not Brent Stait, but a body double. Brent Stait did, however, do the close-ups and the voice over.

    • Brent Stait leaves the show at this point due to the actor's allergic reaction to the heavy make-up.

    • Executive Producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe leaves the show at this point.


    • Harper: I believe in Seamus Zelazny Harper. I cogito, therefore I sum, and I sum to cogito the damn machine right out of existence. Capice?

      Cogito, ergo sum is Latin for "I am thinking, therefore I exist", or traditionally "I think, therefore I am". It is a philosophical statement by Rene Descartes, which became a foundational element of Western rationalism.

    • Title:

      Ouroboros is a compound Greek word, from "oura", meaning "tail", and "boros", which means "one who eats". This mythological creature was portrayed as a snake or dragon consuming its own tail, and was an important symbol in Egyptian and Greek Hermetic tradition, representing time as a cycle that begins even as it ends. From the ouroboros philosophers in later ages developed the moebius strip (a figure 8 laying on its side), which is the most commonly used symbol for eternity.