Season 3 Episode 16

Point of the Spear

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Great episode!

    First of all, I would like to compel swampape to take a closer look at the episode and watch it with more attention. The answers are right there, you just have to see them.

    I love how the producers are displaying the Commonwealth's frailty and foreshadowing its downfal. Clearly, Dylan's restored Commonwealth is not the one he hoped for. Its races are very divided by personal interests and goals, everyone being dominated by the fear of the approaching Maggog world ship.

    The title of the episode says it all and marks another step in the build up toward the season finale. Trance's people, who apparently are think of themselves as some kind of watchful guardians, enlist the help of the Pyrians to test the Commonwealth's might. To see if the Commonwealth is strong enough to stop the Magogs. Whoever they are, it's like Dylan said, they think of everyone as pieces in their private game of go, not caring about the effect their actions have on everyone else. Trance tries to stop them but at the same time attempting to keep her home and her family a secret (like she always does).

    Dylan is hands down incredible in this episode. Aside from the fact that he is a tactical genius, he shows great determination and coldness when he destroys Samsarra, proving that the Commonwealth is not going to back down from anyone, passing Trance's people's test. Yet the damage has already been done and the people that lived on Samsarra lost their home.
  • Silly and confusing episode

    This was a very confusing episode. First, it seemed to play up the fact that the Andromeda is now fully crewed. Yet earlier and later episodes this season do not show the same crew level. Apparently, the amount of crew (full or none) varies depending on the week's plot.

    Second, the motivation of several of the events if never really clear. Why did the aliens want this particular planet? If Trance's family was helping the aliens, how did they know and why didn't Trance know they were helping? Why didn't Trance help? Tyr's actions were very confused and non-linear as well as being out of character.

    This is one of the worst episodes yet in my opinion and I am rapidly losing faith in this series. It started so good with the first season.
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