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  • an awesome Sci-Fi show

    I remember when this was on and my dad and I would watch it together. Sci-Fi should bring this show back on the air like they did last year but that was only for like a month and I couldn't watch it because I was so busy. The Commonwealth spanned three galaxies and a myriad of cultures. Dylan Hunt, captain of the starship Andromeda, was frozen in time and awoke three centuries later to find the Commonweath had fallen. To fight back the chaos among the stars, Hunt must use the Andromeda to restore the Commonwealth and bring unity to the galaxy once again. He recruits a mercenary, Tyr Anasazi, and the crew of the Eureka Maru: Captain Beka Valentine, Engineer Seamus Harper, Physicist Rev Bem, and Medical Officer Trance Gemini.
  • The systems commonweath has fallen. Captain hunt trapped in the event horizon of a black hole for 300 years emerges and set it as his lifes goal to restore the commonweath, and save the universe from the magog onslaught.

    When this show first came out it was one of the best sci-fi shows on tv. The plot was strong the stroy that was being told was nothing short of epic. However this being said by the end of season 4 it was dificult to follow the increasingly pointless and dumb path the writers where taking the show. It started off being a semi-serious epic show, and ended being a corny show with rambling plots of which many never resolved by the end of the show. I watched the show for 5 years and the still don't know if the magog world ship was destroyed or what happened to any of the magog (the main enemy of the universe for the first 2-3 years of the show). What a tremdous waste of time. That being said the first 3 and maybe 4 seasons where so good that i still had to see it threw it's horrible 5th season. On the hole a very good show, just wasn't tied up very well.
  • Classic, Adventurous, Tense

    I have been a long time fan of Gene Roddenberry. I had looked forward to this show when they first started advertising for it, and it never let me down. I absolutely love the characters, the strife, the annoyance that Dylan feels as he tries to push through the muck of the universe. The writing on this show was spectacular. It was a classic Roddenberry premise. They had adventurous times, and very tense situations, funny characters and evil ones, loving times and not so loving times. I think my favorite character was Trance Gemini, she started out so unassuming ... after she lost her tail ... POOF ... all the sudden she's formidable ... I loved it!!! Well done. I'm sorry it's over.
  • Nice space adventures.

    I like nice space adventures and robotics in person becoming ship. same doctor on startgatesg1.
    Andromeda is a Gene Roddenberry creation and is produced my many of the same people that do Star Trek. Although it is (apparently) set in a different universe there are many similarities. Regardless of whether you like Star Trek or not, you should give “Andromeda” a chance.

    Kevin Sorbo as Captain Dylan Hunt takes a change of direction from “Hercules” as he has to rely on other people and represents organization.

    Lexa Doig is the personification of the ship and appears in various forms: on viewscreens, as a hologram and as an android. She pulls off playing three slightly different versions of one character quite well. Her performance is even more remarkable as much of her acting is done alone in front of green screen and added to the scene after.
  • Andromeda, although a clone of Star Trek at first was pretty good but due to bad writing under the influence of the hemped up producers turned what had so much potential into absolute @#$%

    This started off as a decent show but what the &@#* happended?! Seasons one and two had an interesting storyline,good episodes and decent although not incredible special effects. I expected this show to eventually reach the calibre of DS9. Instead it just deteriorated into an utter mess starting with that plotless episode \"If the Wheel is Fixed\" or whatever it was called.The storylines became pointless, the special effects abysmal the action sequences seemed as if they were pulled out of Power Rangers and the acting...lets just say I\'ve seen pornos with better acting (BURN!!!). Season 4 adopted a retarded slapped together fantasy story arc which made about as much sense as a steamed dumpling teaching quantum physics. The dumbest element being Trance\'s revelation. As for season 5 I barely watched it as it had become the definition of suck. The derivative but enjoyable star trek feel of the show had died, replaced by a steaming pile that seemed to be written by retarded 3 year old monkeys.
  • 5 seasons wasn't long enough!!!

    I used to watch Hercules, so I am a big Kevin Sorbo fan.
    I've seen almost every episode of Andromeda and am working on getting the whole collection on dvd.
    I couldn't believe that there was only five seasons of Andromeda. Talk about pulling a show before its time!
    The reason that I didn't give this show a 10 is mainly because I thought they spent too much time in the Seefra System. The show was only five seasons and the spent around two of them in the Seefra System. This is probably why the show didn't last any longer than it did.
    I think if they could have stayed on the air a little longer than we would have seen something new and different and maybe they would have stayed on the air a little longer.
  • A really bad show.

    I saw the first episode of Andromeda expecting a spectacular sci fi show and I was so disappointed. Even though Kevin Sorbo stars in it, it just didn't help the show with it's silly premise. The effects on this show was good, but the story just wasn't that good. This show has a star trekesque look in it. The crew go to different planets and they meet all kinds of aliens, but this wasn't a good show. The very premise of this show is the problem, it's not an exciting show to watch, i'm not compelled to watch it, i just don't find it interesting.
  • My second scifi love...It could never be replaced.

    From the first episode, I was hooked. I love the action, the in depth story lines and the never ending character friction. The most wonderful thing about Andromeda is that each episode has a new and exciting plot that keeps you on your toes. Granted, it is a bit out dated, but the creativity of Gene Roddenberry is neverending. My favorite characters have always been Seamus Harper and Trance Gemini. I think the idea of having an entirly purple character is something original. I don't care if other people don't like this show...It is definatly one of my favorite of all time!
  • I don’t understand what all the hype was about – When it first started it was half decent and got my interest. I watched Andromeda for the sake of doing so – (and because no one would let me change the channel.)

    Some of the characters were memorable and the dialogue wasn’t half bad. However, it was plot wise a very stunted series and I’m surprised it carried on for so long. It seems to have gotten worst in these latter stages and I wonder who comes up with these ideas.

    During the course of the show the ship landed on “Alien” or other worlds and I was shock to see – pine trees and shrubs and snow…sometimes grass. This didn’t in my mind scream “exotic other world”, more than anything I kept thinking of Canada…or Greenland.

    Getting into arguments about this series is a waste of time; it will never be “A Star Trek” or even remotely on that level. Good in its own right but I can’t say it was absolutely fabulous.
  • good sci-fi

    this was a pretty good sci fi show. it lasted a little longer than i thought it would. i think it was written for a more intelligent crowd. it was never a smash hit like sorbo's previous show hercules the legendary journeys, but it was never as corny either. but it was a pretty good sci fi show.
  • Good show

    This started out as a very good show and it kept going like that until the last season. I loved the character interaction, even though some of the characters could have been a little more developed. Up until the moment when the commonwealth is reinstated I understood the show and looked forward to the next episode. But after that it kind of lost its purpose. Trance became a great character and gave life to some episodes that were not that good and Rhade brought a much needed new face to the group. The last season, however, did not make sense at all, it was like a crazy world kind of like an alternate reality thing. Overall a good show that could have been better.
  • The last series let it down

    Series 1 - 4 were mind blowing... However what happened with series 5? Did someone know it was game over for Andromeda and just decided to let it die without dignity? Something went wrong series 5 just sucked big time if it wasn't cancelled before series 5 then it should have been cancelled for it... I didn't want to see it cancelled I loved it worshipped it and series 4 finale was amazing... The only good thing on series 5 had to be "The Heart Of The Journey Part I" ending when Doyle said "Earth destruction in 5...4..3..." and it faded to black... That was amazing but series 5 prior to the last ever episode just made what was a classic programme unbearable. How could they do that to such wonderful programming?
  • A classic show SiFi

    This was one of my favorite shows for the longest time, but in my opnion, They ruined the show when they made Tyer Turn bad again. I mean a big part of the show was kind of a redemption of him. He was one of my favorite characters. from there it just went wrong.
  • My god, that last season was horrible.

    My god, that last season was horrible. You'd wish they'd never gone beyond the route of ages. Before that it was adventurous and entertaining. I even believed Hercules as captain Dylan Hunt after a while. The Nietzscheans were a great source and the 'science' in the scifi was matching as it always does in the Star Trek universe. I never understood why the writers added the Paradine. It just didn’t add any 'juice' to the story.
    But with the fall of the Commonwealth end of season four it went downhill fast. Andromeda just made it to the end and was put out of its misery. Thank God for that.
  • Awesome and underrated. But things have gone far wrong.

    This show has a great set-up and the science used is a perfect off-set to the stunning action.

    The first 2 seasons were nothing short of breath-taking.
    The Beginning of the second setting up of a continual goal (unified-front) proved to be a great way to sell the ensueing story of re-uniting the Commonwealth.
    However this could not last and after the Commonwealth had begun it's first steps the directions for stories became limited. The writters then focused too much on creating another continual story line from which the could draw episode ideas, this proved to be a bad move as it dragged the series into a spiral that could not be stopped.

    The decline really started during the third season...everything after that becomes horrifiying for a fan to watch.

    If you enjoyed the first 2 seasons of this i suggest you leave it there and you wont be disappointed.
  • Thank heavens for DVDs. I never saw it on TV when it was airing and only started watching it by accident on the DVDs. Now I am hooked.

    This show was not something that inspired me when I saw it airing on TV. I felt that Gene Roddenberry had sold out on some of the Star Trek things and had little interest in a show that was thought to be so lame that they had to put his name in the title to try to get people to watch it. Well, it was my error.

    On DVD, I started to watch Season 1 one day when I was bored and the rental store was low on movies I wanted to see. After the first disc, I wanted more and I saw that I had been wrong in thinking the show not worth watching. The first and second seasons did well focusing on Capt. Dylan Hunt's fish out of water problem (he was Captain of one of the most powerful ships but caught in a black hole thus frozen for about 300 years while civilization fell apart) and his desire to restore the Commonwealth. The aliens were of the standard guy-in-a-mask type but the introduction of the Neizchenians was a good move. Their survival instinct and superiority complex helped make for interesting stories and having the ship be a character was a good move too. I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 and 2 (though never really cared that much about Rev Bem, an alien "preacher") so do not miss him much. I am watching Season 3 right now and things have gone downhill in terms of the stories and writing. I hope it gets better and I have read that Seasons 4 and 5 do get better.
  • What the heck kinda ending was that?

    I'm not going to lie, I loved this show. No matter how improbable the plots got, or how bad the acting got, or which blonde bimbo replaced the best cast member, I faithfully watched. I just wish it hadn't gotten conveluted and confusing at the end. Can anyone honestly say that they were satisfied with that ending?
  • At first glance Andromeda seems like a cheesy Star Trek clone. But given a little more effort you'll see that Andromeda is surprisingly a pretty good show, with a great cast, nice visuals, and fun action.

    Andromeda is one of the most underatted shows in the past few years. Luckly the show had its fair share of cult fans, who helped the show last 5 seasons. The show is surprisingly fun, and addicting. If you like Scifi shows you'll probably fine quite a bit of enjoyment out of Andromeda.
  • Underappreciated

    When Gene Rodenberry creates a show I sit up and watch. When his wife Majel Rodenberry is co producer you just cant go wrong.

    Andromeda's crew's charcters are beleivable, honorable but still dealing with their own past. All on a mission to restablish...Eden. Former glory, former peace.

    We watch in the hope that this time a lasting peace can be regained. Andromeda, like the rest of us often use the wrong means for the right end. Why? Because its the only way we know how.

    But the theme is always there that its better to try the wrong way than not try at all. Trance says it best that the method is not as powerful as the intent.

    And Trance, the BEing of light. Gene you are a Gene-ious!
  • Good Sci-Fi, Chaotic Story

    All right…I understand this is a Roddenberry concept, one of his original ideas, pre-Trek. Yet, I have to wonder why it was conceptualized the way it was.

    As sci-fi goes, Andromeda is very good. Episodes have great ideas, no “English Speaking Aliens”, no Western View of the universe and just a general all around a techno-jargon fest. But oh my, do the stories have some twists and turns that make the average viewer dizzy.

    Major faux paws abound, and general “wait-a-minute…what-about…” screams at the TV for story breakdowns that have the sci-fi fan wondering what were the writers thinking.

    I have one major issue with this series, is that the jumps from season to season leave such a major canyon in the storyline that at times I found myself asking why bother anymore with the series. Yet, I return again and again cause I think that maybe, just maybe, the writers will in a two series arc, tie so many of those damn lose ends together, it will all make sense. One can only hope.

    This series is available on DVD…and it’s pricey.
  • good show

    I really liked this show and the plot got better as time went on, the last season was its best ever, I liked the cast, and the story that was told.. not to mention Kevin Sorbo.. I wish it was still on but at least we have reruns thank God for the Sci-Fi channel
  • I have seldom seen so much potential wasted so quickly. A great concept helmed by developer Robert Hewitt Wolfe is quickly sent down the toilet when Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt) hosts a hostile takeover.

    I have to say I honestly enjoyed the first two seasons of "Andromeda". The main theme of rebuilding a great fallen empire is inherently romantic and filled with great possibilities. Of course, while I enjoyed most of the episodes of season 1 and 2, it was a distinctly hit-and-miss affair, with some episodes bordering on fantastic and others merely of decent quality. Still, things mostly got better with time and I always got the impression that the writers were building up to something great, akin to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's story arcs in its 4th-7th seasons.

    Then came season 3, and the mission of the Andromeda is basically finished as the commonwealth is rebuilt.
    All of the great buildup of the early seasons ends not with a powerful bang, but a wimpy fart.

    The show is converted to a crummy episodic format with good plotlines (and character development) abandoned. I counted a stretch of 7 or 8 episodes where Dylan Hunt got a new girl every time. Aliens and planets of the week predominate. Most of the shows are no deeper than an episode of Mighty Morphin Power rangers, with crummy fight scenes to match.

    And while seasons 3 and 4 meander meaninglessly through silly plots like evil librarians and mumblings about the Abyss,paradines, vedrans, and route of ages, Season 5 makes the whole series a joke. Dylan Hunt is even pulling big swords out of the wall in a tribute to Hercules ("it's a long story," he says). For shame, for shame.

    By far season 5 is the worst. Almost all of it takes place in a crappy bar on a planet called Seefra something. The writers go in many directions and introduce questions while never answering any of them. The best they can do is have Trance make spooky radio transmissions in a cigarette smoking man voice? Rommie is replaced with a blonde catsuit-wearing version of herself with bigger, uh, assets. I know they're trying to shoot for the 18-49 male demographic, but this is just plain pandering.

    But my single biggest complaint with Andromeda is its characters, or lack of them. They're all either 2-dimensional or outright stereotypes.

    There is a concept in scriptwriting referred to as "Character Arcing". The basic idea is that the characters aren't the same as they were at the beginning of the story. Watching the characters change and evolve makes for interesting drama. Frodo the hobbit is not the same in the beginning of the lord of the rings as he is in the end; nor is Gandalf or anyone else.

    This is NOT the case in Andromeda.

    I never once cared about ANY of the characters. I wanted to like Harper but couldn't. Ok, I get the point, he's the short, eccentric nerd and never gets any women. But he never changes or moves on from that. Beka is the *ahem* unvirtuous woman, Tyr is the silent warrior, and Dylan is always the hero. Trance is the mysterious stranger/sage. And they *never* change.

    No, my friends, Andromeda is a perfect example of why actors like Kevin Sorbo should not dictate the creative vision of a television show. It's a shame that Andromeda could not live up to its own potential, but only the writers and management are to blame.
  • It just went so wrong.

    If any show could be said to have had a great imaginative start, flare out, and then putter along for another 3 seasons then this is it.

    This is not to say that there were not some great episodes all throughout it, but it just failed to keep a slow steady burn, like what it gave us the first season.

    It is one of those things where you watch the first season and just can not wait to see more. But then the end of the first season and the beginning of the second strikes you between the eyes.

    They took a failry interesting misfit story, and they try to "make it better."

    From a virile youth it fell into an appoplectic middle age. You got the feeling that the writers of the story could not figure out what type of story they were writting. They kept suddenly changing things to try and make it work out better, because that is what you do when you loose sight of your goal right, you re-write?

    From its violent and angry middle age it gets a severe case of early alzheimers. It becomes forgetful. We have a huge number of story threads that get tossed out into the wind never to be seen again as they take what obviously was a 7 to 8 year storyline, and compress it into 2 years to try and finish it before it gets cancelled.

    Some of the episodes in season 5 have a decided "Plan 9 From Outerspace" thing going for them. Which is to say nothing at all.

    The entire time they are in pocket space you sit there and say, "what is the point?"

    They get out and it is as if nothing that happened for those eppisodes mattered one whit. And it did not.

    Then there was the final episode. It was the climax of the series, only in that is was the piece of tripe to rule everything else bad about the entire series.
  • wached every episode with same interest every time apeared something new it was absolutely briliant al the 5 series kept me in front of the tv. Without doupt is the best show from its class very good work always introducing new elements that

    wached every episode with same interest every time apeared something new it was absolutely briliant al the 5 series kept me in front of the tv. Without doupt is the best show from its class very good work always introducing new elements that kept the story going. I enjoyed every episode and i watch it again without regrets.
  • Season 1 And 2 are amazing, Season 3, 4 and 5 -not so much.

    Season 1 of andromeda is fantastic. Great, Brilliant - Highly entertaining. A great cast and interesting story arc, along with fantastic characters and fun episodes - make Season 1 of Drom a truly fun show. Very enjoyable, from the tension between Dylan and Tyr to the gorgeous and allways charming Trance Gemini. Its kind of a shame that the show went south, as soon as Robert Hewitt Wolfe (The shows original creator) left during Season 2. After the writers changed (Due to pressure from the production studio) the show went south fast, and by the end of the third season, Andromeda had taken a tumble. It got worse through Season 4, And season 5 was just plain bad.

    However, I still love season 1 and 2 of this VASTLY underated Sci-Fi show, And really do wish that Robert Hewwit Wolfe had stayed on bored. Over-all, Andromeda was a great show that unfortinatly went sour before its time. I dont much care what the haters think, But i find season 1 of Andromeda more entertaining than any season of Stargate.
  • The best show that i ever seen...absolutely superb good job....i seen all episodes from all the 5 series.

    I wached every episode with same interest every time apeared something new it was absolutely briliant al the 5 series kept me in front of the tv. Without doupt is the best show from its class very good work always introducing new elements that kept the story going. I enjoyed every episode and i watch it again without regrets.
  • It gets better and better...

    I never thought that Keven Sorbo will be able to be Cpt. Dylan Hunt!! But he totally succeeded in that role.

    I'm not a big fan of future space shows but this one made me commit to watching it's all episodes without missing one.

    Every season it just gets better and better even though each time someone leaves but it just manage to get better.

    I really liked it.
  • This was a an interesting journey about a man, Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo), who was trapped in a black hole and hence trapped in time. Upon waking he found that his beloved commonwealth was gone, a sophisticated galactic empire of planets. His cause was to b

    The story did have a lot of potential, and I am amused at how the producers, including Kevin Sorbo, could run out of ideas towards the end of the series.

    In my opinion the “Dissonant Interval” is an ingenious piece of work. Someone must have knocked their head and had an epiphany. To start on a good note first we must realise... Andros from Greek meaning ‘of a man’, combined with medesthai meaning ‘to think of, to be mindful of’. The conclusion is Andromeda, means ‘to think of a man’, and is also a constellation, the title of the series and the Warship. The man we are thinking of is Dylan, the only one left capable of restoring the commonwealth.

    Something I like specially about the episode is the quotes at the beginning of each episode, which remind me a bit of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation saga. You heard the mention of the paradine, something I’ve never heard of before but is clearly explained in the respective episode as “Never seen, always present. Influencing the fate of the galaxies themselves” (These I guess are other clues to the puzzle “Man is his own star” & “Nothing will fall to you late or early”). I think it is safe to say that in a way both Marlowe and Dylan could be considered constants in the Universe, like Q on the “The Next Generation” and “Voyager” Star-Trek Series. I somehow feel the end was a bit abrupt just like WB’s Smallville’s season finale, but nevertheless it was awe inspiring. I hope you give continuity to the work.

    I tend to see patterns of PANTHEISM in most of the Sci-Fi novels I read, and the series on TV. Pantheism is the belief that nature (GAIA) and Universe are divine, it fuses religion with science. In the case of Arkology its more to do with Stoicism, Kevin Sorbo used to play Hercules (“Greek God” as Harper described him in the first episode of the series, it’s ironic that he was a god after all, he also speaks latin “Una Salus Victus...”). Watch Troy and you’ll think Brad shares some of the “Martial Art” movements Rhade does in the series. I think emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius would have felt right at home in Arkology. Their philosophy of life in a sense is that of humble submission to the universe no matter how perilous the journey of matter. Stoicism had a great impact in the Greek and Roman cultures. Perhaps some of the staff in Andromeda share the ideals behind PANTHEISM, or Scientology but perhaps not Stoicism. In this series I get a great sense of philosophy, religion and of course science, this truly inspires me to know more about such things, I’ve even been writing Sci-Fi short novels. It’s a very positive way to encourage kids like me into the sciences, keep up the good work.

    I was also astonished by Rhade’s adaptation of William Butler Yeats “Under Ben Bulben” when Louisa passes away, and the theme song played here is one of the best in Andromeda.

    “On this soul
    Cast a cold eye
    On night, and day
    All their living, pass by!” Rhade

    “Cast a cold eye
    on life, and death
    horseman, pass by!” WB Yeats

    And that Soprano Singer, Catherine Thomas really has a very nice voice. I liked the theme in this final episode. I like the fact that today’s TV Shows are reverting to classical music as themes in series. For example the WB’s Smallville season 3 ended with a nice piece from Mozart, and TV listings rival UPN’s Enterprise also plays some outstanding original work not unlike the ingenious Andromeda Invictus. Although, I do love most styles of music, and really depends on the mood...

    I would love if directors/producers/composers could come up with a way to blend all types of musical culture into their series/films depending on character adaptation. For instance, I could see how a bad boy dressed in black leather suit would like heavy metal (generalising of course), or how a lab coated scientist would love some classical tunes (further generalistation), or how a southernern waring a hat and riding on a horse would love western music (generalising)... obviosuly that's not how it has to be, I'd love to see them play around with the archeatypical characters and give them a hip hop background, or jazz, salsa... something culturaly different, could have helped the Andromeda show a lot. We can't assume space is like greek mythology either...
  • A great concept. Our hereo is frozen in time, and when he think only minutes have gone by, he's infact 300 years in the future. The world as he knew it is gone, and he's going to restore it.

    Yes, the concept is exelent, and so is the first two seasons of the series. The story is not always easy to follow, but one manages. The caracters are believable and well acted.

    The problems with the rest of the seasons, is that almost every episode takes a new turn, and the episodes will not funktion together. Slightly confused after each episode, I started to lose interest in midseason 3. It seamed like the writers didnt know what direction to move in, and the resault was "all directions at once".

    Even if the quality was somewhat poorer in season 3 and 4, it continued to be watchable. Many things is still unclear to me, like wat was really "the Nebula", "the rout of ages", "The Paradines" and "The Vederans". I don't think that the Andromedas makers managed to explain all of the fenomenas in this universe, and this left me confused.

    The show should have been taken off the air after season 4, while it still had some dignity. Season five was really disapointing in many ways; The space show I was used to from the first 4 seasons was no more. Now, the storry took place on the planets sufaces of sefra 1, 2...9. The storyline was even harder to follow, and from this season I'm still having questions unanswered.

    All in all it was a good attempt at making a great show, and it could have been, but sadly they couldnt make me belive in their green sun.(Green sun= Tolkien reference)
  • I did watch it, then I lost it

    I really like sci-fi shows, so this would be a warm welcome, but then after 2 season I seemed to loose it.
    But this was a great show, about Dulym being trapped in time sort of and when to come out of it few hundred years later and everything has changed.
    And with his new friends he tries to bring back the commonwelth.
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