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  • This show's about one thing: blowing things up. Though it had imaginative concepts and engaging CGI effects, the show was hamstrung by shabby dialogue, bewildering plots, shallow characters, and an overwhelming preference for destruction over content.

    I want to start off by saying I actually have watched almost every episode of this series, perhaps from boredom, but also from a great hope that it would evolve into something greater. It embarasses me somewhat to say I have watched FIVE SEASONS of this show and yet have given it such a low rating, but... here I am.

    In some ways, it is very refreshing that this show decides from the very outset that depth and intrigue are not its targets -- instead, the show guns for action. Shows often start in the middle of firefights, hordes of Magog or other anonymous alien types reach a horrific body count, spaceships with crews of thousands vaporize in firefights, and every other episode features a slow-motion dive away from a massive explosion. I've always wondered if this carnage were an indirect response to Star Trek's soap opera feel, where firefights were avoided at all costs, and the death of ONE person was a shock and outrage in any given episode.

    Though the spacefights were brilliantly-rendered, spacefights alone cannot carry the plot. The plots were usually so hokey that it was obvious they were only a vessel for more violence. Seeing ships explode in a massive fireball is cool, but what does it mean? Why do we need to watch five minutes of repetetive footage of unexplained aliens being gunned down? Why are the space pirates attacking, other than because they are space pirates?

    In addition, the characters, while all looking different, were dull and uninspired. Attemps to give them motivations (most notably in the fifth series) felt forced and ham-fisted. They often ruined any sort of tension in firefights or crises by delivering witty quips that made the viewer feel they weren't in danger after all (which was true). I suppose in the end, that wasn't the point; rather, it was once again the explosions and flashing laser blasts that took center stage.

    This show had dazzling potential. The classically-inspired Commonwealth was a very interesting concept. Ships with avatars, indeed, celestial bodies with avatars, enriched the universe and made it a very vibrant place. The show featured a creature who lives backwards through time, a giant vessel composed of planets powered by a sun, an artificially-constructed solar system, interdimensional alien threats... you would think with palette this rich, the producers could have come up with a plot that surpassed the numerous "Dylan scores with another chick" episodes. So many great concepts were squandered, usually just blown up like everything else in the show.
  • So much potential. Too bad egos got in the way.

    Had a great premise, an interesting cast, and I really wanted it to work. But it's always a bad sign when the creative genius behind the show quits due to "creative differences." I think, had this show had a different lead, it might have been so much more. Too bad he decided his ego was more important than the plotline...
  • i'd personally like to see a sequal of some kind to this serie, it has a compling and interesting view on the way the world could work.

    Trance and the knowlege she had made this entire series most interesting. throughout the serie you learn more and more about Dylan Hunt, what and how the Nietzscheans were created. Why Beka Valentine was destined to find the Andromeda Acended, and Tyr Anasazi bid for galatic control. and on the side Dylan got the Systems Commonwealth back together and had it grow greatly.
  • Fantastic in early seasons, declined in season 4.

    At the beginning, the show was great. Something different and good(some excellent) plotlines backed by a great cast.The whole restoring the Commonwealth theme was a bit cliched for me but it worked very well.

    All was fine until the season 2 finale.With the commonwealth being restored so early in the series, I wondered 'what now...?'

    The show started declining gradually in mid-season 3.I thought it struggled with it's direction (which kept changing every few episodes?, there was no motive, no focus. I feared it would become another Star Trek clone, which was the reason Andromeda was a refreshing change. Everything started becoming more philosophical and the show started losing its edge.

    Season 4 just finished airing in my country, and though I enjoyed the finale(it was a throwback to the finales of S1 & S2), I didn't get the whole route of ages story arc (I thought it was a needless addition). It seemed as if the writers
    were making it up as they went along.The things I disliked was the whole Andromeda being expelled from the C'Wealth (it was stupid, who saw that coming)and Dylan being a Paradine arc, he was already a larger than life character, there was no need to turn him into somethinfg supernatural or mythical.I suppose the writers were running out of storylines.

    I hope S5 will be better than this.Was sad to see that the show was cancelled.I always thought that the very last episode of the show would see the crew rediscovering Tarn Vedra and then finish restoring the C'Wealth.
  • A series that defines the phrase "going downhill fast". This series had great promise but went steadily downhill like nothing else I've ever seen.

    Andromeda was something I really liked, the first 2 seasons were great. Very good actually. I thought that this series might be one of my favorites all time if it continues to show the same quality.

    However after the first 2 seasons the quality of the show began a steady decline towards something incredibly bad. Worse than bad. My rating of the show is still 7.5 because the first 2 seasons balance the seasons after that.

    This show really defines the "going downhill" concept. The first season was absolutely great and so was the second season. After that, the decline began. Season 3 was still decent, I was disappointed but I still had high hopes for the series.

    But when I was halfway through season 4, I should've stopped right there. But no, I still had hopes for the series. However the hopes I had were not made true. Season 5 was even worse and only thing left from the series that had great plot, great humor, great action and actors that were great was this:

    Nonexistent plots, bad humor, boring action and the actors wasted their talents saying words that were rubbish.

    If you want to experience the great Andromeda, be my guest and watch the first 2 seasons. At the most watch the first 3 seasons. But don't blame me if you watch the whole series and feel about it like I do now.

    And what I feel is grand disappointment.
  • The fifth seasson is boring, very boring

    I jus saw the 10 episode of the fitfh seasson and i am getting very bored by the new scenary and casts. I miss the old adventures over the universe, instead of the actual "space cowboy" style with Harper in the "Cantina" enterprise. And please, Doyle instead of Romy.... no match, I liked much more the origina AI.
    This lasts seasson bottom down... :=(
  • As the future went on, Captian Dylan Hunt was frozen until a crew came a joined him along "The Andromeda Asendence", He's been changing the Galaxy with only six very different people.

    The show was a hit! I though the funniest character was Harper, but my favourite character was Trance Gemini. I enjoyed the series, and everything in it. The animation was good on the ships, can't wait until the new season come on Dvd, but alot still question me threw the seasons..
  • what happened to the plot?

    Andromeda started off very differently to any Gene Roddenberry product I have seen. It was exciting with a unique storyline which started to evolve consistantly until... it just stopped. What happened? After about season 2, we are then treated to single episode stories with total disregard from the unfinished main storyline.

    The characters onboard the Andromeda spacecraft are all unique and likable form the goofy engineer to the sexy avatar of the Andromeda 'Romi'.
  • Great Show! Once spent a whole week of holiday going through every season (from season 1 - 4).

    Great show! I loved the sci-fi colors/texture it used.

    Story line got a bit confusing past season 3 - like they were writing it as they went along.

    Once spent a whole week of holiday going through every season.

    I think they could bring it back at some point, but they seriously need to work on the story.

    It's almost like they tried too hard to have too many twists.

    Season 5! What the beef?! Surely you can't tell me that's the last one?

    Dialog? Oh my Gosh. Definitely one of the main killers for me, some episodes were just too much - totally unnecessary dialogs.

    The babes? Bring it on pity Rommie is married (real life that is) Season 5 totally messed up the whole babes issue... playing on the old bimbo stereotype.

    Despite the annoyances, I do which season 5 is not the last one. If it is, please BRING IT BACK!
  • Great show up until the third season, but still I have a major obsession with it. I'd suggest watching this if only to make fun of Captain Hunt... because you get so many oppertunities.

    Great show up until the third season, but still I have a major obsession with it. I'd suggest watching this if only to make fun of Captain Hunt... because you get so many oppertunities. The characters didn't really get developed well enough in my opinion. The episode plots would allow people to get sucked in then they would leave you with some sort of cliffhanger and then either; A) never mention it again, or B) leave it alone for a season and then mention it. During that time that they took a break from that plot it seems that their memories must have been erased because obviously that impending doom just on the edge of the horizon they faced last week is never mentioned again (unless it's like, three seasons later where viewers have trouble even remembering what they were talking about). The science is bad, the extras acting is worse, and the action scenes are too drawn out... I'd still recommend that everyone watches this show though, because although it has many flaws it also holds your attention (be it the hot actors or the many things you can laugh at).
  • Star Trek without the Star Trek people.

    Andromeda is a Gene Roddenberry creation and is produced my many of the same people that do Star Trek. Although it is (apparently) set in a different universe there are many similarities. Regardless of whether you like Star Trek or not, you should give “Andromeda” a chance.

    Kevin Sorbo as Captain Dylan Hunt takes a change of direction from “Hercules” as he has to rely on other people and represents organization.

    Lexa Doig is the personification of the ship and appears in various forms: on viewscreens, as a hologram and as an android. She pulls off playing three slightly different versions of one character quite well. Her performance is even more remarkable as much of her acting is done alone in front of green screen and added to the scene after.
  • One of my favorite sci-fi shows.

    Granted, I only got as far as the beginning of the third season, but if sci-fi continues to show these day marathons, I'll be caught up in no time.

    I hear that the last season was a total waste, but I'm not there yet. From where I did get though, this show is truly a gem. From the excellent characters, to the mysteries that a couple of them hold (I am thinking of Tyr and Trance specifically), to the action, the humor, the drama, the storylines! OH! The storylines are super! Well-written. Great acting!

    I think my complaint is that Rev seemed to have disappeared. I know the reason because of what he did with the Magog, but -- whoa -- I wanna see that dude again!

    But great, great series! You should buy the DVD seasons! That's what I plan to do at some point in time :-)
  • First 2 seasons are very good.... The badness of Season 4 swallows both of them up and 3 wasnt that good either. If you are in for some mindless space boy adventure... I am the authority of morals in the universe.. turn in to Dylan Hunt and Andromeda

    WOW… so much promise… only to be met by arrogance, bad plots, bad character development.. and something that I can’t quite put my finger on because my finger is on the off switch when this show comes on. The first two season were great to me. You had Dylan waking up after 300 years of (well…what can you call it! He Was In A Black Hole And Time Stopped!) So he wakes to find his beloved Federation… I mean Commonwealth has been destroyed and darkness has spread the universe. Tyr was my favorite character and they started to tone him down and outright got rid of him for Rhada.. What crap. The show went down hill after that… It became watch Dylan mack a new hot babe every show… get a kiss… have sex… and not worry about commitment… I mean, I’m all for someone being a player… but there is a thing called over doing it… And this show does it badly…. Trance! I mean what’s her deal! She is worthless… she can go back to the sun and live through infinite possibilities in the blink of an eye every millisecond for the rest of eternity for all I care… and what’s up with this traversing the universe crap!!! I mean, I know about light speed travel and worm holes and all that stuff… but being able to jump to another galaxy in a matter of seconds to me seems just a little crazy…. Especially with no scientific possibilities explained on what the hell they are riding on when they go to “hyper drive”… Probably “Strings!?” AY…. I don’t care. This show sucks! After season 2 that is… 3 is so so . 4 is god awful. 5… blah.
  • Great until the until the 5th Season.

    The show was a great series. Not Star Trek great but it did make waves in the Sci-Fi world.

    The 1st to 4th season was just amazing seires and for all good reasons it should have ended there after season 4, but they keep it going one more season that made this good series look like crap!

    You have to know when to end and series and this one should have ended long ago.
  • All Sci-fi no brains

    I watched this show for years hoping it would get better. Sadly it never did. From the fleet of ships they saved (that never mad much of an apperance) to the vedrans, whats up with them there all powerful kickarse people that just sit back in hiding and watch the commonwealth fail allover again. The bonds between the crew of the Andromeda grew more distant and they grew apart and the show failed. This show had so much potensal and i feel sick inside that it never reached it. I was hoping for a movie after the first season but all i got was the show getting worst over a few seasons.
  • A show that had much promise till....

    The first season and most of the second season were great. For a show plagued by loss of writing staff on several occasions it did quitre well. However as a whole it is quite jumbled. It seems as though each staff change brought a change in tone feel and overall storyline. I feel as though the first stroyline was awesome and had me enthralled. Then sometime in season three I kinda lost interest. I caught the episodes in reruns and they weren't bad, but weren't great either. Things really went downhill sometime in season four. I can imagine the pitch too. "Let's make Mr. Sorbo feel right back at home by making him a near deity, it'll be Hercules meets Star Trek the fans will love it... it's a license to print money I tell you..." Sigh Then we have the so called "steampunk" episodes of season five. Yeah by the way when did every galactic body in the universe require an avatar. Hmmmm seems like more hercules territory. I honestly preferred the old secretive Trance, whom many of us thought of as a "Q" from Trek like entity slumming with the mortals. The sentient sun being the writers made her into does not seem like the one from the first few seasons. The new feel from the first seasons failed I feel because the successive wirters used tired old sci-fi/fantasy conventions to keep things on "familiar ground". When this show first hit it was as groundbreaking as Farsacpe in my opinion, and tons more darker. However in the end we have a jumbled mess that does not fit and has more filler than substance.
  • With every season my obsession with this show grew...

    With every season my obsession with this show grew... the 5th season left me puzzled until I began rewatching it along with some past season episode and realized just how much of the show is tied together and that the things I didn't understand then make complete sense... as I laugh at the banter between these characters.

    Maybe it is stupid to give this show a 10 but when people as me what my all time favorite shows are... I chalk it up to the ones I have to own which would be Andromeda, The Pretender, Stargate and Highlander. Those are my 10's and there's no getting around it.

    The confusion I often felt with this show was annoying but I must say... it always left me wanting to see the next episode.

    When I realized Tyr would be on very little in the 4th season I thought I'd cry until Telemachus Rhade appeared and sadly Tyr was but a memory (not really). What can you say about the Nietzscheans except they have to be perfect to look this good!
  • I think the Andromeda Series are very good with the exception of the 5th season that was very confusing and very slow in action, but for the ones that watched it from the beginning like me it was a fine show.

    I think the Andromeda Series are very good with the exception of the 5th season that was very confusing and very slow in action, but for the ones that watched it from the beginning like me it was a fine show. I wasn´t expecting nothing like the 5th season in fact since the first season to the 4th i my oppinion was ascending when the 5th arrives it went down the drain.
    And Tyr Anastasi where did he go? if died was a lousy disposal of a caracther vital to the series, Doyle what is she doin there? The caracther is well performed by the actress but i don´t see the need for another android, and the destruction of Earth in last episode was completely of the chart cmon it´s EARTH.
  • For a sci-fi this one is good

    i love this show so haven seen the negative reviews on this site, i thought i should do a postive review.

    The one thing i love about this show is 'romie', not not is she the ship computer, she's also an android which makes her brillant. she attractive and yet quite a skilled battleship person, some of her hand-to-hanf combat and shooting is impressive to say the least. i mean she brillant and very attractive.

    but there is some good-storylines like Dylan hunt caught in black-hole 300 years and survived his mission to bring commonwealth but during episoide 1 & 2 the ship get hi-jacked however they become the new crew of Andromeda, so let discuss them

    Becka- she a talent ship pilot and generally fly the andromeda. Also she know how fight and keep clam under pressure.

    Tye- his the muscles on the ship and quite stong person, you could say his kinda like tactical officer on the ship however in recent season he kinda of a one-man mission after finding hiding his son.

    Trance- she amazing she predict the future well she swap places with her old-self in season 3 and it's strange not seeing her in pink skin but i guss that actress got fed up wearing pink, i don't blame her.

    Harper- He's kind of the inventor on the ship, he made Android 'Romie' and he kinda love her which is strange she know that , she loves teasing him about that. He's basically the nerd of the ship.

    As you can see we have well-balanced crew. need i say more.

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