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  • help cant watch this

    there is no show

  • I really wanted to like this show but just a few things stopped me the need for decent acting three dimensional charcters coherent plots and in sci fi decent effects as well.

    Dylan Hunt: The Legendary Journey’s.

    I’m a big science fiction fan and will give every new show that comes along a try sometimes in the cases of Farscape and Battlestar Galactica, to name just two you discover that they’re just so good that you are immediately gripped and that you’ll buy the DVD box sets so you can watch every episode again and again even the episodes that aren’t that good. On the other hand, as in my case with Firefly i missed it on TV I saw it on DVD and it was worth taking the chance on a show i'd never seen before.

    However back to the subject of Andromeda the opposite end from the shows i just mentioned, this show is a nothing more than a complete joke and gives television science fiction and indeed science fiction in general a bad name it has been poorly written and acted since the first episode and should never have lasted five episodes let alone five seasons. I started watching and I wanted to like it I really did it should have been easy coming from the mind of Gene Roddenberry brought to life by Robert Hewitt Wolfe and starring Kevin Sorbo who may not be the greatest actor in the world but he was very good in Hercules, so I tried to like it, I honestly did I watched every episode of the first season then about half the episodes of season 2 which is where everything began to go seriously wrong. Season one to me was pointless and not particularly great in the way it was written but it was at the least watchable ass a sort of lazy time passing substandard way. But Season 2 undermined what little effort had gone into it so I sat continually hoping that it would improve and show the full potential it had hinted at but it never did and after Sky changed the time it was on I just decided it wasn’t worth my time or effort trying to keep up with. In my opinion it suffered from a case of too many cooks so it has had no sense of direction and any arcs it tried to create were immediately junked when someone new came in and they tried to imprint their own ideas. When Robert Hewitt Wolfe was at the helm it was poor but there were glimpses small ones only but glimpses anyhow that it could improve but then he was fired for seemingly trying to make a decent Sci-Fi show. From then on it was downhill becoming a messy flashy thing where effects were the best thing about it and most of them were rough and looked to computer animated giving an already unrealistic and stupid show one more reason for people to hate it while story and acting took a back seat with Kevin Sorbo basically rehashing Hercules and the rest of the cast standing in the background getting to spout the occasional line of meaningless dialogue, it’s no wonder Keith Hamilton Cobb left as soon as his contract expired he’d spent his last two years on the show reduced to standing in the background looking mean and having about two episodes showcasing his character now I’m not saying he’s a brilliant actor but he was good enough to bring Tyr Anazazi the Nieztechien warrior to life and make him an interesting character even if only he’d been allowed.

    The characterisations were paper-thin and with the exception of Dylan Hunt and Harper badly acted not that I think Gordon Michael Woolvet is exactly a great actor either but he could do the comedy stuff he was given and deliver it well even if it was hardly ever as funny as the writers wanted it to be, but now I see him as a poor imitation of Firefly’s Wash even though Harper came first a statement that on the face of it makes as much sense as the average episode, Lisa Ryder as Beka on the other hand was especially bad wearing the same expressionless face for whatever her character was meant to be feeling, she is a bad actress and here’s hoping she never darkens the door of either Stargate show and especially not Battlestar Galactica. But the worst acted and most annoyingly pointless character was Laura Bertram as Trance Gemini from the start she was annoying where she was meant to be cute and friendly irritating where she was supposed to be mysterious and the viewers were supposed to care what her secrets were, a lethal combination of a bad actress and dozens of mediocre to just down right bad writers meant she just made the character come across as smug making you want to throw something at the screen when she was on and yell at Dylan to toss her out of an airlock. Ditto for hopes never to see her ruining SG or BSG

    As for Dylan Hunt he was the ultimate moronic cardboard hero never wrong always did the right thing and was sanctimonious from the outset. I’d tuned in every now and then during seasons 3, 4 and 5 to see if things had gotten better to discover they hadn’t they’d gotten worse and now Dylan had become even more indestructible and annoyingly smug and superior and now didn’t let any other character get even the most simple thing to do he just hogged the screen time solving every tedious problem that faced him by beating up the bad guys or shooting them with that stupid laser stick of his no doubt as a result of Sorbo becoming an executive producer. As for Bacic and the other blonde who cares what her name is not as bad as bottle blonde No.1 Ryder but not hard to tell she’s ex Baywatch they came in and were just as average as I’d come to expect from this show. As for the final episodes The Heart of the Journey Part’s 1 & 2 the first part seemed like it might at least take the series out with some kind of a bang with Harper and Rhade looking like they’d left the crew for good then a tense and even unexpected ending to part 1 with the destruction of Earth but it was ruined in part 2 yes Earth was destroyed but it had never seemed like it mattered to much during the run so blowing it up had little impact and the ending was lame and not even a good ending if it had just been a season finale but this was the last ever episode and what do we get everyone looking like they’re about to die the Andromeda against over two thousand ships and it survives then they fly into the square thing and everything is alright and everyone survives man what a complete and utter cop out I mean it’s the final episode what would have been wrong with killing off at least one of the crew I mean if I had have had the bad luck to have had anything to do with this shambles I would have at least taken the opportunity to knock off the supremely annoying Trance but no she gets to live. At the top I called this Dylan Hunt the Legendary Journey’s in reference obviously to Hercules Sorbo’s last show, but that is insulting at least Hercules was entertaining even when the acting did sometimes leave a lot to be desired and the stories were just silly this show was just a complete waste of time and how on earth this lasted longer than Farscape or Firefly I will never understand and think about it this pile of garbage lasted as long as and for as many episodes as Angel and even Babylon 5 for crying out loud it just makes no sense to me. As for the quotes that appeared at the start of each episode and the episode titles what were they all about, I assume they were supposed to bring some deep meaningful insight to the story but they never did they were just more meaningless words. Then there’s they opening credit speech voiced with the exception of season 2 by Sorbo as Capt Hunt as each season passed they became ever more ridiculous, they had neither the meaning nor the simplicity of the Space the final frontier speeches of the original Star Trek or the ST: TNG.

    I can’t ever imagine this is the show Gene Roddenberry wanted made from his original ideas but it was and will forever be linked with his name and that is a shame. Finally I read here on a reviewer, who said in their piece that this show was from the start darker than Farscape that person is seriously, seriously wrong and makes me wonder if had you ever actually seen it cos from where I sat the two are not even in the same league, when Farscape was dark characters were tortured or killed or sacrificed themselves like Zhaan or Crais, on Andromeda bad guys said horrible things to them and laughed before getting soundly thrashed by Captain Indestructible, darker than Farscape my ass. I hate this show I hate the design of the ship it’s big and ugly I hated the shallow one dimensional characters it is in my opinion a show that wouldn't even hold the attention of a 5 year old that anyone could enjoy it mystifies me that anyone could regard it as good well written well acted or in anyway anything other than worthless trash is astounding. As a fan of Sci Fi I hate this show so much. I really, really hate this show.
  • A really bad show.

    I saw the first episode of Andromeda expecting a spectacular sci fi show and I was so disappointed. Even though Kevin Sorbo stars in it, it just didn't help the show with it's silly premise. The effects on this show was good, but the story just wasn't that good. This show has a star trekesque look in it. The crew go to different planets and they meet all kinds of aliens, but this wasn't a good show. The very premise of this show is the problem, it's not an exciting show to watch, i'm not compelled to watch it, i just don't find it interesting.
  • brutal!!

    I am half way through season 2, but already I find myself having to restrain myself from fast forwarding through the minutia of bad writing,characters, and plot lines in this show. I was hoping it would be like Star trek enterprise, which started poorly, but really revived itself by the end of the first season and took off in season two, but, alas there is no saving this show. The only reason I keep watching, is like a bad book, you have already invested your time, you must continue to the painful end, even though you might have to skip some pages along the way. The storyline at the beginning had some promise, the fall of a great alliance, an ancient hero returns to bring back its glory. The problem, is that there is little progress in achieving the ultimate goal. The story is beset by lack of imagination from the writers, to capture the viewers attention from week to week with a coherent story line. The characters are a joke and those that have potential are marginalized. Captain dylan hunt, is as soft as cotton candy. While, he is willing to listen and negotiate with his enemies, he often treats his crew with contempt, especially the only worthy character on the show Tyr Anssainnse. The captain, is unwilling to make unpopular decisions. One of the worst characters is an annoying creature known as trance. Her actually purpose, on the ship I am still trying to decipher. Except, making cryptic statements and acting like a sorority girl who's had to many drinks at a date party. I do like the engineer harper, he is entertaining and adds some comic relief which this show sorely is in need. Lt. valentine, the second in command is abrasive,witless, and lacks acting talent. Then there is the reverend, which is a disturbing character. Not only, is he so ugly, you cannot eat a meal while watching this show, his race is the main enemy of hunt's alliance. These, monsters, they scourge of the universe are called magog. How they are a worthy enemy I am baffled, they don't use weapons, they seem utterly unintelligent. They are ewoks, with a bad hair day. I still have three more seasons to go, but I am not hopeful.
  • I have seldom seen so much potential wasted so quickly. A great concept helmed by developer Robert Hewitt Wolfe is quickly sent down the toilet when Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt) hosts a hostile takeover.

    I have to say I honestly enjoyed the first two seasons of "Andromeda". The main theme of rebuilding a great fallen empire is inherently romantic and filled with great possibilities. Of course, while I enjoyed most of the episodes of season 1 and 2, it was a distinctly hit-and-miss affair, with some episodes bordering on fantastic and others merely of decent quality. Still, things mostly got better with time and I always got the impression that the writers were building up to something great, akin to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's story arcs in its 4th-7th seasons.

    Then came season 3, and the mission of the Andromeda is basically finished as the commonwealth is rebuilt.
    All of the great buildup of the early seasons ends not with a powerful bang, but a wimpy fart.

    The show is converted to a crummy episodic format with good plotlines (and character development) abandoned. I counted a stretch of 7 or 8 episodes where Dylan Hunt got a new girl every time. Aliens and planets of the week predominate. Most of the shows are no deeper than an episode of Mighty Morphin Power rangers, with crummy fight scenes to match.

    And while seasons 3 and 4 meander meaninglessly through silly plots like evil librarians and mumblings about the Abyss,paradines, vedrans, and route of ages, Season 5 makes the whole series a joke. Dylan Hunt is even pulling big swords out of the wall in a tribute to Hercules ("it's a long story," he says). For shame, for shame.

    By far season 5 is the worst. Almost all of it takes place in a crappy bar on a planet called Seefra something. The writers go in many directions and introduce questions while never answering any of them. The best they can do is have Trance make spooky radio transmissions in a cigarette smoking man voice? Rommie is replaced with a blonde catsuit-wearing version of herself with bigger, uh, assets. I know they're trying to shoot for the 18-49 male demographic, but this is just plain pandering.

    But my single biggest complaint with Andromeda is its characters, or lack of them. They're all either 2-dimensional or outright stereotypes.

    There is a concept in scriptwriting referred to as "Character Arcing". The basic idea is that the characters aren't the same as they were at the beginning of the story. Watching the characters change and evolve makes for interesting drama. Frodo the hobbit is not the same in the beginning of the lord of the rings as he is in the end; nor is Gandalf or anyone else.

    This is NOT the case in Andromeda.

    I never once cared about ANY of the characters. I wanted to like Harper but couldn't. Ok, I get the point, he's the short, eccentric nerd and never gets any women. But he never changes or moves on from that. Beka is the *ahem* unvirtuous woman, Tyr is the silent warrior, and Dylan is always the hero. Trance is the mysterious stranger/sage. And they *never* change.

    No, my friends, Andromeda is a perfect example of why actors like Kevin Sorbo should not dictate the creative vision of a television show. It's a shame that Andromeda could not live up to its own potential, but only the writers and management are to blame.
  • Andromeda, although a clone of Star Trek at first was pretty good but due to bad writing under the influence of the hemped up producers turned what had so much potential into absolute @#$%

    This started off as a decent show but what the &@#* happended?! Seasons one and two had an interesting storyline,good episodes and decent although not incredible special effects. I expected this show to eventually reach the calibre of DS9. Instead it just deteriorated into an utter mess starting with that plotless episode \"If the Wheel is Fixed\" or whatever it was called.The storylines became pointless, the special effects abysmal the action sequences seemed as if they were pulled out of Power Rangers and the acting...lets just say I\'ve seen pornos with better acting (BURN!!!). Season 4 adopted a retarded slapped together fantasy story arc which made about as much sense as a steamed dumpling teaching quantum physics. The dumbest element being Trance\'s revelation. As for season 5 I barely watched it as it had become the definition of suck. The derivative but enjoyable star trek feel of the show had died, replaced by a steaming pile that seemed to be written by retarded 3 year old monkeys.
  • Robert Hewitt Wolfe took his ball and went home, and everyone else tried to keep on playing with a brick. Injuries ensue.

    Andromeda makes me very, very sad, when I think about where this series might have gone.

    The show did fairly well in its first season, and with good reason. The show was new and interesting, with a well-matched set of characters and an intriguing universe for them to play in. This continued a little bit into the second season.

    Then Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the man at the reins who developed the show from Roddenberry's original ideas, had to leave.

    From that point on, Andromeda went to hell.

    The show became more episodic. Characters became trivial and one-dimensional. Insight was abandoned in favor of traditional action. Dylan Hunt gets a girl-of-the-week. The show came to DEFINE the term "faceless baddies". Any semblance of depth in the series vanished in a puff of smoke. We were left with the Kevin Sorbo Space Cowboy Hour. Heck, even Keith Hamilton Cobb stepped out. (EDIT: Further information reveals that Cobb's initial contract was only for three seasons anyway, so this point no longer applies.) But he came back just long enough to finish the physical and metaphorical assassination of his character.

    When the reformation of the Commonwealth, the event that motivates the entire series from its outset, occurs with barely a flaccid whimper and hardly a lick of excitement, you know you've fallen, hard. And when the motivation for the series after that point is "The universe is dangerous! We have a ship!"...

    ...Yeah. Oh, what might have been.

    (EDIT: Recently, Robert Hewitt Wolfe posted a short one-act play called "Andromeda: Coda" on his website. The play is a short exchange between Harper and Trance that serves to summarize where Wolfe was going with the story before his involvement with the show ended. It can be found at .)
  • An interesting concept poorly executed?

    This show was conceptualised by the late Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, it was initially supposed to be the Federation that had fallen into collapse, not "The Commonwealth" and could have been a very interesting series if it had been taken in this direction.

    However, it was decided to be made into a completely new universe with the commonwealth replacing the federation and Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo cast as the captain. The moment you saw that name you realised it would be more action and less thinking and to me that more or less killed the series.

    It had the potential to be so much more, a new generation of Star Trek with amazingly deep and well rounded characters like in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager!

    Instead we were first treated to a mildly entertaining action fest with one dimensional characters trying to rebuild the commonwealth (by beating up aliens it would seem) and fight off the magog and their ultimate weapon but eventually it just degenerated into something even more mindless at which point I stopped watching.

    It makes me sad to see that a concept with so much potential just turned into this.
  • It just went so wrong.

    If any show could be said to have had a great imaginative start, flare out, and then putter along for another 3 seasons then this is it.

    This is not to say that there were not some great episodes all throughout it, but it just failed to keep a slow steady burn, like what it gave us the first season.

    It is one of those things where you watch the first season and just can not wait to see more. But then the end of the first season and the beginning of the second strikes you between the eyes.

    They took a failry interesting misfit story, and they try to "make it better."

    From a virile youth it fell into an appoplectic middle age. You got the feeling that the writers of the story could not figure out what type of story they were writting. They kept suddenly changing things to try and make it work out better, because that is what you do when you loose sight of your goal right, you re-write?

    From its violent and angry middle age it gets a severe case of early alzheimers. It becomes forgetful. We have a huge number of story threads that get tossed out into the wind never to be seen again as they take what obviously was a 7 to 8 year storyline, and compress it into 2 years to try and finish it before it gets cancelled.

    Some of the episodes in season 5 have a decided "Plan 9 From Outerspace" thing going for them. Which is to say nothing at all.

    The entire time they are in pocket space you sit there and say, "what is the point?"

    They get out and it is as if nothing that happened for those eppisodes mattered one whit. And it did not.

    Then there was the final episode. It was the climax of the series, only in that is was the piece of tripe to rule everything else bad about the entire series.
  • A great concept. Our hereo is frozen in time, and when he think only minutes have gone by, he's infact 300 years in the future. The world as he knew it is gone, and he's going to restore it.

    Yes, the concept is exelent, and so is the first two seasons of the series. The story is not always easy to follow, but one manages. The caracters are believable and well acted.

    The problems with the rest of the seasons, is that almost every episode takes a new turn, and the episodes will not funktion together. Slightly confused after each episode, I started to lose interest in midseason 3. It seamed like the writers didnt know what direction to move in, and the resault was "all directions at once".

    Even if the quality was somewhat poorer in season 3 and 4, it continued to be watchable. Many things is still unclear to me, like wat was really "the Nebula", "the rout of ages", "The Paradines" and "The Vederans". I don't think that the Andromedas makers managed to explain all of the fenomenas in this universe, and this left me confused.

    The show should have been taken off the air after season 4, while it still had some dignity. Season five was really disapointing in many ways; The space show I was used to from the first 4 seasons was no more. Now, the storry took place on the planets sufaces of sefra 1, 2...9. The storyline was even harder to follow, and from this season I'm still having questions unanswered.

    All in all it was a good attempt at making a great show, and it could have been, but sadly they couldnt make me belive in their green sun.(Green sun= Tolkien reference)
  • This show's about one thing: blowing things up. Though it had imaginative concepts and engaging CGI effects, the show was hamstrung by shabby dialogue, bewildering plots, shallow characters, and an overwhelming preference for destruction over content.

    I want to start off by saying I actually have watched almost every episode of this series, perhaps from boredom, but also from a great hope that it would evolve into something greater. It embarasses me somewhat to say I have watched FIVE SEASONS of this show and yet have given it such a low rating, but... here I am.

    In some ways, it is very refreshing that this show decides from the very outset that depth and intrigue are not its targets -- instead, the show guns for action. Shows often start in the middle of firefights, hordes of Magog or other anonymous alien types reach a horrific body count, spaceships with crews of thousands vaporize in firefights, and every other episode features a slow-motion dive away from a massive explosion. I've always wondered if this carnage were an indirect response to Star Trek's soap opera feel, where firefights were avoided at all costs, and the death of ONE person was a shock and outrage in any given episode.

    Though the spacefights were brilliantly-rendered, spacefights alone cannot carry the plot. The plots were usually so hokey that it was obvious they were only a vessel for more violence. Seeing ships explode in a massive fireball is cool, but what does it mean? Why do we need to watch five minutes of repetetive footage of unexplained aliens being gunned down? Why are the space pirates attacking, other than because they are space pirates?

    In addition, the characters, while all looking different, were dull and uninspired. Attemps to give them motivations (most notably in the fifth series) felt forced and ham-fisted. They often ruined any sort of tension in firefights or crises by delivering witty quips that made the viewer feel they weren't in danger after all (which was true). I suppose in the end, that wasn't the point; rather, it was once again the explosions and flashing laser blasts that took center stage.

    This show had dazzling potential. The classically-inspired Commonwealth was a very interesting concept. Ships with avatars, indeed, celestial bodies with avatars, enriched the universe and made it a very vibrant place. The show featured a creature who lives backwards through time, a giant vessel composed of planets powered by a sun, an artificially-constructed solar system, interdimensional alien threats... you would think with palette this rich, the producers could have come up with a plot that surpassed the numerous "Dylan scores with another chick" episodes. So many great concepts were squandered, usually just blown up like everything else in the show.
  • The fifth seasson is boring, very boring

    I jus saw the 10 episode of the fitfh seasson and i am getting very bored by the new scenary and casts. I miss the old adventures over the universe, instead of the actual "space cowboy" style with Harper in the "Cantina" enterprise. And please, Doyle instead of Romy.... no match, I liked much more the origina AI.
    This lasts seasson bottom down... :=(
  • I don’t understand what all the hype was about – When it first started it was half decent and got my interest. I watched Andromeda for the sake of doing so – (and because no one would let me change the channel.)

    Some of the characters were memorable and the dialogue wasn’t half bad. However, it was plot wise a very stunted series and I’m surprised it carried on for so long. It seems to have gotten worst in these latter stages and I wonder who comes up with these ideas.

    During the course of the show the ship landed on “Alien” or other worlds and I was shock to see – pine trees and shrubs and snow…sometimes grass. This didn’t in my mind scream “exotic other world”, more than anything I kept thinking of Canada…or Greenland.

    Getting into arguments about this series is a waste of time; it will never be “A Star Trek” or even remotely on that level. Good in its own right but I can’t say it was absolutely fabulous.
  • So much potential. Too bad egos got in the way.

    Had a great premise, an interesting cast, and I really wanted it to work. But it's always a bad sign when the creative genius behind the show quits due to "creative differences." I think, had this show had a different lead, it might have been so much more. Too bad he decided his ego was more important than the plotline...
  • My god, that last season was horrible.

    My god, that last season was horrible. You'd wish they'd never gone beyond the route of ages. Before that it was adventurous and entertaining. I even believed Hercules as captain Dylan Hunt after a while. The Nietzscheans were a great source and the 'science' in the scifi was matching as it always does in the Star Trek universe. I never understood why the writers added the Paradine. It just didn’t add any 'juice' to the story.
    But with the fall of the Commonwealth end of season four it went downhill fast. Andromeda just made it to the end and was put out of its misery. Thank God for that.
  • good sci-fi

    this was a pretty good sci fi show. it lasted a little longer than i thought it would. i think it was written for a more intelligent crowd. it was never a smash hit like sorbo's previous show hercules the legendary journeys, but it was never as corny either. but it was a pretty good sci fi show.
  • First season and part of second season good - downhill from there.

    The first and 1/2 of the second season were great, you really felt that there was an epic tale to be told (although there is a gap between the shaky formation of an alliance at the end of the first season and a full-blown civilisation at the start of the second).

    From there, it goes downhill, descending into ridiculous action in an obvious ploy to gain ratings. Some episodes are really good, most are bad - leading to the departure of Tyr. He is replaced by Telemachus Rhade, a worthy replacement. It is a shame that the two could not meet in more onscreen encounters; it would have been interesting to see the two characters play off each other.

    The end of the fourth season sums the show up; it tries to be mysterious, but ends up so bad you can't even laugh, you can only cringe. The fifth season has only one redeeming factor; it shows the acting talent of Steve Bacic, as his character is extremely different to how he was in previous seasons.

    Overall, the first season or so would have gained a much higher rating, but it was brought down by the last few seasons. Great concept though.
  • Hercules: The legendary journeys - In Space!

    Kevin Sorbo does it again. He start the main character in a decent show that is best watched with not too high expectations but tends to send some surprising moments your way. The story is easily summarized: Dylan Hunt, captain of a large warship is frozen in time for about 300 years and wakes up to see everything he stood for, loved and cared about has gone down the drain. He then tries to reform the universe to his commonwealth. With his allround talent and shiny-knight-in-armor good-doing and a talking space ship (Knight Rider lives again!) he's travelling the galaxy in search for support of his dream on resurrecting the commonwealth.
    I mostly watch the show for the supporting characters, I have had enought of Kevin Sorbo already on that Hercules show.

    Edit: Shows has jumed the shark in the 3rd season already. Seems like Majel Roddenberry is easily able to screw up her husband's ideas.

    Edit2: The show is dead and gone. Nothing good is happening after the 2nd season. I swear no never again watch another series starring Kevin Sorbo and/or being made by Roddenberry's widow. Ever.

    Overall rating:
    Season 1&2: 8.5
    Season 3: 6.7
    Season 4: 5.3
    Sesaon 5: 4.2
  • A show that changed it's tone too often to be seriously appreciated as a Sci-Fi classic

    Andromeda starts off pretty good to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the first season and some of the second - then it just goes horribly wrong. After building some great tensions with the impending arrival of the Magog World ship, the story descends into mediocrity - telling "Star Trek-type" stories badly. There are plenty of good moment throughout the end of S2, S3 and particularly during S4, with the saving grace of this show being it's strong cast and characters - but the show never really find's it footing again. Season 5 is pretty much a waste of time, telling a convuluted plotline based primarily on the Seefra planet surface. As mentioned, the cast really are the best thing about Andromeda - they impressed me throughout, although I did prefer things befoe it became the "Kevin Sorbo" show during some of it's final years - as an ensemble cast it worked really well. If I were to choose some standout moments, it would probably be the Season 1 finale "It's hour come round at last...", "All Too Human", "Into the Labyrinth", "OUROBOROS", and "The Dissonant Interval". Overall, an ok show - but probably the least impressive Roddenberry concept imo. However, I do wonder if my appreciation for this show, which is at worst a very fun show, will grow through time...
  • For a sci-fi this one is good

    i love this show so haven seen the negative reviews on this site, i thought i should do a postive review.

    The one thing i love about this show is 'romie', not not is she the ship computer, she's also an android which makes her brillant. she attractive and yet quite a skilled battleship person, some of her hand-to-hanf combat and shooting is impressive to say the least. i mean she brillant and very attractive.

    but there is some good-storylines like Dylan hunt caught in black-hole 300 years and survived his mission to bring commonwealth but during episoide 1 & 2 the ship get hi-jacked however they become the new crew of Andromeda, so let discuss them

    Becka- she a talent ship pilot and generally fly the andromeda. Also she know how fight and keep clam under pressure.

    Tye- his the muscles on the ship and quite stong person, you could say his kinda like tactical officer on the ship however in recent season he kinda of a one-man mission after finding hiding his son.

    Trance- she amazing she predict the future well she swap places with her old-self in season 3 and it's strange not seeing her in pink skin but i guss that actress got fed up wearing pink, i don't blame her.

    Harper- He's kind of the inventor on the ship, he made Android 'Romie' and he kinda love her which is strange she know that , she loves teasing him about that. He's basically the nerd of the ship.

    As you can see we have well-balanced crew. need i say more.

  • An ok scifi show

    If you like or a fan of Star Trek or just like Space series, this is a one of the better. However, imho they should have stopped at season 4. I love the story line and the fact, that this is not just a copy cat of Star Trek, even though there are a lot resembles. However, this has slef irony and humor incoorporated, which makes one smile and giggle now and then.

    Season 5 is a drag and I am not even sure I wanna watch the rest (halfway by now). It's getting boring and the new story line tiresome and all of a sudden every single member of the crew turns out to be very special.

    I rate it 7 as seasn drags it down from 9.
  • 7.0
    Because I work for andromedastudio . net ; I was looking for inspiration. This is an awesome serie! Thanks!
  • not the greatest sci-fi show, but one of the better ones.

    Hmm andromeda, what to say, what to say...
    It's been a really long time since I last saw that show, since it isn't aired anymore on any channel I recieve where I live.
    But as far as I remember it's a pretty decent show. The whole idea of the captain trying to rebuild the great and ancient commonwealth after it's been dead for a very long time is pretty original and leads to a pretty good storyline.
    The characters are not very deep and don't really evolve during the show, but that is compensated by some really funny moments and cool battles with decent special effects.
  • what happened to the plot?

    Andromeda started off very differently to any Gene Roddenberry product I have seen. It was exciting with a unique storyline which started to evolve consistantly until... it just stopped. What happened? After about season 2, we are then treated to single episode stories with total disregard from the unfinished main storyline.

    The characters onboard the Andromeda spacecraft are all unique and likable form the goofy engineer to the sexy avatar of the Andromeda 'Romi'.
  • All Sci-fi no brains

    I watched this show for years hoping it would get better. Sadly it never did. From the fleet of ships they saved (that never mad much of an apperance) to the vedrans, whats up with them there all powerful kickarse people that just sit back in hiding and watch the commonwealth fail allover again. The bonds between the crew of the Andromeda grew more distant and they grew apart and the show failed. This show had so much potensal and i feel sick inside that it never reached it. I was hoping for a movie after the first season but all i got was the show getting worst over a few seasons.
  • A classic show SiFi

    This was one of my favorite shows for the longest time, but in my opnion, They ruined the show when they made Tyer Turn bad again. I mean a big part of the show was kind of a redemption of him. He was one of my favorite characters. from there it just went wrong.
  • A series that defines the phrase "going downhill fast". This series had great promise but went steadily downhill like nothing else I've ever seen.

    Andromeda was something I really liked, the first 2 seasons were great. Very good actually. I thought that this series might be one of my favorites all time if it continues to show the same quality.

    However after the first 2 seasons the quality of the show began a steady decline towards something incredibly bad. Worse than bad. My rating of the show is still 7.5 because the first 2 seasons balance the seasons after that.

    This show really defines the "going downhill" concept. The first season was absolutely great and so was the second season. After that, the decline began. Season 3 was still decent, I was disappointed but I still had high hopes for the series.

    But when I was halfway through season 4, I should've stopped right there. But no, I still had hopes for the series. However the hopes I had were not made true. Season 5 was even worse and only thing left from the series that had great plot, great humor, great action and actors that were great was this:

    Nonexistent plots, bad humor, boring action and the actors wasted their talents saying words that were rubbish.

    If you want to experience the great Andromeda, be my guest and watch the first 2 seasons. At the most watch the first 3 seasons. But don't blame me if you watch the whole series and feel about it like I do now.

    And what I feel is grand disappointment.
  • As the future went on, Captian Dylan Hunt was frozen until a crew came a joined him along "The Andromeda Asendence", He's been changing the Galaxy with only six very different people.

    The show was a hit! I though the funniest character was Harper, but my favourite character was Trance Gemini. I enjoyed the series, and everything in it. The animation was good on the ships, can't wait until the new season come on Dvd, but alot still question me threw the seasons..
  • Great Show! Once spent a whole week of holiday going through every season (from season 1 - 4).

    Great show! I loved the sci-fi colors/texture it used.

    Story line got a bit confusing past season 3 - like they were writing it as they went along.

    Once spent a whole week of holiday going through every season.

    I think they could bring it back at some point, but they seriously need to work on the story.

    It's almost like they tried too hard to have too many twists.

    Season 5! What the beef?! Surely you can't tell me that's the last one?

    Dialog? Oh my Gosh. Definitely one of the main killers for me, some episodes were just too much - totally unnecessary dialogs.

    The babes? Bring it on pity Rommie is married (real life that is) Season 5 totally messed up the whole babes issue... playing on the old bimbo stereotype.

    Despite the annoyances, I do which season 5 is not the last one. If it is, please BRING IT BACK!
  • First 2 seasons are very good.... The badness of Season 4 swallows both of them up and 3 wasnt that good either. If you are in for some mindless space boy adventure... I am the authority of morals in the universe.. turn in to Dylan Hunt and Andromeda

    WOW… so much promise… only to be met by arrogance, bad plots, bad character development.. and something that I can’t quite put my finger on because my finger is on the off switch when this show comes on. The first two season were great to me. You had Dylan waking up after 300 years of (well…what can you call it! He Was In A Black Hole And Time Stopped!) So he wakes to find his beloved Federation… I mean Commonwealth has been destroyed and darkness has spread the universe. Tyr was my favorite character and they started to tone him down and outright got rid of him for Rhada.. What crap. The show went down hill after that… It became watch Dylan mack a new hot babe every show… get a kiss… have sex… and not worry about commitment… I mean, I’m all for someone being a player… but there is a thing called over doing it… And this show does it badly…. Trance! I mean what’s her deal! She is worthless… she can go back to the sun and live through infinite possibilities in the blink of an eye every millisecond for the rest of eternity for all I care… and what’s up with this traversing the universe crap!!! I mean, I know about light speed travel and worm holes and all that stuff… but being able to jump to another galaxy in a matter of seconds to me seems just a little crazy…. Especially with no scientific possibilities explained on what the hell they are riding on when they go to “hyper drive”… Probably “Strings!?” AY…. I don’t care. This show sucks! After season 2 that is… 3 is so so . 4 is god awful. 5… blah.
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