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  • A really bad show.

    I saw the first episode of Andromeda expecting a spectacular sci fi show and I was so disappointed. Even though Kevin Sorbo stars in it, it just didn't help the show with it's silly premise. The effects on this show was good, but the story just wasn't that good. This show has a star trekesque look in it. The crew go to different planets and they meet all kinds of aliens, but this wasn't a good show. The very premise of this show is the problem, it's not an exciting show to watch, i'm not compelled to watch it, i just don't find it interesting.
  • brutal!!

    I am half way through season 2, but already I find myself having to restrain myself from fast forwarding through the minutia of bad writing,characters, and plot lines in this show. I was hoping it would be like Star trek enterprise, which started poorly, but really revived itself by the end of the first season and took off in season two, but, alas there is no saving this show. The only reason I keep watching, is like a bad book, you have already invested your time, you must continue to the painful end, even though you might have to skip some pages along the way. The storyline at the beginning had some promise, the fall of a great alliance, an ancient hero returns to bring back its glory. The problem, is that there is little progress in achieving the ultimate goal. The story is beset by lack of imagination from the writers, to capture the viewers attention from week to week with a coherent story line. The characters are a joke and those that have potential are marginalized. Captain dylan hunt, is as soft as cotton candy. While, he is willing to listen and negotiate with his enemies, he often treats his crew with contempt, especially the only worthy character on the show Tyr Anssainnse. The captain, is unwilling to make unpopular decisions. One of the worst characters is an annoying creature known as trance. Her actually purpose, on the ship I am still trying to decipher. Except, making cryptic statements and acting like a sorority girl who's had to many drinks at a date party. I do like the engineer harper, he is entertaining and adds some comic relief which this show sorely is in need. Lt. valentine, the second in command is abrasive,witless, and lacks acting talent. Then there is the reverend, which is a disturbing character. Not only, is he so ugly, you cannot eat a meal while watching this show, his race is the main enemy of hunt's alliance. These, monsters, they scourge of the universe are called magog. How they are a worthy enemy I am baffled, they don't use weapons, they seem utterly unintelligent. They are ewoks, with a bad hair day. I still have three more seasons to go, but I am not hopeful.
  • Andromeda, although a clone of Star Trek at first was pretty good but due to bad writing under the influence of the hemped up producers turned what had so much potential into absolute @#$%

    This started off as a decent show but what the &@#* happended?! Seasons one and two had an interesting storyline,good episodes and decent although not incredible special effects. I expected this show to eventually reach the calibre of DS9. Instead it just deteriorated into an utter mess starting with that plotless episode \"If the Wheel is Fixed\" or whatever it was called.The storylines became pointless, the special effects abysmal the action sequences seemed as if they were pulled out of Power Rangers and the acting...lets just say I\'ve seen pornos with better acting (BURN!!!). Season 4 adopted a retarded slapped together fantasy story arc which made about as much sense as a steamed dumpling teaching quantum physics. The dumbest element being Trance\'s revelation. As for season 5 I barely watched it as it had become the definition of suck. The derivative but enjoyable star trek feel of the show had died, replaced by a steaming pile that seemed to be written by retarded 3 year old monkeys.
  • For a sci-fi this one is good

    i love this show so haven seen the negative reviews on this site, i thought i should do a postive review.

    The one thing i love about this show is 'romie', not not is she the ship computer, she's also an android which makes her brillant. she attractive and yet quite a skilled battleship person, some of her hand-to-hanf combat and shooting is impressive to say the least. i mean she brillant and very attractive.

    but there is some good-storylines like Dylan hunt caught in black-hole 300 years and survived his mission to bring commonwealth but during episoide 1 & 2 the ship get hi-jacked however they become the new crew of Andromeda, so let discuss them

    Becka- she a talent ship pilot and generally fly the andromeda. Also she know how fight and keep clam under pressure.

    Tye- his the muscles on the ship and quite stong person, you could say his kinda like tactical officer on the ship however in recent season he kinda of a one-man mission after finding hiding his son.

    Trance- she amazing she predict the future well she swap places with her old-self in season 3 and it's strange not seeing her in pink skin but i guss that actress got fed up wearing pink, i don't blame her.

    Harper- He's kind of the inventor on the ship, he made Android 'Romie' and he kinda love her which is strange she know that , she loves teasing him about that. He's basically the nerd of the ship.

    As you can see we have well-balanced crew. need i say more.

  • Andromeda is for those who like StarTrek the original series.

    There are a lot of good and bad commentaries on Andromeda. That seems fitting, everyone likes different things.

    For me, Andromeda is the type of show I wished had gotten better funding and had a chance to follow its arc with better precision. Some found season 4 the best, I found it the worst, in character development, plot and even writing. True, the CGI was better, but that never ever makes up for bad plots or writing in my book...without a good story, everything sucks. You can forgive a lot of bad makeup or silly sets, when you have great writing and characters. Those who are fans of Dr. Who or Blake's Seven or even Red Dwarf would understand. In fact, those who are fans of the original StarTrek, the one about ethical issues mixed with characters in an adventure setting, will understand.

    I think Andromeda was truer to the old Star Trek than anything since ST's time. In fact, I'm one of those who was tremendously disappointed with Next Generation and all its spin offs, except for the 1st season of Enterprise and the last season (NOT including the stupid cliché season finale.) The first couple seasons of Farscape were good, then it got overly dark and cliché, same with Babylon 5, except there I put the blame squarely on JMS.

    I even found that with Andromeda's faults, the characters grew on you (but not necessarily if you didn't see the series from the beginning... because the backstory was so important to each and every episode...building on the other to some extent.) Even story lines I've heard others say had no meaning, or too tangential, were often fun and I, personally, did see connections with the arc...whether the Abyss is attacking through the WorldShip or through influencing another universe to attack through a vortex, it is the same arc...just adding complexity. In fact, this show's arc was exceptionally complex and intertwined, in mini-arcs, character development, subplots, even was asking questions that are not PC, like mixing God and Demon, good and evil, multi-universes, Promethean like beings giving fire to mortals yet possibly being condemned as demons...god like entities that seek destruction as a way to harmony, hating life, because life is complex and chaotic and full of suffering...even the idea that an philosophy generated in our time (Nietzche) could end up causing a new kind of bigotry and genocide between human variants in the future. Nazism, Stalinism, human control, slavery...a great writer once said that basic human stories never changed, just the people and the variations in how the tale is told.

    It's a lot to spin into a tale and I preferred those stories, whether it be as simple and fun as Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way to as complex as the idea of an entity developing that hates life, not in the cliché villain way, but because it wants an end to chaos and sees nothingness as harmony. You can do adventure and fun and still ask serious questions, more often you expect that from good science fiction writing, usually getting that from's hard to do a TV/film show that can get those issues in because of the great complexity and the likelihood you will offend someone...and even more sadly it seems lately, it's harder getting viewers that appreciate it rather than those that seem to want just CGI, creepy costumes and boring, wooden scientific speaking characters.

    I also simply like the series because the characters don't walk around like valium-drugged-into-calmness zombies (Next Generation, et al) nor do they all speak techno-babble or all act like scientists. Here, the way is pretty much the way you'd expect people in the future to be...they don't speak about technologists or scientists, they simply accept the tech as normal and concentrate on normal daily activities..and reacting to odd things the way we might with "OK, this is weird..." or "I'm not a science ship, I'm a warship. I'm good at blowing things up." The humor is often because they are acting the way you or I might act, not calmly, with normal speech and with normal human-alien reactions.

    Things I miss: tying things together better, like the connections between the Vortex warriors as a different front of attack than the Magog, the tesselation/phaseshifting hunters that came after Harper twice and were suddenly never seen again, the idea that genius brains were being stolen and that they were also tied in with the Engine of Creation thread being dropped, the Angels bell thread, the other avators like Trance suddenly not showing up anymore with conflicting ways of dealing with the Abyss, and so on.

    I know season 4 and 5 could have been a lot better...4 if they had done some better writing and more consistently even at the loss of some special effects and dropped the paradigm stupidity...and 5 if they had more money, so didn't spend every show in Sefra...the stories seemed a bit better and consistent, I think, but the scenery and situation just stayed depressing/boring...without the general fun and humor that had kept the characters from killing each other.

    And yes, I think the science on Andromeda was better thought out than on other shows, and the timeline/history...with the exception of how to rescue a ship caught on the event horizon of a black hole of course... but hey, no show is perfect on tech. It would be too boring if it were.

    Anyway, my two cents...
  • fantastic series in my top 10

    story lines are great and allways seems to bring out feel good factor, lots of moral lessons and proverbs. was'nt to sure about the end when they attacked the world ship, and the series went planet side for to long in my mind, can understand being in a different reality, but every one new whom they were it was a good way of showing defeat and then being able to have a second chance at doing things different and being able to destroy the world ship, think they should have developed the inviduals more especially trance and harper. would love to see more series like this.
  • Lots of fun and adventure.

    This is an extremely campy and entertaining show. Dont watch it if you take things too seriously. Even with some bad writing near the end, the characters managed to grow. With exception to Tyr, the characters managed to escape the bad writing. Poor Tyr's character was destroyed in the beginning of season 4, but I just like to pretend that didnt happen. The characters are one of the shows strongest elements. Andromeda's crew is very eclectic. They all have their strengths that they contribute as crew members, and also as characters. They are also mostly pretty darn good to look at.

    The show also has great adventures. The Magog world ship is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in sci-fi, and I cant believe the crew went in it and came out alive! Ok, of course I can imagine, because its Andromeda! Andromeda is pretty extreme, like Star Trek, in the amount of Alien races they meet and often ally themselves with. Its quite incredible to see so many different alien civilizations and ships. Anyway, its just lots of fun.

    Be warned, although they knew the end was coming, and made what was supposed to be a conclusion as the finale, it really wasnt. I would call the finale a cliffhanger.
  • zbilja dobra serija absolutely magnificient

    one of the best sci-fi series i ever watched.
    It's different than(completely)Star Trek so i love it beecause pretty much enery tv show that exist and is located in space uses warp and andromeda uses hyper space and finaly because of the popularity of andromeda(adleast in Europe)they make series ,games with hyper space(example Ogame(that is a game if someone doesn't know))
  • The Andromeda fights to save the galaxy!

    It was a stange show unlike any other sci-fi i've seen and Herc in space was one of the best aspects of the show,

    Kevin Sorbo is my second idol next to Kiefer Sutherland(24) the writting was good the episodes on the other hand where hard to follow ala season five.

    The episodes with Dylan Hunt's wife(Sam Sorbo) where wonderfull.

    Just a good new season and there where a few guest stars i notced via the DVD's.

    Cris Judge: SG1

    Michale Shanks: SG1

    John De'Lance: Star Trek

    Michale Hugan: BSG Re - Make.

    Hence good season all out actin from start to end.
  • I'm so glad this show is back on the sci-fi channel

    The Commonwealth spanned three galaxies and a myriad of cultures. Dylan Hunt, captain of the starship Andromeda, was frozen in time and awoke three centuries later to find the Commonweath had fallen. To fight back the chaos among the stars, Hunt must use the Andromeda to restore the Commonwealth and bring unity to the galaxy once again. He recruits a mercenary, Tyr Anasazi, and the crew of the Eureka Maru: Captain Beka Valentine, Engineer Seamus Harper, Physicist Rev Bem, and Medical Officer Trance Gemini.

    After discovering the Spirit of the Abyss and its powerful weapon, the Magog Worldship, the need for the Commonwealth is greater than ever. 50 member worlds are finally recruited, and the reconstruction of the Commonwealth is finally truly underway. More and more worlds sign on, contributing their fleets to protect each other.

    In the third season, Dylan and the crew travel from world to world as instructed by the Triumvirate, the leaders of the Commonwealth. But everything is building to the moment from one of his crew will betray him.

    The fourth year deals with the corruption of the Commonwealth after the recent betrayal. Things become more intense as the Andromeda is expelled from the Commonwealth, Trance reveals her true form, Harper holds a weapon capable of destroying the Commonwealth, Beka becomes possessed by the Spirit of the Abyss, and a new crew member joins. But the Magog Worldship is nearing, and the final confrontation is to protect a Utopian society from it.
  • With every season my obsession with this show grew...

    With every season my obsession with this show grew... the 5th season left me puzzled until I began rewatching it along with some past season episode and realized just how much of the show is tied together and that the things I didn't understand then make complete sense... as I laugh at the banter between these characters.

    Maybe it is stupid to give this show a 10 but when people as me what my all time favorite shows are... I chalk it up to the ones I have to own which would be Andromeda, The Pretender, Stargate and Highlander. Those are my 10's and there's no getting around it.

    The confusion I often felt with this show was annoying but I must say... it always left me wanting to see the next episode.

    When I realized Tyr would be on very little in the 4th season I thought I'd cry until Telemachus Rhade appeared and sadly Tyr was but a memory (not really). What can you say about the Nietzscheans except they have to be perfect to look this good!
  • help cant watch this

    there is no show

  • I have seldom seen so much potential wasted so quickly. A great concept helmed by developer Robert Hewitt Wolfe is quickly sent down the toilet when Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt) hosts a hostile takeover.

    I have to say I honestly enjoyed the first two seasons of "Andromeda". The main theme of rebuilding a great fallen empire is inherently romantic and filled with great possibilities. Of course, while I enjoyed most of the episodes of season 1 and 2, it was a distinctly hit-and-miss affair, with some episodes bordering on fantastic and others merely of decent quality. Still, things mostly got better with time and I always got the impression that the writers were building up to something great, akin to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's story arcs in its 4th-7th seasons.

    Then came season 3, and the mission of the Andromeda is basically finished as the commonwealth is rebuilt.
    All of the great buildup of the early seasons ends not with a powerful bang, but a wimpy fart.

    The show is converted to a crummy episodic format with good plotlines (and character development) abandoned. I counted a stretch of 7 or 8 episodes where Dylan Hunt got a new girl every time. Aliens and planets of the week predominate. Most of the shows are no deeper than an episode of Mighty Morphin Power rangers, with crummy fight scenes to match.

    And while seasons 3 and 4 meander meaninglessly through silly plots like evil librarians and mumblings about the Abyss,paradines, vedrans, and route of ages, Season 5 makes the whole series a joke. Dylan Hunt is even pulling big swords out of the wall in a tribute to Hercules ("it's a long story," he says). For shame, for shame.

    By far season 5 is the worst. Almost all of it takes place in a crappy bar on a planet called Seefra something. The writers go in many directions and introduce questions while never answering any of them. The best they can do is have Trance make spooky radio transmissions in a cigarette smoking man voice? Rommie is replaced with a blonde catsuit-wearing version of herself with bigger, uh, assets. I know they're trying to shoot for the 18-49 male demographic, but this is just plain pandering.

    But my single biggest complaint with Andromeda is its characters, or lack of them. They're all either 2-dimensional or outright stereotypes.

    There is a concept in scriptwriting referred to as "Character Arcing". The basic idea is that the characters aren't the same as they were at the beginning of the story. Watching the characters change and evolve makes for interesting drama. Frodo the hobbit is not the same in the beginning of the lord of the rings as he is in the end; nor is Gandalf or anyone else.

    This is NOT the case in Andromeda.

    I never once cared about ANY of the characters. I wanted to like Harper but couldn't. Ok, I get the point, he's the short, eccentric nerd and never gets any women. But he never changes or moves on from that. Beka is the *ahem* unvirtuous woman, Tyr is the silent warrior, and Dylan is always the hero. Trance is the mysterious stranger/sage. And they *never* change.

    No, my friends, Andromeda is a perfect example of why actors like Kevin Sorbo should not dictate the creative vision of a television show. It's a shame that Andromeda could not live up to its own potential, but only the writers and management are to blame.
  • The fifth seasson is boring, very boring

    I jus saw the 10 episode of the fitfh seasson and i am getting very bored by the new scenary and casts. I miss the old adventures over the universe, instead of the actual "space cowboy" style with Harper in the "Cantina" enterprise. And please, Doyle instead of Romy.... no match, I liked much more the origina AI.
    This lasts seasson bottom down... :=(
  • So much potential. Too bad egos got in the way.

    Had a great premise, an interesting cast, and I really wanted it to work. But it's always a bad sign when the creative genius behind the show quits due to "creative differences." I think, had this show had a different lead, it might have been so much more. Too bad he decided his ego was more important than the plotline...
  • My god, that last season was horrible.

    My god, that last season was horrible. You'd wish they'd never gone beyond the route of ages. Before that it was adventurous and entertaining. I even believed Hercules as captain Dylan Hunt after a while. The Nietzscheans were a great source and the 'science' in the scifi was matching as it always does in the Star Trek universe. I never understood why the writers added the Paradine. It just didn’t add any 'juice' to the story.
    But with the fall of the Commonwealth end of season four it went downhill fast. Andromeda just made it to the end and was put out of its misery. Thank God for that.
  • good sci-fi

    this was a pretty good sci fi show. it lasted a little longer than i thought it would. i think it was written for a more intelligent crowd. it was never a smash hit like sorbo's previous show hercules the legendary journeys, but it was never as corny either. but it was a pretty good sci fi show.
  • A show that changed it's tone too often to be seriously appreciated as a Sci-Fi classic

    Andromeda starts off pretty good to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the first season and some of the second - then it just goes horribly wrong. After building some great tensions with the impending arrival of the Magog World ship, the story descends into mediocrity - telling "Star Trek-type" stories badly. There are plenty of good moment throughout the end of S2, S3 and particularly during S4, with the saving grace of this show being it's strong cast and characters - but the show never really find's it footing again. Season 5 is pretty much a waste of time, telling a convuluted plotline based primarily on the Seefra planet surface. As mentioned, the cast really are the best thing about Andromeda - they impressed me throughout, although I did prefer things befoe it became the "Kevin Sorbo" show during some of it's final years - as an ensemble cast it worked really well. If I were to choose some standout moments, it would probably be the Season 1 finale "It's hour come round at last...", "All Too Human", "Into the Labyrinth", "OUROBOROS", and "The Dissonant Interval". Overall, an ok show - but probably the least impressive Roddenberry concept imo. However, I do wonder if my appreciation for this show, which is at worst a very fun show, will grow through time...
  • An ok scifi show

    If you like or a fan of Star Trek or just like Space series, this is a one of the better. However, imho they should have stopped at season 4. I love the story line and the fact, that this is not just a copy cat of Star Trek, even though there are a lot resembles. However, this has slef irony and humor incoorporated, which makes one smile and giggle now and then.

    Season 5 is a drag and I am not even sure I wanna watch the rest (halfway by now). It's getting boring and the new story line tiresome and all of a sudden every single member of the crew turns out to be very special.

    I rate it 7 as seasn drags it down from 9.
  • 7.0
    Because I work for andromedastudio . net ; I was looking for inspiration. This is an awesome serie! Thanks!
  • what happened to the plot?

    Andromeda started off very differently to any Gene Roddenberry product I have seen. It was exciting with a unique storyline which started to evolve consistantly until... it just stopped. What happened? After about season 2, we are then treated to single episode stories with total disregard from the unfinished main storyline.

    The characters onboard the Andromeda spacecraft are all unique and likable form the goofy engineer to the sexy avatar of the Andromeda 'Romi'.
  • A classic show SiFi

    This was one of my favorite shows for the longest time, but in my opnion, They ruined the show when they made Tyer Turn bad again. I mean a big part of the show was kind of a redemption of him. He was one of my favorite characters. from there it just went wrong.
  • A series that defines the phrase "going downhill fast". This series had great promise but went steadily downhill like nothing else I've ever seen.

    Andromeda was something I really liked, the first 2 seasons were great. Very good actually. I thought that this series might be one of my favorites all time if it continues to show the same quality.

    However after the first 2 seasons the quality of the show began a steady decline towards something incredibly bad. Worse than bad. My rating of the show is still 7.5 because the first 2 seasons balance the seasons after that.

    This show really defines the "going downhill" concept. The first season was absolutely great and so was the second season. After that, the decline began. Season 3 was still decent, I was disappointed but I still had high hopes for the series.

    But when I was halfway through season 4, I should've stopped right there. But no, I still had hopes for the series. However the hopes I had were not made true. Season 5 was even worse and only thing left from the series that had great plot, great humor, great action and actors that were great was this:

    Nonexistent plots, bad humor, boring action and the actors wasted their talents saying words that were rubbish.

    If you want to experience the great Andromeda, be my guest and watch the first 2 seasons. At the most watch the first 3 seasons. But don't blame me if you watch the whole series and feel about it like I do now.

    And what I feel is grand disappointment.
  • As the future went on, Captian Dylan Hunt was frozen until a crew came a joined him along "The Andromeda Asendence", He's been changing the Galaxy with only six very different people.

    The show was a hit! I though the funniest character was Harper, but my favourite character was Trance Gemini. I enjoyed the series, and everything in it. The animation was good on the ships, can't wait until the new season come on Dvd, but alot still question me threw the seasons..
  • Great Show! Once spent a whole week of holiday going through every season (from season 1 - 4).

    Great show! I loved the sci-fi colors/texture it used.

    Story line got a bit confusing past season 3 - like they were writing it as they went along.

    Once spent a whole week of holiday going through every season.

    I think they could bring it back at some point, but they seriously need to work on the story.

    It's almost like they tried too hard to have too many twists.

    Season 5! What the beef?! Surely you can't tell me that's the last one?

    Dialog? Oh my Gosh. Definitely one of the main killers for me, some episodes were just too much - totally unnecessary dialogs.

    The babes? Bring it on pity Rommie is married (real life that is) Season 5 totally messed up the whole babes issue... playing on the old bimbo stereotype.

    Despite the annoyances, I do which season 5 is not the last one. If it is, please BRING IT BACK!
  • First 2 seasons are very good.... The badness of Season 4 swallows both of them up and 3 wasnt that good either. If you are in for some mindless space boy adventure... I am the authority of morals in the universe.. turn in to Dylan Hunt and Andromeda

    WOW… so much promise… only to be met by arrogance, bad plots, bad character development.. and something that I can’t quite put my finger on because my finger is on the off switch when this show comes on. The first two season were great to me. You had Dylan waking up after 300 years of (well…what can you call it! He Was In A Black Hole And Time Stopped!) So he wakes to find his beloved Federation… I mean Commonwealth has been destroyed and darkness has spread the universe. Tyr was my favorite character and they started to tone him down and outright got rid of him for Rhada.. What crap. The show went down hill after that… It became watch Dylan mack a new hot babe every show… get a kiss… have sex… and not worry about commitment… I mean, I’m all for someone being a player… but there is a thing called over doing it… And this show does it badly…. Trance! I mean what’s her deal! She is worthless… she can go back to the sun and live through infinite possibilities in the blink of an eye every millisecond for the rest of eternity for all I care… and what’s up with this traversing the universe crap!!! I mean, I know about light speed travel and worm holes and all that stuff… but being able to jump to another galaxy in a matter of seconds to me seems just a little crazy…. Especially with no scientific possibilities explained on what the hell they are riding on when they go to “hyper drive”… Probably “Strings!?” AY…. I don’t care. This show sucks! After season 2 that is… 3 is so so . 4 is god awful. 5… blah.
  • Among a plethora of other spaceship-based sci-fi shows, Andromeda doesn't do anything much different.

    There as a time when I was watching a lot of scifi shows together, some on dvd, some on my computer. Farscape is an all-time favorite, then there's Babylon 5, and of course Andromeda. To be quite honest, apart from Kevin Sorbo's great acting (well, I guess he's okay...), Andromeda doesn't do anything inventive in the way of storyline. The one slight difference is that unlike Farscape, Sorbo and his crew work for the "alliance" for once. The show could have been better, but I guess it has a lot to live up to. A must watch for new scifi fans, but an obvious miss for veterans of the genre.
  • Awesome and underrated. But things have gone far wrong.

    This show has a great set-up and the science used is a perfect off-set to the stunning action.

    The first 2 seasons were nothing short of breath-taking.
    The Beginning of the second setting up of a continual goal (unified-front) proved to be a great way to sell the ensueing story of re-uniting the Commonwealth.
    However this could not last and after the Commonwealth had begun it's first steps the directions for stories became limited. The writters then focused too much on creating another continual story line from which the could draw episode ideas, this proved to be a bad move as it dragged the series into a spiral that could not be stopped.

    The decline really started during the third season...everything after that becomes horrifiying for a fan to watch.

    If you enjoyed the first 2 seasons of this i suggest you leave it there and you wont be disappointed.
  • Good Sci-Fi, Chaotic Story

    All right…I understand this is a Roddenberry concept, one of his original ideas, pre-Trek. Yet, I have to wonder why it was conceptualized the way it was.

    As sci-fi goes, Andromeda is very good. Episodes have great ideas, no “English Speaking Aliens”, no Western View of the universe and just a general all around a techno-jargon fest. But oh my, do the stories have some twists and turns that make the average viewer dizzy.

    Major faux paws abound, and general “wait-a-minute…what-about…” screams at the TV for story breakdowns that have the sci-fi fan wondering what were the writers thinking.

    I have one major issue with this series, is that the jumps from season to season leave such a major canyon in the storyline that at times I found myself asking why bother anymore with the series. Yet, I return again and again cause I think that maybe, just maybe, the writers will in a two series arc, tie so many of those damn lose ends together, it will all make sense. One can only hope.

    This series is available on DVD…and it’s pricey.
  • This was a an interesting journey about a man, Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo), who was trapped in a black hole and hence trapped in time. Upon waking he found that his beloved commonwealth was gone, a sophisticated galactic empire of planets. His cause was to b

    The story did have a lot of potential, and I am amused at how the producers, including Kevin Sorbo, could run out of ideas towards the end of the series.

    In my opinion the “Dissonant Interval” is an ingenious piece of work. Someone must have knocked their head and had an epiphany. To start on a good note first we must realise... Andros from Greek meaning ‘of a man’, combined with medesthai meaning ‘to think of, to be mindful of’. The conclusion is Andromeda, means ‘to think of a man’, and is also a constellation, the title of the series and the Warship. The man we are thinking of is Dylan, the only one left capable of restoring the commonwealth.

    Something I like specially about the episode is the quotes at the beginning of each episode, which remind me a bit of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation saga. You heard the mention of the paradine, something I’ve never heard of before but is clearly explained in the respective episode as “Never seen, always present. Influencing the fate of the galaxies themselves” (These I guess are other clues to the puzzle “Man is his own star” & “Nothing will fall to you late or early”). I think it is safe to say that in a way both Marlowe and Dylan could be considered constants in the Universe, like Q on the “The Next Generation” and “Voyager” Star-Trek Series. I somehow feel the end was a bit abrupt just like WB’s Smallville’s season finale, but nevertheless it was awe inspiring. I hope you give continuity to the work.

    I tend to see patterns of PANTHEISM in most of the Sci-Fi novels I read, and the series on TV. Pantheism is the belief that nature (GAIA) and Universe are divine, it fuses religion with science. In the case of Arkology its more to do with Stoicism, Kevin Sorbo used to play Hercules (“Greek God” as Harper described him in the first episode of the series, it’s ironic that he was a god after all, he also speaks latin “Una Salus Victus...”). Watch Troy and you’ll think Brad shares some of the “Martial Art” movements Rhade does in the series. I think emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius would have felt right at home in Arkology. Their philosophy of life in a sense is that of humble submission to the universe no matter how perilous the journey of matter. Stoicism had a great impact in the Greek and Roman cultures. Perhaps some of the staff in Andromeda share the ideals behind PANTHEISM, or Scientology but perhaps not Stoicism. In this series I get a great sense of philosophy, religion and of course science, this truly inspires me to know more about such things, I’ve even been writing Sci-Fi short novels. It’s a very positive way to encourage kids like me into the sciences, keep up the good work.

    I was also astonished by Rhade’s adaptation of William Butler Yeats “Under Ben Bulben” when Louisa passes away, and the theme song played here is one of the best in Andromeda.

    “On this soul
    Cast a cold eye
    On night, and day
    All their living, pass by!” Rhade

    “Cast a cold eye
    on life, and death
    horseman, pass by!” WB Yeats

    And that Soprano Singer, Catherine Thomas really has a very nice voice. I liked the theme in this final episode. I like the fact that today’s TV Shows are reverting to classical music as themes in series. For example the WB’s Smallville season 3 ended with a nice piece from Mozart, and TV listings rival UPN’s Enterprise also plays some outstanding original work not unlike the ingenious Andromeda Invictus. Although, I do love most styles of music, and really depends on the mood...

    I would love if directors/producers/composers could come up with a way to blend all types of musical culture into their series/films depending on character adaptation. For instance, I could see how a bad boy dressed in black leather suit would like heavy metal (generalising of course), or how a lab coated scientist would love some classical tunes (further generalistation), or how a southernern waring a hat and riding on a horse would love western music (generalising)... obviosuly that's not how it has to be, I'd love to see them play around with the archeatypical characters and give them a hip hop background, or jazz, salsa... something culturaly different, could have helped the Andromeda show a lot. We can't assume space is like greek mythology either...
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