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  • Robert Hewitt Wolfe took his ball and went home, and everyone else tried to keep on playing with a brick. Injuries ensue.

    Andromeda makes me very, very sad, when I think about where this series might have gone.

    The show did fairly well in its first season, and with good reason. The show was new and interesting, with a well-matched set of characters and an intriguing universe for them to play in. This continued a little bit into the second season.

    Then Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the man at the reins who developed the show from Roddenberry's original ideas, had to leave.

    From that point on, Andromeda went to hell.

    The show became more episodic. Characters became trivial and one-dimensional. Insight was abandoned in favor of traditional action. Dylan Hunt gets a girl-of-the-week. The show came to DEFINE the term "faceless baddies". Any semblance of depth in the series vanished in a puff of smoke. We were left with the Kevin Sorbo Space Cowboy Hour. Heck, even Keith Hamilton Cobb stepped out. (EDIT: Further information reveals that Cobb's initial contract was only for three seasons anyway, so this point no longer applies.) But he came back just long enough to finish the physical and metaphorical assassination of his character.

    When the reformation of the Commonwealth, the event that motivates the entire series from its outset, occurs with barely a flaccid whimper and hardly a lick of excitement, you know you've fallen, hard. And when the motivation for the series after that point is "The universe is dangerous! We have a ship!"...

    ...Yeah. Oh, what might have been.

    (EDIT: Recently, Robert Hewitt Wolfe posted a short one-act play called "Andromeda: Coda" on his website. The play is a short exchange between Harper and Trance that serves to summarize where Wolfe was going with the story before his involvement with the show ended. It can be found at .)