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  • An interesting concept poorly executed?

    This show was conceptualised by the late Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, it was initially supposed to be the Federation that had fallen into collapse, not "The Commonwealth" and could have been a very interesting series if it had been taken in this direction.

    However, it was decided to be made into a completely new universe with the commonwealth replacing the federation and Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo cast as the captain. The moment you saw that name you realised it would be more action and less thinking and to me that more or less killed the series.

    It had the potential to be so much more, a new generation of Star Trek with amazingly deep and well rounded characters like in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager!

    Instead we were first treated to a mildly entertaining action fest with one dimensional characters trying to rebuild the commonwealth (by beating up aliens it would seem) and fight off the magog and their ultimate weapon but eventually it just degenerated into something even more mindless at which point I stopped watching.

    It makes me sad to see that a concept with so much potential just turned into this.