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  • brutal!!

    I am half way through season 2, but already I find myself having to restrain myself from fast forwarding through the minutia of bad writing,characters, and plot lines in this show. I was hoping it would be like Star trek enterprise, which started poorly, but really revived itself by the end of the first season and took off in season two, but, alas there is no saving this show. The only reason I keep watching, is like a bad book, you have already invested your time, you must continue to the painful end, even though you might have to skip some pages along the way. The storyline at the beginning had some promise, the fall of a great alliance, an ancient hero returns to bring back its glory. The problem, is that there is little progress in achieving the ultimate goal. The story is beset by lack of imagination from the writers, to capture the viewers attention from week to week with a coherent story line. The characters are a joke and those that have potential are marginalized. Captain dylan hunt, is as soft as cotton candy. While, he is willing to listen and negotiate with his enemies, he often treats his crew with contempt, especially the only worthy character on the show Tyr Anssainnse. The captain, is unwilling to make unpopular decisions. One of the worst characters is an annoying creature known as trance. Her actually purpose, on the ship I am still trying to decipher. Except, making cryptic statements and acting like a sorority girl who's had to many drinks at a date party. I do like the engineer harper, he is entertaining and adds some comic relief which this show sorely is in need. Lt. valentine, the second in command is abrasive,witless, and lacks acting talent. Then there is the reverend, which is a disturbing character. Not only, is he so ugly, you cannot eat a meal while watching this show, his race is the main enemy of hunt's alliance. These, monsters, they scourge of the universe are called magog. How they are a worthy enemy I am baffled, they don't use weapons, they seem utterly unintelligent. They are ewoks, with a bad hair day. I still have three more seasons to go, but I am not hopeful.