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  • Another semi-precious sci-fi gem from the mind of Gene Roddenberry. Starring Hercules. Hee.

    Now, I love science-fiction; love to read it, love to watch it. And, child of the seventies, I love Gene Roddenberry's take on "the world out there". Andromeda was an very interesting concept: some time in the very far-off future, The New World Order is in place, and there is a spaceship, a spaceship captained by Dylan Hunt, manned by humans, aliens, androids, and artificial intelligences with human avatars. And there's a civil war being fought between one group of humanoids and another genetically, though not necessarily ethically, superior group (the Nietzscheans). And amidst all this war, there's some mutiny going on within our primary space ship (goes by the name Andromeda). Before there is resolution to this, our Andromeda gets 'stuck' in time. So, when next we see the Andromeda, its 300 years later, she's been boarded by some mercenary salvagers, headed up by Beka Valentine, looking for loot, and the keys to the ship. They find a freshly-out-of-stasis Captain Hunt, and the ship's AI, who have no idea that centuries have passed, the government (The Commonwealth) they once served no longer exists—and everyone else is long gone!

    With minor struggles as to who's the boss, Hunt, Valentine and her crew join forces to travel the universe to try to restore the peace, government and unity. And that's where the fun begins.

    With a good cast of supporting characters (the ship's super-hero AI, nicknamed 'Rommie'; Tyr Anasazi, a Nietzschean with lots of subtle layers and delusions of grandeur; an earth-born super-techie, Seamus Harper; a spiritually evolved member of a species that terrorized the known universe [by ripping folks apart, then laying their eggs in people—yikes!], Rev Bem; and an initially purple then sun-golden yellow being with a kittykat tail, Trance Gemini, who may be a Goddess or something.) this show piqued my interest for several seasons and I only fell out of love during the season they made Tyr a completely ridiculous megalomaniac, replete with the "Bwahaha!" laugh. Altogether, a pretty good sci-fi show.
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