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  • Lots of fun and adventure.

    This is an extremely campy and entertaining show. Dont watch it if you take things too seriously. Even with some bad writing near the end, the characters managed to grow. With exception to Tyr, the characters managed to escape the bad writing. Poor Tyr's character was destroyed in the beginning of season 4, but I just like to pretend that didnt happen. The characters are one of the shows strongest elements. Andromeda's crew is very eclectic. They all have their strengths that they contribute as crew members, and also as characters. They are also mostly pretty darn good to look at.

    The show also has great adventures. The Magog world ship is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in sci-fi, and I cant believe the crew went in it and came out alive! Ok, of course I can imagine, because its Andromeda! Andromeda is pretty extreme, like Star Trek, in the amount of Alien races they meet and often ally themselves with. Its quite incredible to see so many different alien civilizations and ships. Anyway, its just lots of fun.

    Be warned, although they knew the end was coming, and made what was supposed to be a conclusion as the finale, it really wasnt. I would call the finale a cliffhanger.