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  • Hercules: The legendary journeys - In Space!

    Kevin Sorbo does it again. He start the main character in a decent show that is best watched with not too high expectations but tends to send some surprising moments your way. The story is easily summarized: Dylan Hunt, captain of a large warship is frozen in time for about 300 years and wakes up to see everything he stood for, loved and cared about has gone down the drain. He then tries to reform the universe to his commonwealth. With his allround talent and shiny-knight-in-armor good-doing and a talking space ship (Knight Rider lives again!) he's travelling the galaxy in search for support of his dream on resurrecting the commonwealth.
    I mostly watch the show for the supporting characters, I have had enought of Kevin Sorbo already on that Hercules show.

    Edit: Shows has jumed the shark in the 3rd season already. Seems like Majel Roddenberry is easily able to screw up her husband's ideas.

    Edit2: The show is dead and gone. Nothing good is happening after the 2nd season. I swear no never again watch another series starring Kevin Sorbo and/or being made by Roddenberry's widow. Ever.

    Overall rating:
    Season 1&2: 8.5
    Season 3: 6.7
    Season 4: 5.3
    Sesaon 5: 4.2