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  • Andromeda gave me the first impression of a show trying too hard to be cute and having an aire of silliness. Once I finally watched several episodes in order and grasped the story arc, instead of silliness I found accessability and a fun show to watch.

    I have to admit thinking that Andromeda was a bit weak after watching a few episodes in that first season. I don't know what exactly turned me off the show back then. Maybe it was the purple Trance and her tail or Rev's philosophical quotes but in any event I didn't give it much of a chance while the show was still being filmed. During the 2007 writers strike I was starved for something interesting and started watching the show on DVD. Maybe not having to wait a week for each episode made all the difference but now I find the show very entertaining and in the space of 8 months I have gone through 4 seasons or 88 episodes. I am now starting the 5th season and I find myself disappointed, knowing that the series ends here. Andromeda, a series I originally found a bit silly, has captured my interest because of a cast thats greatness lies in thier ability to make the audience feel as though they are part of the gamg. The series isn't perfect and has it's share of problems, but it's core cast have always been able to create that sense of family that draws the audience in and wanting more. It's just too bad that there can't always be more.